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After taking two day trips to the charming traditional town of Guatape, I knew that it was finally time to escape Medellin for a longer break on the lake.

Daniel and I spent a weekend at this lake house in Guatape (located between El Penol and La Piedra) and we were so happy with our stay!


lake house in guatape


This lake house in Guatape is situated at the end of a small peninsula and boasts gorgeous view of both the lake and the famous rock.

In front of the house, though, was our own gated paradise.

The courtyard featured a pool, jacuzzi, multiple hammocks, and a bar and grill that are all surrounded by lush green gardens. Medellin disappeared from my mind the second I took a deep breath of that fresh, clean, countryside air.


lake house in guatape


Inside, the lake house in Guatape has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, so it took quite a bit of exploring to get our bearings around the unique home.

It also has plenty of staircases, balconies, and deck spaces scattered on all sides, showcasing every possible view from the home.

One of my favorite areas to relax was the large two story dock on the water behind the house. It was the perfect place to lean back and relax with shisha, watch the sunset, and soak in the simple quietness that we forget that we need so badly sometimes.


lake house in guatape


On day two of our stay, Daniel and I woke up with the sun rising over the water right outside the master windows.

After snapping a few shots of the colorful show, we headed down to the dock for an early morning kayak trip out on the water. Sean, the manager, provided everything that we needed at the home, so it was easy to grab them and get our adventure started.

Paddling along on the water was serene.

The multitude of houses built along the lake area was a dream come true for a ‘House Hunters’ enthusiast like me.

They ranged from ultra-modern homes to flowery cottages and everything in between, and time slipped away while we imagined the different lives we would lead in each one.

After our workout, it was time for a hard day’s work… laying out in the sun by the pool and lounging in the hammocks in the shade.


lake house in guatape


When we wanted to head in to Guatape for dinner or drinks, it was easy to catch a ride.

We just walked out to the road and waited for, well, anything to pass by. Buses, taxis, jeeps, tuk tuks, they all know where we’re heading and will stop to make sure we get there.

I easily could have spent a week in this lake house in Guatape, away from it all. The worst part about our stay was definitely saying goodbye to the home to return to Medellin.

If you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, this quiet lakeside house in Guatapé is the place for you.


lake house in guatape


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  1. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a real little paradise you found yourself there! I also visited Guatapé when I was in Colombia, Though the magic of the place was killed by a very bad hostel… Wish I had known about this place 😉

    • Yikes! Which hostel did you stay at, so we can warn everyone else not to make the same mistake!


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