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I’ve been using the Vibrant All in One Travel Mug for almost a year now. If you’re thinking about buying one, I’m here to share my honest review of this thermos and what I love about it!

Let’s start with the stats…

Volume: 16.9 oz
Made from: Stainless Steel
Insulated: Yes
Leak Proof: Yes
Cost: $24.95
Customer Service: Helpful & responsive when I reached out.

Vibrant All in One Review: The Good

I travel full time and the Airbnb apartments and modes of transportation I find myself in vary wildly. I’m fairly serious about my hydration game so having the Vibrant bottle on hand is great. My favorite aspects are…

The tea/flavored water infuser is a game changer. I can buy looseleaf tea anywhere I go because I always have a portable infuser on hand. It’s large enough to make strong tea (which I like) or fit a couple berries or cucumber slices for flavored water. Still, the infuser is super easy to remove on days you don’t need it.

It’s versatile. It keeps cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot, makes flavored water and tea or just acts as a normal water bottle. Perfect for honestly any occasion.

It never leaks!

I love the sleek look of the Vibrant bottle. I chose the black one but you can get it in blue, green, and red as well. If you ave a super minimal style like me, the shape and style are perfect.

It’s super sturdy. This bottle has been through the ringer with me as I’ve traveled through eight countries with it already. I’ve taken it on 12+ mile hikes among active volcanos in Mexico and the Accursed Mountains in Albania just to name a few. I drop it often but it never dents or leaks.

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vibrant all in one review

Hiking in Mexico with my Vibrant bottle

Vibrant All in One Review: The Bad

Honestly, it’s tough to find some negatives to this thermos but any honest review has to list them. Some aspects that aren’t my fav are probably that…

If you leave water in the bottle for an extended amount of time with the strainer (like, 24 hours) it can start to get a metallic taste to it. Also, it’s good to be aware that flavors sometimes stick around in this bottle as well. If you put coffee in it, the scent may stick around for a few days. Tea and fruit infused water are fine, though.

Finally, I noticed that the black coating chipped on my bottle in some parts. So, I simply sent an email asking for a new lid because mine was losing some color all around the edges. They responded immediately and sent one for free which was awesome, and even offered to replace the whole thing. I’m a bit more careful with mine now but it still gets scratched from time to time.

vibrant all in one review

Volunteering in Bulgaria with my Vibrant bottle

Should you buy the Vibrant All in One Bottle?

I’m a huge advocate for it. I’ve used a wide variety of bottles in my time and never really cared about them one way or the other… until I got the Vibrant bottle, that is.

Now, I recommend it whenever I can.

If you’re a huge tea drinker and travel a lot, having a portable tea infuser is key. This infuser is even big enough that I can make a whole pitcher of iced tea with it! The bottle also keeps my drinks cold and refreshing on my many hiking and trekking trips around the world.

If you’re considering buying this bottle, I hope my honest Vibrant All in One review helped you make an informed decision. After over a year of use, I have to say that I truly recommend it!

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