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Lviv is a pretty budget friendly city, so your options for cheap restaurants are a’plenty.

But, which are the best?

I spent five weeks in the city and ate a lot (for research, of course) so I could report on the answer. If you want to save money and eat well on your trip to this charming Ukrainian city, this list of the best cheap restaurants in Lviv has everything you need!


soup in an edible cup at Supkultura

Soup served in an edible bowl at Supkultura


1. Supkultura

Cuisine: Soup
Price: 50 to 60 uah / 2 usd
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Soup served in an edible bowl, what’s not to like? Supkultura (which translates as ‘soup culture’) is a tiny place with no seating. But, it’s so easy to take your order on the go that it doesn’t even matter!

This restaurant pretty much only serves soup and when I went they had four choices: cheese, lentil, mushroom, and the soup of the day. I opted for the cheese and it was hot, creamy, and flavorful – everything I want on a cold winter day.

It was also incredibly filling, so Supkultura is definitely a win when you’re looking for a quick cheap restaurant in Lviv.


Asian wrap at Om Nom Nom vegan cafe

My vegan Asian wrap with seaweed at Om Nom Nom vegan cafe


2. Om Nom Nom

Cuisine: Vegan
Price: 85 to 95 uah / 3 to 3.50 usd for a meal
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Vegan food is usually pretty pricey, so I was surprised to find that Om Nom Nom is actually one of the best cheap restaurants in Lviv!

I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, but after so many meals of heavy dumplings and sausages, I was looking for something a bit lighter and healthier. Om Nom Nom had great reviews and definitely delivered.

The interior is chic and they serve wraps, burgers, fries, hummus, salads, and more. The menu was only in Ukrainian but the staff speaks English and recommended the cheeseburger and Asian wrap, both of which were so delicious we returned and got the exact same meals again before we left!


pizza at Celentano Ristorante in Lviv

The large pizza at Celentano is easily enough to feed four


3. Celentano Ristorante

Cuisine: Pizza and pasta
Price: 95 uah / 3.50 usd for a large (and I mean large) margarita pizza
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There are a few Celentano restaurants throughout Lviv but I like the one in Rynok Square the best.

They serve giant slices from the window for 37 uah / 1.40 usd each or you can sit down and get a whole pizza. The absolutely massive large pizzas start at only 95 uah and then you can add extra toppings for extra $$$.

Dan and I got one and it ended up being both lunch and dinner for us. I’m pretty picky about pizza generally (I have a thing about melted cheese) but this one is on point, especially when you can enjoy it in such a nice atmosphere.


bread and burger at Bread and Wine in Lviv

The black burger and a bread and dip app at Bread and Wine Restaurant


4. Bread and Wine

Cuisine: Sandwiches and burgers
Price: 76 uah / 2.75 usd for a burger, less for sandwiches and appetizers
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Bread and Wine is one of the best cheap restaurants in Lviv for a slow, cozy, romantic dinner out on the town.

With low ceilings and candles one every table, it’s the type of place to linger for a while over a glass or two of Ukrainian wine (did I mention they’re only $1 each?) while the night passes you by.

If you’ve been in Ukraine for a while already you may have already noticed that this country puts out some fantastic bread, and Bread and Wine is a great place to sample it.

They serve many different types with mouth-watering dips to start your meal, so ditch the calorie-tracking apps and come ready to consume massive amounts of carbs.


postcard collection at the Post Office on Drukarska Street restaurant

Postcard decor at the Post Office on Drukarska Street Restaurant


5. Post Office on Drukarska Street

Cuisine: Pasta
Price: 75 uah / 2.75 usd for pasta
Find it on Google Maps

I wasn’t expecting this place to be as good as it was, but a limited menu is always a good sign.

They serve 12 different types of homemade pasta (I recommend the cracklings and cottage cheese) and every dish is 75 uah / 2.75 usd.

The walls are decorated with postcards of Lviv and the restaurants has a pretty good selection of Pravda beer to pair with your meal. Of course, you have to finish it with the chocolate dessert pasta before you go!


