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Are Panda Planners worth the price?

At $37 for the Panda Planner Pro, it’s understandable that you may be on the fence about buying – especially because it only covers six months!

Now, my Panda Planner Pro review is here to help you decide. I’m breaking down my personal experience with the planner, showing you exactly what you’ll find inside, and sharing my honest opinion on whether or not they’re really worth their steep price tag.





What comes with the Panda Planner Pro?

If you’re reading a Panda Planner Pro review, you probable have at least a vague idea of what’s inside. However, I want to give you a more detailed look. The planner measures in at 8.5 by 11 – so it’s pretty damn sturdy – and is divided into three sections, each of which has a ribbon bookmark to make it easy to flip between them.


The Monthly Section

The front pages are six calendar months with large squares to fill in dates and activities. It also has space to make notes, plan your goals, and review the month after it’s finished. This is useful not only for work but for making travel plans, scheduling appointments, and staying organized in all aspects of my life.


The Weekly Section

After the six calendar pages there are 26 weekly pages. These start with a review of last week, writing what went well and what I can improve. Then I fill out personal, work, family/friend, and relationship goals and list what I’m looking forward to, habits I’m focused on developing, something new I’d like to learn, and a passion project.

It’s only after all of this that I get to the meat of the planning and the weekly section finishes with four large boxes to plan four projects and a final prompt list of my top five goals for the week.

I like to refer to the weekly section every morning when I plan my daily tasks to ensure I’m still on the right track to meet my goals.


The Daily Section

Third, and most important, are the daily pages. These have space to write:

  • A daily habit
  • What I’m grateful for
  • What I’m excited about
  • An affirmation
  • My focus for the day
  • My exercise plan for the day
  • My priorities in five large boxes
  • My tasks in 10 checkboxes
  • My schedule with slots from 6 am to 9 pm
  • Notes
  • And an end of day review with my wins and what I can improve


What Else Is Included?

In the back of the Panda Planner Pro there are also five blank pages for notes and a folder pocket. I was surprised but super happy to see the pocket – it’s great for storing little papers that I often lose, like notes and travel documents.

If you enter your email address on the site after you buy the Panda Planner Pro you can also access a free video courses on and six free ebooks, but I haven’t taken the time to check those out yet. 

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Panda Planer Pro daily page


What I Like About the Panda Planner Pro

The aim of this Panda Planner Pro review is not only to tell you what you can expect, but also to share my personal experience with it.

Reviewing each day, week, and month

So far, I really like that the Panda Planner focuses on looking back as well as forward. By reviewing each day I’m learning to find patterns in my habits (both good and bad) and get a better sense of accomplishment for my work.


Keeping a gratitude journal

Did you know that practicing gratitude can increase happiness and reduce depression? Each day the Panda Planner Pro prompts me to write three things I’m grateful for. I’ve been meaning to keep a gratitude journal for years and this planner has finally helped me start.


Improving my work life balance

I was surprised that the Panda Planner includes family and relationship goals in the weekly section along with work ones. Now I see that brainstorming these really makes me think about the big picture instead of being so hyper-focused on building only my freelance career and my blog.  

For example, if I set goals to cook two new recipes this week or read a book, I can feel productive and happy when I stop work to do things like this that I enjoy. Essentially, the Panda Planner Pro is training me to remember that it’s good and healthy to have balance in my life.

Along with my many work tasks, I also get to cross off small things list like meditating or video calling with my nephew. This helps me manage anxious feelings and be present in the moment, instead of constantly thinking about my to-do list and what I “should” be doing.


Breaking projects down into reasonable tasks

Perhaps the biggest strength of the Panda Planner Pro is its ability to break projects down into bite-sized tasks.

Instead having “Write travel article for Cincinnati Refined” on my to-do list for four days, I can spread it across my planner and write the first draft on day one, edit it and source photos on day two, caption the photos and re-edit the article on day three, and submit it with an invoice on day four.

Each step gets its own checkbox and once I finish it for the day I’m free to focus on other things because I know the article will get finished on time.


two panda planner pros with a phone


Are Panda Planners Worth the Price?

I asked for and received the Panda Planner Pro for Christmas (thanks Mom!) but if I hadn’t discovered it over the holidays I definitely would have bought it myself. Once this six-month book is up, I’m certain Daniel and I will order new ones.

I work remote and move regularly, so staying organized is tough. Everything is online and it’s easy for messages, tasks, and especially goals to get lost in the shuffle or forgotten. The Panda Planner Pro helps so much with that.

Think about it like this – if you read this Panda Planner Pro review and decide to buy one, it’s a small investment. But if it helps you finally crack down on your job search and land your dream position, pitch a new project and get a raise, or do a million other things that seemed a bit too overwhelming to tackle before – it’ll pay for itself 100 times over.

The Panda Planner Pro helps me stay organized, reach my goals, create a better work-life balance, and achieve that elusive peace of mind that so many of us seek. If you’re thinking about buying one, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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