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To Make the Most of Slight North

Where would you go if you could move to a new city every month? 

What would you do if you had nothing to lose but a carry-on bag? 

Slight North is our ongoing journey to find the answer! 

We’re Dan and Di: digital nomads, carry-on-only adventurers, and your new online travel guides. This is how to get the most out of our site.


Dan and Di from Slight North

Hey, it’s us 


So, Why Slight North?

There are more than a billion blogs on the web today (though I love to exaggerate, this is actually a real stat), so why stick around on this one?

Slight North has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors because we do it differently.


Di at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca

Slowing down at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico


1. We’re Experts in Slow Travel

Dan and I are digital nomads and slow travel enthusiasts.

We travel full time, which means we don’t have a home base. Instead, we pick up and move to a new Airbnb in a new city every single month, and have been doing so since 2017! 


Unfortunately, we’re not on a constant vacation.

We built this lifestyle through remote work. All we need is a laptop and an internet connection to make money. We still work a nine-to-five just like you, but we left the Ohio suburbs where we grew up and get to explore new international destinations on our nights and weekends instead. 

This gives us ample time to see and document not only the top tourist sites in each place we live, but also the local recommendations and hidden destinations. 

Most bloggers visit the Blue Mosque when they travel to Istanbul, but how many have the time to ride the longest cable car in the world in Uludag National Park?

Every Peru guide will take you to Machu Picchu, but we’ll also make sure you discover the secluded Huchuy Qosqo ruins, perched high in the mountains of the Sacred Valley.

Because we spend weeks in each place instead of just a few days, we bring you the perfect balance of the top tourist sites you need to see and the hidden attractions that other travel sites just aren’t covering. 


This Blog Plants Trees social media graphic

Hell yeah we do


2. We Plant Trees

I love exploring the natural sites on our pretty green planet, and I use Slight North to make sure they stay protected for future generations to do the same. 

Thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted, every time you read an article on Slight North you’re also planting trees in the Andes! 

We donate 10% of our ad revenue to reforestation, and you can check back here every month for an update on exactly how many trees you’ve helped us plant with the organization. We’ve planted 127 trees since our partnership began in January 2020.


Dan planting trees in a forest

Dan planting trees with a non-profit organization in Mexico City


How to Join the Slight North Community

If you love planting trees and are excited to discover hidden destinations, joining the Slight North community will inject a tasty slow drip of travel inspo into your daily life.


1. Connect with Us on Social Media

The easiest way to get involved is to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

But, that’s kinda boring, so you can also tag along with my real life – including behind the scenes stories on all the ups and downs that come with traveling full time – on my personal Instagram @diminardi

Send me a message there and I’ll follow you back!


Sustainable Hiking Collective Pinterest pin


2. Join the Sustainable Hiking Collective

If you’re into hiking and the outdoors, the Sustainable Travel Collective on Facebook is my favorite new project in 2020.

Join our tight-knit community to connect with hikers around the world and:

  • discover new hiking destinations
  • take part in monthly sustainability challenges
  • join quarterly virtual trail clean ups 

The Sustainable Hiking Collective was born through my frustration with the social isolation that inevitably comes from traveling full-time. I volunteered here and there, but I never made long-term connections because I move too much. 

So, I decided to create an online community instead! 

Now, this group not only shares where we’re hiking every week, but also completes monthly sustainability challenges together.

In December, we committed to picking up one piece of trash per day, and then we started 2020 with the ‘Plastic Bag Free January’ challenge. These are a super low-key way to build a more sustainable lifestyle by focusing on only one new habit at a time.

The Sustainable Hiking Collective also organizes quarterly virtual trail clean ups, where every one cleans up a trail in their community on the same day and shares their experience in the group. I hope we have members cleaning up trails on all six continents someday.

Our first quarterly trail clean up will take place in March 2020, so make sure you join the Sustainable Hiking Collective to stay up to date! 


Di Minardi photo


How to Get the Most Out of Slight North

You’re free to wander as you please through the site (in fact, I’d love it if you did so!) but we all know travel is not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. 

This quick guide to our top articles and most-loved travel series will help you find the content that most inspires YOU.


the drive into Theth, Albania

Our guide to the Accursed Mountains in Albania is one of the most popular articles on Slight North


1. Discover the Best of Slight North

Get started with some of the best and most-read articles on Slight North. Each one links to all related content at the end, so you’ll never get lost or miss a piece on your favorite topics.

Which Countries Have the Best Digital Nomad Visas? 14,000+ readers

How to Get a Job in Antarctica (Even If You’re Not a Scientist) 12,000+ readers

Colombia vs. Peru: Which Should You Visit? 12,000+ readers

The Complete Guide to Theth and Albania’s Accursed Mountains 8,000+ readers

Hike Among Active Volcanoes at Izta-Popo National Park 8,000+ readers

Most People Have Never Heard of Kwajalein: Here’s Why You Should Work There 7,000+ readers


view of Popo from Izta volcano

Our guide to Izta-Popo National Park in Mexico has been read more than 8,000 times


2. Explore by Series

You can also explore Slight North by country with the handy ‘Travel’ drop down at the top of every page. We mostly travel in Latin America and Eastern Europe, but cover a few other places as well.

The Mexico Series has 50+ articles, the Peru Series has 40 articles, and the Turkey Series, the Bulgaria Series, and the Ukraine Series are a few of my personal favorites! 

You can also find more travel-adjacent content in the Resources drop down in the menu above. 

The Long-Term Travel series has everything I wish I knew before I became a digital nomad, and covers the more technical side of the transition like visas, finding apartments abroad, how to make friends when you travel full-time, and more.

The Working Abroad series has step-by-step guides on how to find remote and travel-related work, each one written from personal experience or an interview with an expert.

Another popular rabbit hole on Slight North is the Country Comparison series with brutal showdowns between neighboring countries – like Thailand vs. Vietnam or Australia vs. New Zealand – that were written by awesome guest bloggers from around the world. 

Finally, don’t miss the Gifts and Gear series for my packing lists, holiday gift guides, and reviews of the gear I can’t live without, and the Interesting Reads series for all my ramblings that didn’t fit anywhere else – like this profile of a man who lives in a Prius.


Dan and Di in the Abu Dhabi desert

Dan and I taught in Abu Dhabi for two years, where our friend took the dopest engagement photos of all time for us


3. Learn More About Us

Want to learn more about the couple behind Slight North? 

I got ya covered. 

Check out the About Us page for an overview of who we are and how we started traveling, then read our 2019 Year in Review for a closer look at where we’ve been in the past year. 

If you’re more interested in the business and blogging side of things, our Work With Us page has the hard stats, some humble bragging, our media kit, and more. 


Selfie of Dan and Di


Thank You For Supporting Small Content

Everything on Slight North was written by me and Dan or other emerging bloggers. We love what we do, but we can’t do it without you. 

When you support small content, you make the internet a better place. 

Simply sticking around to read a few articles, sending them to a friend, or sharing your favorites on social media all helps us grow!

Thank you, and welcome to Slight North!