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When I started looking for shisha in Sofia I was very underwhelmed. I couldn’t find much information online and just assumed there weren’t many options to choose from.

However, once I started keeping an eye out for it as I explored the city, I started noticing more and more places for shisha in Sofia that weren’t listed online. Best of all, they are all in walking distance of Vitosha Street in the center of Sofia.

I’ve tried quite a few of them by now, so here’s my list of the top three places for shisha in Sofia!


hookah coal in front of a blurred out cityscape


1. LARGO di Serdika

Price: 25 lev / 15 usd
Visit for: music, dancing, and a party vibe.
Location: Bulevard “Knyaginya Maria Luiza” 2, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia

Largo di Serdika is the best place for shisha in Sofia for a few reasons. First, the quality itself was great. Because of that, even though it’s a bar and club you’ll also see a shisha on EVERY table there.

The smoke was great immediately and best of all servers came about every ten minutes to replace our coals without asking. The service was top-notch, especially compared to most other places I’ve been in the country.

Honestly, you can just stop reading here because Largo is without a doubt the best shisha in Sofia and after I discovered it it’s the only place I frequented during our stay.

Some nights that I went the music was blasting and lots of people were dancing, other times it was quite chill. Either way, if you want the best shisha in Sofia, Largo di Serdika is definitely the place.


man smoking shisha on a bench outside with a dog


2. Art Club Museum

Price: 25 lev / 15 usd
Visit for: outdoor seating and good food.
Location: ul. “Saborna” 2, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia

The Art Club Museum is another great place for shisha in Sofia.

I love it the most because of the atmosphere. Visit in spring, summer, or fall to be seated outdoors in a shaded garden. The location is also right near Vitosha Street and the City Garden so it’s a perfect place to relax after exploring central Sofia.

Although the price of the shisha is high here, the food and drinks were surprisingly cheap for such a classy place. You can easily get a filling meal for 10 lev / 6 usd and a pint of Stella only set me back another 4.50 lev / 2.50 usd. Pretty nice!


hookah on a red chair


3. Shisha Bar Speshial

Price: 15 lev / 9 usd
Visit for: low prices and a great drink selection.
ul. “William Gladstone” 32, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia

The Shisha Bar Speshial is a interesting place. Ambiance is a big thing for me, and it’s somewhat lacking here. However, there are still plenty of redeeming qualities that make this one of the best places for shisha in Sofia.

First is obviously the price. It’s way lower than most places we tried, so that was a definite plus.

Second, the waiters were super friendly and attentive, which I’ve found to be rare in Eastern Europe and was a nice change of pace.

Finally, they had a nice selection of shisha flavors and a wide range of tea and cocktails to choose from as well (I highly recommend the berry blend tea if you visit… so good).

Go to the Shisha Bar Speshial during the day for the best experience because that’s when it’s relaxed, quiet, and you can play games like chess or backgammon. At night the music starts blasting and it gets so crowded you won’t be able to get in without a reservation, so keep that in mind when making plans!


red neon sign reading 'hookah place'


More Shisha in Sofia

I tried a few places on Vitosha Street and unsurprisingly, they weren’t great,

The first was Sofia Bar & Dinner.

Here the shisha was pretty good and costs 19 lev, but the service was bad. They also only take cash AND multiple reviewers on Google mentioned being overcharged on their bill… something to keep an eye out for if you decide to check it out.

The second one we tried on Vitosha Street is called FREDDO Gelato e Ristoranti.

The price is only 12 lev which was quite enticing, but of course you get what you pay for. The plastic chairs, old hookah, and poor smoke made us leave after only 30 minutes. Unfortunately, this place isn’t worth your time as well.


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Now, I feel like I’ve done my civic duty and will stick to LARGO until I leave, but if I missed a place for shisha in Sofia that you love comment below and I’ll add it to the list!

I hope this guide to shisha in Sofia can help you have a great experience in the city. There are plenty of places to try it but in my humble opinion, these are definitely the best. Enjoy!


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