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There is so much to do in Puerto Vallarta at night. 

Because so many tourists and travelers pour into the city every day, there is tons of infrastructure in place to keep them entertained, no matter what time of day or night it is. Even though this vacation destination is best known for its idyllic beaches, the action only heats up once the sun goes down. 

So, from brewery crawls to art walks to night diving and everything in between, this round up of the best things to do at night in Puerto Vallarta has absolutely everything you need to plan a perfect trip! 


show poster for Steven Retchless at Act 2 PV


1. Catch a Show at Act 2 PV

Puerto Vallarta is a popular LGBT tourist destination and with that comes theater – lots and lots of theater. 

Act 2 PV is the most popular venue, with multiple shows on multiple stages every night. It’s a small, local set up with a big heart and before your visit to PV ends you’’re almost guaranteed to know someone who knows someone performing in the shows. 

Ticket prices vary a bit based on the show and the stage but they generally cost around 25 usd each. We saw the Steven Retchless pole dancing/comedy/singing show and it was great (and heard rave reviews of Mama Mia as well), but there are tons of shows to choose from!  


flight of four beers at Monzon Brewery

Beer flight at Monzon Brewing


2. Test Your Skills at Trivia Night

Monzon Brewery – my favorite place to drink craft beer in Puerto Vallarta – hosts a trivia night every Wednesday. It’s free and in English, and we went twice because we enjoy losing while we drink our pints 😉

Prizes are small (like a free pitcher or $5 usd off your bill) but it’s the bragging rights that really matter – especially if you plan to go back again next week! 


plate of three tacos on a blue table


3. See a Local side of Puerto Vallarta With Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb offers tons of food, cultural, and outdoors experiences in Puerto Vallarta, and some of them are perfect for a night out. If you’re looking for something a lil’ different and a lil’ more social to do in Puerto Vallarta at night, check out: 


gallery in Puerto Vallarta, lit up for the Wednesday night art walk

Welcoming gallery in Puerto Vallarta on the Wednesday night art walk


4. Get Cultured on Art Walk Wednesdays

The Wednesday Art Walk is one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta at night for a good reason – it’s free! This city-run event is held every Wednesday from late October to late May. 

Galleries in the Old Town / Zona Romantica neighborhood open their doors and their wine bottles to visitors from 6 to 10 pm to display local and international art, pottery, paintings, and more.


stock photo of a girl in a brightly lit art museum


5. Visit the Museums 

Puerto Vallarta is better for a lazy beach vacation than a cultural or educational experience, but there are still a few museums here for those who go looking. Some of them are even open late, so you can visit them at night after you get your fill of the sun and sand. 

The Rio Cuale History Museum is free and open until 6 pm, the 4D Art Museum costs 250 mxn / 13 usd and is open until 10 pm, and the Viva Tequila museum, tasting, and show experience has entrance times as late as 6 pm as well. 


black stout and slice of pepperoni pizza at Los Muertos Brewing

Craft beer and wood fired pizza at Los Muertos Brewing


6. Drink Local

Craft beer is growing in Puerto Vallarta. There are three breweries in the city proper and two more in the small towns to the north of it. Use this craft beer guide to see a different side of the famous Puerto Vallarta nightlife, or enjoy it on a guided craft beer crawl through the city with a local host on Airbnb.  


7. Get Lost in the Rhythms of the Night

Rhythms of the Night is probably the most popular thing to do at night in Puerto Vallarta. 

Created by the same minds behind Cirque du Soleil, this show is an all night experience with a sunset cruise, an open bar, dinner on the beach, and the spectacular show to top it off. 

It doesn’t come cheap at $100+ usd per person but thousands of reviewers online still sing the show’s praises – if I return with a bigger budget, Rhythms of the Night will be the first thing on my Puerto Vallarta to-do list! 


pink sunset on the beach in Puerto Vallarta

The sunset puts on its own free show every night on the beach in Puerto Vallarta


8. Chill on the Beach with a DIY Picnic

From the most expensive activity on this list to the cheapest – if you can’t swing dinner on the beach at Rhythms of the Night, create your own DIY picnic at Los Muertos beach instead.

