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After finding some of the best-hidden gems that the city has to offer, I’m ready to share my favorite cheap Sofia restaurants.

I love getting a great deal on my meals, and these are the places I visit when I want tasty food that won’t blow my budget.

Next time you’re hungry, use this list of the best cheap restaurants in Sofia to try a variety of cuisines at a great price!


1. Supa Star – Soups and Sandwiches

You’ll Spend: 4 – 5 lev / 3 usd
Location: ul. “Tsar Shishman”, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia or bul. Kniaz Aleksandar Dondukov 17, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info here

This is probably the best value you’ll find when it comes to cheap Sofia restaurants.

If you need hot food and want to spend as little as possible, Supa Star is the place. They have over 100 soups on rotation and put out six per day, so you can try something new on every visit.


Iraqi Food from Ashurbanipal in Sofia

Iraqi cuisine at Ashurbanipal


2. Ashurbanipal – Iraqi Cuisine

You’ll spend: 11 lev (with a beer) / 6.50 usd
Location: Sofia, Knyaz Boris I St 174
More Info Here

This is a great place to go with friends because the portions are large and perfect for sharing.

Daniel and I went with my brother when he visited and got a ton of really tasty food for a great price.

For only 33 lev total we had a salad, pita bread, hummus, roasted eggplant, biriyani rice, ground beef, and three large beers. The place is super authentic and they don’t even have a menu – the waiter will tell you what they’re serving for the day.

If you’re looking for something different than traditional Bulgarian cuisine, Ashurbanipal is my favorite of all nine cheap Sofia restaurants on this list.


3. Banitsa

You’ll spend: 1 – 2 lev / 1 usd

This isn’t a restaurant but a typical Bulgarian snack. However, it’s hot and filling so if you’re on a tight budget this can substitute for a meal with no problems.

Banitsa is layered Philo dough with different fillings, and the cheese and spinich combo is my favorite. Some of the best places to get it in the city are the Sun and Moon bakeries, the Kostas bakeries, or even at the Billa supermarket chain.

All are good but slightly different. I personally like Kostas the best though because you can also grab a large loaf of sourdough bread for only 2 lev more.

I’m a sucker for good bread and sourdough is my absolute favorite. Take it home to layer with salami, cheese, or pesto (or all three) and you’ll be seriously satisfied. 


4. Rainbow Factory – Sandwiches

You’ll spend: 6 – 8 lev / 4 usd
Location: ул. Веслец 10, 1000 Sofia
More Info Here

This small cafe and restaurant is always packed at lunch time, and for good reason. The menu has different sandwich choices from only 6 lev each, or you can check out the meal of the day for around the same price.

When we went the meal of the day was lentils, chicken kebabs, and a fried egg layered with parmesan cheese. Kind of strange but pretty tasty, and for only 7 lev it definitely a good portion for the price.

You can also get smoothies, juice, craft beer, and coffee here, so check it out when you have a slow afternoon and time to kill.


MEAT is one of the best cheap restaurants in Sofia

Pulled pork sandwiches at MEAT


5. MEAT Gourmet Sandwiches and Burgers

You’ll spend: 10 lev / 6 usd
Location: ул Ангел Кънчев 1 , 1000 София
More Info Here

This place seems to be famous for burgers but I’m not a huge burger fan, to be honest.

Instead, Daniel and I ordered two different pulled pork sandwiches… I’m happy to report they were both delicious. Mine had guacamole and jalapeños on it while Daniel’s was more traditional.

The sandwiches are 10 lev each, large, and have a large portion of pork so they’ll definitely fill you up. We added a 4 lev order of fries to split, and because it was so big we only ended up eating half our sandwiches each and bringing our leftovers on our day trip to the Rila Lakes the next day.


6. La Bottega Due Piani – Italian Food

You’ll Spend: 8 lev / 4.75 usd
Location: ul. “Tsar Shishman” 24, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

Are you in the mood for a nice, sit-down meal, but don’t really have the budget? If so, La Bottega Due Piani is one of the best cheap restaurants in Sofia for you.

The modern Italian restaurant has a nice atmosphere and delicious food. Although it’s kind of fancy, you can still snag a margarita pizza for only 8 lev, which is a steal.

For me, the pizza in Bulgaria has been disappointing but this place does it right. Plus, the large portion size means you’ll probably have leftovers as well.

PS after your meal at La Bottega stop by my fave ice cream place in the city, Gelateria Naturale, located just down the street.


7. Fanshan Restaurant – Chinese Food

You’ll Spend: 10 lev / 6 usd
Location: Sofia, Struma St 2
More Info Here

Fenshuen Chinese is one of the best cheap Sofia restaurants for groups because they have large portion sizes just begging to be shared.

Daniel and I got spring rolls, cashew chicken, and lo mein noodles for only 20 lev, and it was enough for two meals each (making it about 5 lev per portion).

If you want a variety of different dishes to try or just need some greasy, tasty, familiar Chinese food for a movie night at home, this is the place for you.


Chicken wings from the Ale House in Sofia

Chicken wings at Ale House


8. Ale House – Pub Food

You’ll spend: 8 lev / 4.75 usd
Location: ul. “Hristo Belchev” 42, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
More Info Here

The Ale House is also listed in my guide to craft beer in Sofia because they brew their own and have taps at every table. It’s fun to fill up your own glass while watching a game, and of course what goes better with beer than wings?

I ordered a huge plate that had 12 wings and pita chips and it only cost 8 lev. They’re not crispy fried (which I prefer), but they were flavorful and well-cooked so I definitely still recommend them.


9. Kim’s Cook – Vietnamese Food

You’ll spend: 10  – 11 lev / 6.50 usd
Location: Pick-up Only
More Info Here

I was interested in Kim’s Cook because it’s a unique operation. Kim cooks out of her house and has a different set menu every day.

I tried the caramelized pork with rice and veggies for 10 lev and it was good for something lighter and different from Bulgarian fare. She also has pho, spring rolls, desserts, and more to try.

Set up the order a day or two in advance to make sure you can get some before they run out, and be ready to pick it up around the Serdika metro station or Palace of Justice.


Try These 9 Cheap Sofia Restaurants

Of all the restaurants on this list, I have to say Ashurbanipal, La Bottega Due Piani, and MEAT are my three favorites.

Honestly, though, you can’t go wrong with any of them and I’ll never say no to a hot and tasty banitsa, chicken wings, or any food for that matter.

Fill your stomach without emptying your wallet with these nine cheap Sofia restaurants, and then comment below to tell me which one is your favorite!

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