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Are you looking for something new for your next date night in Sofia?

There’s so much to do in this city, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same bars or restaurants every weekend (Daniel and I are always guilty of this).

So, break the habit with this article!

This list has three different sections. First, choose an activity for your date night in Sofia. Then, get dinner at one of four great restaurants. Finally, finish your date night in Sofia with a drink. Of course, I know that money always plays an important role when planning a night out, so each section has a choice for every budget as well.

Mix n’ match these 12 ideas for your next date night in Sofia and you’re guaranteed to experience some of the best that the city has to offer!


Step 1: Choose an Activity

First things first, get started with something fun. Skip the usual movie and kick off your date night in Sofia with one of these unique activities instead.


Play a Game at Carcassonne 

Price: $
Location: 30 “Gladston” str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
More Info Here

Carcassonne is built into an old house so it’s really cozy. They have a bar, a fireplace, a backyard, and so many different games to try. Even for two people, there are plenty of options. Go and get competitive on your date night in Sofia!


Play Pool at STIX Billiards

Price: $$
Location: National Palace of Culture, main underpass, sq. “Bulgaria” No.1, 1463 Sofia

This place is built into the Palace of Justice metro stop but don’t be fooled… it’s really nice inside.

With a dark, hip, and modern vibe, it kind of feels like stepping into a James Bond movie. Billiards is a great game for two and the tables only cost 8 lev / 4.75 usd per hour.


Smoke Shisha at Largo

Price: $$$
Location: bulevard “Knyaginya Maria Luiza” 2, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

This is my favorite of the four activities on the list. I have an affinity for shisha and luckily the city of Sofia seems to share it.

The bar/restaurant/club at Largo di Serdika has the best shisha I’ve ever smoked for 25 lev / 15 usd. Go early in the early evening if you want to chat, though, because the music only gets louder as the night goes on on the weekends.


Get Active at Walltopia Climbing & Fitness

Price: $$$$
Location: Boulevard “Tsarigradsko shose” 111V, 1784 м. Къро, Sofia
More Info Here

Have you ever gone rock climbing? This gym is dedicated to indoor climbing and has tons of different walls and routes to try.

One-day passes plus equipment will cost 55 lev / 32 usd for a couple. Or, for newbies, you can check out the training lessons to learn rock climbing together.


Ashurbanipal Iraqi food in Sofia

Suuuper tasty (and cheap!) Iraqi food at Ashurbanipal restaurant


Step 2: Choose a Restaurant

Next it’s time for my favorite part of the night… the food. No matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find some good eats in Sofia on this list!



Price: $
Cuisine: Iraqi
Location: Sofia, Knyaz Boris I St 174
More Info Here

Ashurbanipal might just be my favorite restaurant in the city, and it’s definitely the best on my list of cheap restaurants in Sofia.

Head here on a date night if you want good food at a good price. The place isn’t anything fancy but the flavors really speak for themselves. If you want to try something new, stop for some Iraqi food on your next date night in Sofia.


Bottega due Piani

Price: $$
Cuisine: Italian
ul. “Tsar Shishman” 24, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

Bottega due Piani is a good mix of casual and nice.

This modern, open, Italian restaurant has big windows, nice table settings, and even a small shop of imported food to browse.

A simple margarita pizza will only run you 8 lev / 4.75 usd, but I recomment trying the truffle pasta and appetizer platters as well. Have a nice date night in Sofia without breaking the bank at Bottega due Piani.


Made in Blue

Price: $$$
Cuisine: Bulgarian
Location: ul. “Yuri Venelin” 6, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here 

Locals pretty much unanimously recommend Made in Blue as one of the best restaurants in Sofia. Like Carcassone, it’s built into an old house so each room has its own charm.

With dinner, appetizers, and drinks you can expect to pay around 50 lev / 30 usd for two here, but it’s some of the best Bulgarian cuisine in the city.


Indian Restaurant Kohinoor

Price: $$$$
Cuisine: Indian
Location: ul. “Knyaz Boris I” 7, 1463 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

I love eating food from every country in the world, but Indian cuisine is my absolute favorite. In Sofia, I found Indian Restaurant Kohinoor to be expensive, but delicious.

Make a reservation to get a seat in the back garden and then eat, well, everything! The samosas, curries, rice, and garlic naan are all great. Get it all with a bottle of wine for about 60 lev / 35 usd.


The View Restaurant in Sofia

View of Sofia at sunset from the aptly named View Restaurant


Step 3: Finish Your Date Night in Sofia with a Drink

Full from a good meal? Wind down (or turn up) with this list of the four best places to finish your date night in Sofia.


Gelateria Naturale

Price: $
Best for:
an early night
ul. “Tsar Shishman” 12A, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

If you don’t drink or want to make it an early night, Gelateria Naturale is the perfect final stop for you.

Skip the places on Vitosha with super colorful ice cream piled high. No, what you want is the basic, unassuming ice cream from Gelateria Naturale. It is easily some of the best in the city and the restaurant is super cute and cheerful too!


Bar Petak

Price: $$
Best for:
a wild night
ul. “General Yosif V. Gourko” 21, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

Bar Petak is one of the most popular bars in Sofia. It’s modern and spacious and definitely can get wild as the night goes on.

I like it because despite the nice atmosphere it’s not crazy expensive. Grab a glass of white wine for 5 lev /  3 usd here to finish your date night in Sofia (but start the party!)


The Cocktail Bar

Price: $$$
Best for:
a romantic night
 ul. “Angel Kanchev” 9, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

This is probably the most romantic place in Sofia.

The glass-walled cocktail bar looks like something from The Great Gatsby, and when the sun goes down and lights come on it’s just too magical. Tables with lanterns spill out into the park and the trees sway overhead. I just love it.

If you’re going for romance, you can’t go wrong at The Cocktail Bar.


The View Restaurant

Price: $$$$
Best for: an awesome view
Location: bul. Vitosha 89B, Millennium Center 24th floor, 1463 Sofia
More Info Here

The View Restaurant definitely lives up to its name. It boasts stunning panoramic views of Sofia and that are beautiful during the day time, at sunset, or even at night when the city lights come on.

This is one of the best places to finish your date night in Sofia, but just make sure you make a reservation in advance to snag an outdoor table.

The prices are kind of high and the food was nothing special, which is why I personally recommend skipping a meal here and instead grabbing a few drinks to enjoy the city from above.


Mix n’ Match These 12 Ideas For Your Next Date Night in Sofia

No matter what your budget is, there’s something on this list for everyone. Begin with the activity, recharge with some food, and then finish the night with a drink or two!

Sofia is a great city and there’s so much to do. So, use this list to try something new on your next date night!

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