Want to do a little good during your trip to Ukraine?

Dan and I spent a few hours walking the dogs at a local animal shelter in Lviv and honestly, it’s hard to know who enjoyed it more – the dogs or us.

If you’re interested in donating some of your own time to a good cause, use this guide to learn just how easy it is to volunteer in Lviv at the LEV Vet Clinic and Animal Shelter!


happy dog getting a head scratch


Where to Volunteer in Lviv

The LEV Vet Clinic and Animal Shelter has about 50 dogs at any given time and a few cats as well. They take them in off the streets and give them health care and vaccinations and make sure they’re all spayed or neutered.

They adopt out about 70% of the dogs that come through their doors, but if they don’t find a home in 15 days they have to put them back out on the streets (which is all the more reason to give these doggos some love while you can!).

The LEV Vet Clinic and Animal Shelter is super clean and I could tell all the animals are well cared for by the team.

It’s a great place to volunteer in Lviv because you don’t need to call ahead and set anything up before you go (which can be a major struggle for non-Ukrainian speakers) and it’s easy to reach from the city center.


smiling German Shepard dog


How to get to the LEV Vet Clinic and Animal Shelter

There are three ways to get to the animal shelter, by foot, by tram, or by car.

Calling an Uber is the easiest way, as usual. The exact address is 56, Promyslova Str., Lviv, 79024, Ukraine and from Lviv city center the ride is about 15 minutes and should cost around 55 uah / 2 usd.

If you go by tram the trip will be about 25 minutes and costs 5 uah per person. Take tram number 5 from the Pidvalna St. tram stop a few blocks from Rynok Square (click here for a map).

If the weather is nice you can also go by foot, which is what Dan and I ended up doing.

It’s a 40-minute walk from Rynok Square but it’s pretty pleasant and on sidewalks the whole time – you won’t find yourself suddenly on the side of a highway or anything like that.


man taking a picture of a puppy


Our Experience

I tried to call ahead before Dan and I went but had some trouble since I don’t speak Ukrainian. So, we just showed up and luckily it was all good!

First, we had to fill out a paper with our names and contact info and give them an ID to copy before we could take the dogs out for walks.

Then, we were led to the cages where a caregiver gave us each a dog for our first walk and told us the rules: don’t feed them, don’t let them eat anything off the ground, and keep them away from kids. Pretty basic stuff.

We took three sets of dogs on walks outside of the shelter for 25 to 30 minutes each.

Our first dogs were an adorable set of sisters that just couldn’t get enough of each other and had to be walking side-by-side the whole time – so cute. Then we took out a puppy and an older corgi, and finally a German Shepard and another larger dog whose breed I couldn’t place.

The caregiver patiently told me the names of each one but I’m terrible and already forgot them 🙁 All I know is that all of them were equally adorable and adoptable and I wish I could bring them all home with me. 


LEV animal shelter in Lviv, Ukraine


Extra Info You Need to Know

Volunteering in Lviv at the LEV Animal Shelter is an awesome way to spend a few hours during your trip to the city. Just keep this info in mind to ensure it all goes smoothly:

  • Remember to bring some form of ID when you go.
  • The address is 56, Promyslova Str., Lviv, 79024, Ukraine and you can click here to find a map and their phone number.
  • Volunteer hours are daily from 9 am to noon and 4 pm to 7 pm.

I hope this article helps visitors, vacationers, digital nomads, and locals alike volunteer in Lviv at the LEV Animal Shelter. If you’re passing through and have a spare hour or two, stop by and give these adorable dogs some love!


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