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The two best ways to get from Kiev to Lviv are by plane or train.

Both options have their pros and cons but will, eventually, get you from one city to the other. I wrote up the prices, times, and a step-by-step guide for each so you can choose which is best for you!


How to Fly From Kiev to Lviv

Cost: $29 to $50 for a one-way flight and $55 to $90 for the round trip
Time: 1 hour

Flights are definitely the best bang for your buck when traveling from Kiev to Lviv.

One way flights between the two cities are incredibly affordable at only $29 each on the Motor Sich Airline and tickets for Ukraine International were only a bit more at $50 each – even on the day of the flight! 

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How to get to the Kiev Airport

First, Kiev has two airports. Kiev Boryspil International Airport (KPB) and Kiev International Airport Zhuliany (IEV).

The Morot Sich flights from Kiev to Lviv fly from IEV and the Ukraine International flights depart from KBP.

From downtown Kiev (using St. Sophia’s Cathedral as the starting point) both airports require two forms of public transport to reach them – metro and bus – but Google Maps will walk you through the steps.

Uber is a more convenient option. From St.Sophia’s Cathedral to KBP the trip takes 40 minutes and will cost about 400 uah / 15 usd. To IEV, the trip is about 30 minutes and costs only 100 uah / 3.75 usd.


How to Get From the Lviv Airport to the City Center

If you fly from Kiev to Lviv you’ll land at the Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (LWO) located about 6.5 km from the city center.

You can take tram 9 and switch to tram 7 to reach downtown Lviv or, again, take an Uber. The ride will be about 25 minutes and should only cost about 85 uah / 3 usd.

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Ukrainian countryside from an airplane window

Flying over the Ukrainian countryside as we descended into Kiev


How to Take the Train from Kiev to Lviv

Cost: 340 uah / 12.75 usd for second class tickets, about double that for first class.
Time: 5 to 6 hours

I’m cheap, so I took the train from Kiev to Lviv and then again for our return from Lviv to Kiev. It’s cheaper than a flight but also (obviously) takes more time.


How to get to the Kiev Railway Station

If you’re flying into Kiev and then taking the train to Lviv, there’s a direct shuttle bus from the airport to the Kiev Railway Station.

It’s clearly labeled in English and costs 100 uah / 3.75 usd per person. The trip takes 45 minutes. You can also take an Uber for around 300 uah.

If you’re coming from the Kiev city center, you can reach the Kiev Railway Station with public transport (again, use Google Maps for the exact steps you need to take from your location) or by Uber which should cost around 55 uah / 2 usd for the 15-minute trip.

Once you arrive at the railway station you will buy your tickets from the bank of booths on the left side – everything is in Cyrillic and the agents don’t speak much English but ask for Lviv and they’ll get it.


How to Buy Train Tickets in Kiev

There are a few different ways to buy train tickets in Kiev.

The first and easiest way is to buy tickets online on the official site. They don’t need to be printed, so you can just show your email to board the train.

There’s also, apparently, a central ticket office downtown that you can buy tickets from – click here for more details on where to find it – or you can always go to the Kiev Railway Station to buy your tickets.

We had no problem just walking in and getting them for the next train out and it looks like travelers in other forums echo this sentiment.

Unless you’re traveling in super high season or on a holiday, I’m guessing you’ll probably be fine doing this as well. Trains don’t run too often, we arrived at 11 am and had to wait until the 2 pm train, but this timetable for the Kiev to Lviv route will help you plan better than I did.

Dan and I bought second class tickets for our train from Kiev to Lviv and the return from Lviv to Kiev.

On the first trip, we were the only ones in our little six-passenger “room” and on the return it was full, but both were spacious and comfortable enough that I definitely recommend it if you want to save money and skip the flights. 


How to Get from the Lviv Railway Station to the City Center

Your train will arrive at the Lviv Railway Station where it’s easy to get to the city center.

You can walk (about 35 minutes / 3 km), take the trams (1 or 9 will take you to downtown Lviv in about 25 minutes for 5 uah / .20 usd), or take an Uber (the 10-minute trip should cost around 50 uah / 2 usd).

The train from Kiev to Lviv takes between 5 and 6 hours and the scenery is super boring, but price and convenience wise, this trip is just right. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to splurge on flights, the train to Lviv is the next best option.


seats on the train from Kiev to Lviv

If you’re lucky enough to get your own car, the train from Kiev to Lviv is actually pretty great.


Easily Travel Between Kiev and Lviv With This Guide!

The best way to get from Kiev to Lviv is by plane because the tickets are so cheap and the trip is so short.

If you’re on a budget, though, the train offers great value at only 12.75 usd per person for the six-hour trip. 

Both will get you from point A to point B (eventually) so it all just depends on how much time and money you want to spend in the process!

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