Georgian dumplings in Lviv

Picture-perfect Georgian khinkali dumplings


6. Khinkalʹnya Na Fedorova

Cuisine: Georgian
Price: 39 uah / 1.50 usd for a serving of three cheese or meat dumplings
Find it on Google Maps

I appreciate the Ukraine culinary scene for excelling in the bread department and for introducing me to Georgian cuisine.

Every Georgian restaurant I’ve tried so far has been fantastic, but this one is no different. The best dish here is definitely the Georgian dumplings, called khinkali. If you’ve never eaten them before, don’t worry, because they come with an instruction manual!

Dan and I like to split two orders of dumplings (four with cheese and four with meat) and pair them with the large, flat, hot, garlicky Georgian cheese bread.

I honestly don’t know which part of the meal I enjoy more, I just know it’s all terribly unhealthy but too delicious to turn down.

Read the Lviv Dumpling Guide for more dumpling recommendations in the city.


meat chebureky at the Prosecco bar

Starting my day off right with fried pastries and Prosecco


7. 4 Chebureky Prosecco Bar

Cuisine: Ukrainian
Price: 29 to 44 uah / 1 to 1.50 usd for traditional sweet or savory chebureky
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Let’s admit it: all the best vacations include a bit of day drinking.

4 Chebureky Prosecco Bar serves traditional fried Ukrainian breakfast pastries called chebureky with glasses of bubbly Prosecco, so they’re pretty much encouraging it at this point.

The pastries are filled with cherry, cheese, chicken, or meat (I enjoyed the meat) and were roughly the size of my face. Pair ‘em with Prosecco in this trendy space and you got a recipe from a great meal and a drunken day!


8. Pretty High Kitchen

Cuisine: Variety
Price: Pay what you want
Find it on Google Maps

This is the only restaurant on the list that I didn’t personally try, but I’m including it because it has such an interesting concept.

At Pretty High Kitchen there are no menus – instead, you tell the kitchen what you want and they make it for you.

You can also tell them you have a set amount of money, like 150 or 200 uah, and ask them to make a meal based around that. I’m not sure how low you can go, but basing the meal on the amount you want to pay rather than the other way around would definitely be helpful when sticking to a tight budget!


Arsenal Ribs restaurant in Lviv

Arsenal Ribs is almost always packed, but you can skip the line by ordering your food to go instead.


9. Arsenal Ribs

Cuisine: BBQ
Price: 139 uah / 5 usd for a full rack of ribs
Find it on Google Maps

I love ribs but I almost never order them because they’re so expensive everywhere in the world – everywhere except Arsenal, that is.

Can you believe this restaurant serves whole racks for only 5 usd?!

That’s honestly unheard of in the US, so this restaurant is one of the best cheap restaurants in Lviv for value alone.

Plus, the ribs are really good too. Just be prepared for your waiter to chop them up with a giant axe and don’t even bother asking for a knife and fork – everything is eaten by hand only here. 

If you visit at peak hours you’ll probably find a line with a long wait, but I’ll let you in on an insider secret: You can skip the line and get your hands on these tasty ribs in only 10 or 15 minutes when you order them to go.


Baczewski restaurant in Lviv

Eat at Baczewski for affordable fine dining in Lviv


10. Baczewski Restaurant

Cuisine: Galician
Price: 569 uah / 21 usd for an app, two meals, and two glasses of wine
Find it on Google Maps

Baczewski is a regular on Lviv restaurant round-ups and I’m including it on this list because it’s my favorite in the city.

Dan and I enjoyed an appetizer, two meals, and two glasses of wine at this upscale restaurant (while being serenaded with live saxophone music) for only 21 usd.

Baczewski also has some interesting options on the menu like cheese served in smoke and cocktails in light bulbs, and it was fun to try something new. It’s not super cheap, but if you want a fine-dining experience on a budget while you’re in Lviv, this is the place.


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