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Are you looking for the best Instagram spots in Lviv?

I lived in this absolutely charming European city for five weeks and honestly couldn’t put the camera down the whole time – there is something beautiful to shoot around every corner!

Whether you’re looking for imposing castles or hidden corners, expansive viewpoints or cozy cobblestone streets, this list of the 31 best Instagram spots around Lviv will help you discover all of the beauty that this city has to offer.


colorful houses in Rynok Square

1. Rynok Square

Lviv City Center – Map


seating at the ornate Lviv Opera House

2. Lviv Opera House

Lviv City Center – Map


Yard of Lost Toys in Lviv

3. Yard of Lost Toys

Lviv City Center – Map


Beer cultural experience center brewery in Lviv

4. Beer Cultural Experience Center

Click here to read the complete guide to craft beer in Lviv


view of Lviv from the City Hall Tower

5. Lviv Town Hall Tower

Lviv City Center – Map


6. Flaming Coffee at Lviv Coffee Manufacture

Lviv City Center – Map


staircase in the House of Scientists

7. House of Scientists

Lviv City Center – Map


cobblestone street in historic Lviv city center

8. Cobblestone Streets in the Lviv Historic Center


colorful painted bus in Lviv

9.  The Painted Bus

Lviv City Center – Map


Post Office on Drukarska Street restaurant

10. Post Office on Drukarska Street Restaurant

Lviv City Center – Map


happy dog getting a head scratch

11. LEV Vet Clinic and Animal Shelter

Click here to learn how to volunteer at LEV Animal Shelter


beer wall at Pravda Beer Theater in Lviv

12. Pravda Beer Theater

Lviv City Center – Map


Dominican church in Lviv

13. Dominican Cathedral

Lviv City Center – Map


Pidgirtsi Castle near Lviv, Ukraine

14. Pidgirtisi Castle

Click here to learn how to take the Lviv Castle Tour


Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv

15. Lychakiv Cemetery

1.9 km from Rynok Square – Map


exterior of Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

16. Armenian Cathedral (Exterior)

Lviv City Center – Map


interior of the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

17. Armenian Cathedral (Interior)


Baczewski restaurant in Lviv

18. Baczewski Restaurant

Lviv City Center – Map


Mural of girl saying "please be naked"

19. Please Be Naked Mural at Cukor Black Restaurant

Lviv City Center – Map


ornate interior of the Transfiguration Church in Lviv

20. Transfiguration Church

Lviv City Center – Map


hiking in Lviv at Mount Parashka

21. The Carpathian Mountains

Click here to learn how to go hiking in Lviv


largest crossword puzzle in the world

22. World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle

3.3 km from Rynok Square – Map


St. George Cathedral in Lviv

23. St. George Cathedral

1.6 km from Rynok Square – Map


Books and chandeliers inside Cabinet Cafe

24. Kabinet Cafe

Lviv City Center – Map


view of Lviv from High Castle Hill

25. High Castle Hill

1.5 km from Rynok Square – Map


cieling of the Lutheran Cathedral in Lviv

26. Lviv Latin Cathedral

Lviv City Center – Map


Georgian dumplings in Lviv

27. Georgian dumplings

Click here to read the Complete Lviv Dumpling Guide


face printed on coffee at Selfie Coffee Lviv

28. Selfie Coffee

Lviv City Center – Map


interior of Bernadine Church and Monastery in Lviv

29. Bernadine Church and Monastery

Lviv City Center – Map


Crypt under the Jesuit Church

30. Jesuit Crypt

Lviv City Center – Map


trying the VR cocktail at Opera Underground

31. VR Cocktails at Opera Underground

Lviv City Center – Map


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