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Whether you call them manty, pierogi, khinkali, or varenyky, we can all agree on one thing: dumplings are the food of the gods, and they’re always welcome on our plates.

I made it my mission to find the best dumplings in Lviv and though I tried a lot, these are the three restaurants that really stood out.

Savor the flavors of Uzbekistan, Georgia, and the old Kingdom of Galicia without leaving the city center with this guide to the best dumplings in Lviv!


ukrainian dumplings at Baczewski

Galician pierogies with meat at Baczewski


1. Baczewski Restaurant

Best for: traditional Galician dumplings (pierogi)
Price: 99 uah / 3.70 usd
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Baczewski restaurant was hands down my best food experience in Lviv – if you only have time to try dumplings at one place, this is it. 

The history of the restaurant is interesting as well: the Baczewski family came to Lviv while it was still part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire and began the J.A. Baczewski Distillery in 1782, “the first industrial manufacturer of strong liquors in the world.”

They left during World War II, but the Baczewski restaurant was opened to celebrate the family and its history in the city by serving “a mixture of Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian and Hungarian culinary traditions.”

We tried a few dishes (the smoked cheese appetizer was particularly interesting) but the pierogi with meat was the star of the show.

We also enjoyed the atmosphere, where each room has its own distinct personality and we were serenaded by a live saxophone player. Of course, after you eat the best dumplings in Lviv, finish your meal with a shot of the famous Baczewski vodka… for digestion, of course. 


Georgian dumplings in Lviv

Georgian khinkali at Khinkal’nya Na Fedorova


2. Khinkalʹnya Na Fedorova

Best for: Georgian dumplings (khinkali)
Price: 12.90  uah / .50 usd each
Find Khinkalʹnya Na Fedorova on Google Maps

No lie, my mouth is watering just writing this. 

Khinkal’nya Na Fedorova is much more casual than Baczewski (and cheaper) but no less delicious.

This was my first experience with khinkali but luckily our table came with an instruction card. Eat them with your hands only (no forks!) and leave the twisted top part on the plate. 

You can order them with meat or with garlic and cheese, and I recommend trying both. Pair them with the phenomenal cheesy flatbread and finish your meal with a pint of beer for 44 uah / 1.65 usd or a glass of house wine for 65 uah / 2.50 usd. 

In the spring and summer you can indulge in the khinkali at their outdoor seating in a park, which makes an already perfect experience even better. 

This is my second favorite restaurant in the city after Baczewski and I strongly suggest stopping by for some of the best dumplings in Lviv – you won’t regret it. 


Uzbecki manty dumplings in Lviv

Uzbecki manty at Chaikhana Samarkanda


3. Chaikhana Samarkanda

Best for: Uzbecki dumplings (manty)
Price: 77 uah / 2.88 usd
Find Chaikhana Samarkanda on Google Maps

I’ve never had Uzbecki food or been inside an Uzbeki restaurant before, so when I stumbled upon Chaikhana Samarkanda, I knew we had to try it. The fact that they served dumplings was just the icing on the cake. 

The interior is beautifully decorated with colorful paintings and both the meat and the pumpkin and onion manty that we ordered were delicious, especially with the sour cream sauce that came with them. I also got (and recommend) the lagman beef soup with hand-made noodles. 

Just beware that the service is pretty slow (at least when I was there) so go when you have some time on your hands or want to pair your meal with a few drinks.


Siberian dumplings with meat

Siberian dumplings with meat in the small town of Skole


Bonus: Смачно як у мами (Tasty as Mom’s)

Best for: Siberian dumplings
Price: I got coffee, beef and potato stew, and an order of dumplings for 94 uah / 3.50 usd
Find Смачно як у мами on Google Maps

This restaurant is located outside of Lviv in a small mountain town called Skole. Dan and I visited it to go hiking on Mount Parashka and stopped in afterward for dinner before we caught our train.

I tried Siberian dumplings with meat for the first time and they were honestly phenomenal: buttery, garlicky, smooth, flavorful goodness home-cooked by the grandma who runs the restaurant.

I’m including them on this list simply because I have a newfound passion for dumplings and enjoy writing about them (can you tell?) but if you find yourself hiking in Skole, definitely don’t miss them. 


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Where to Find the Best Dumplings in Lviv

In my personal opinion, Baczewski has the best dumplings in Lviv (and also a nice, formal atmosphere) but it’s also the most expensive restaurant on this list and usually has a pretty decent wait time to get a table.

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and budget-friendly, the Georgian dumplings at Khinkal’nya Na Fedorova are super delicious and won’t leave you disappointed.

Finally, the Uzbecki dumplings at Chaikhana Samarkanda are tasty as well and were a great introduction to a whole new cuisine for me.

Honestly, I think you should eat at all three, but whichever you choose you’re in for a treat. Enjoy!

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