Dan and I brought towels, wine, and snacks down to Muertos Beach in the center of town quite a few times during our six-week stay because it’s so dang romantic. I know beaches can be kind of hit or miss and some get weird at night, but Los Muertos is definitely a hit. 

We liked to lay our towels down by the La Palapa and El Dorado restaurants because they have the most romantic lighting with tiki torches soft music on the sand 🙂 


guy on a baseball field at night


9. Catch a Softball Game

Puerto Vallarta doesn’t have soccer and baseball teams like most other major Mexican cities, but they do have… softball? The Puerto Vallarta College Challenge with US college teams is played in Puerto Vallarta every year and you can catch local games as well at the Nancy Almaraz field in the Hotel Zone neighborhood.  


girl sitting in a jacuzzi at a spa


10. Treat Yo’self at the Spa

There are a lot of spas in Puerto Vallarta, but not all of them are open late. Luckily, the top-rated Artepil Spa is open until 8 pm, so you can get in a late night massage or facial after a full day at the beach. Plus, it’s a chain so there are locations conveniently placed all around the city! 


tennis balls and racket on a tennis court


11. Play Tennis

The Canto del Sol Tennis Club has six courts available for hourly rental, whether you’re a paying guest at their adjacent hotel or not. 

You’ll have to contact them for hours and prices, but they do have lights to illuminate the courts at night even after it gets dark, making this an active and fun option to fill your night in Puerto Vallarta. 


diver underwater with a school of fish and a coral reef


12. Book a Night Dive

Silent World Divers offers night dives in Puerto Vallarta at an underwater mountain range called El Bajo del Cristo where they promise lobster, octopus, eels and bioluminescent lighting. You must be PADI certified to complete the dive, but you can do that over a few days during your stay in Puerto Vallarta as well. 


Puerto Vallarta pirate ship show on the water at sunset


13. Take a Ride on a Pirate Ship

The Marigalante Pirate Ship is Puerto Vallarta’s answer to the sunset cruise that every touristy beach town must have.

Of course, in true PV fashion, they do it bigger, better, and in a much showier way. Whether or not you decide to step on board, you’ll see the pirate ship cruising through the Bay of Banderas and setting off fireworks every night.

But if you want some old fashioned, swashbuckling, evening fun, grab a ticket for one of three themed nights with dinner, drinks, dancing, and lots of undersea shenanigans.


Puerto Vallarta skyline at night from the Mirador la Criz panoramic viewpoint


14. Climb to a Panoramic Viewpoint

The Mirador Cerro de la Cruz panoramic viewpoint in Puerto Vallarta is best enjoyed at sunset. Climb up as the sun starts to sink and watch the lights come on across the city.

The viewpoint is easy to reach on a 20-minute walk from the Zona Romantica neighborhood and boasts absolutely insane views of the entire Bay of Banderas. Skipping it when you’re in PV would be a huge mistake!


Playa Amapas beach in Puerto Vallarta


15. Stretch Your Legs on a Beach Walk

Skip the bar hopping that dominates Puerto Vallarta nightlife and go beach hopping instead.

This curated Puerto Vallarta beach walk will take you to four secluded sandy spots on a one-mile walk from Los Muertos Beach. All of it is on stone pathways or sand, so start as the sun sets and bring a flashlight to keep going after dark!


open sign on a boutique shop


16. Shop ’til You Drop

Shopping at the boutiques that line the streets is one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta at night. Whether you’re window shopping or looking to spend, make some time to take a closer look at the galleries, gifts, and jewelry that’s been catching your eye.

I bought some locally designed silver earrings for my sister and pined after plenty more in the shops that line Basilio Badillo street. It’s my favorite spot for shopping in the Zona Romantica, but you can find fun and unique boutiques scattered all across the city!


Ready to go?

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