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What are the best cheap restaurants in Zadar?

Unfortunately, this city isn’t exactly a food lover’s paradise.

A beach town on the Croatian Coast, Zadarcaters more to high-end vacationers than those on a backpacker’s budget. However, during our three-day stay, Dan and I were able to find and try a few cheap Zadar restaurants that I can recommend.

If you want to save money and skip the $15+ seafood plates that most places serve then this list is for you.

These cheap restaurants in Zadar are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your next beach getaway to the city!


breakfast at Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga in Zadar, Croatia

Breakfast at Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga


What are the Best Cheap Zadar Restaurants?

Whether you want a hearty breakfast, Italian cuisine, or just some good ol’ fashioned fast food, these three cheap Zadar restaurants have you covered.


1. Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga – Best Breakfast in Zadar

Best for: Breakfast
We spent: 54 kuna / 8.50 usd for two

I’m always on the hunt for a good breakfast when I’m traveling and our weekend in Zadar was no different. I hate blowing my budget at the start of the day so we set out for something filling but affordable, and Bistro Gourmet fit the bill.

Even better?

They have filter coffee!

I ordered a filter coffee with milk, bacon and eggs, and a bread basket to share. Dan got the same and the food was delicious.

It was crispy bacon (none of that thick cut stuff) and the eggs had runny yolks but nothing clear on the tops (which is a particular pet peeve of mine). The bread was also fresh and flavorful and came free with our meal which is the quickest way to win me over.

Finally, friendly service and a location right in the center of the town seal the deal and cement Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga as one of the best cheap restaurants in Zadar for breakfast.

Bistro Gourmet has the best breakfast in Zadar (if you’re looking for a classic American sit-down meal) and I’d recommend it even if you’re not looking for only the cheap restaurants in Zadar (which I, unfortunately, can’t say about the next two on this list).


2. Surf n’ Fries – Best Quick Bite in Zadar

Best for: Lunch
We Spent: ~10 usd for two

Ok, Surf n’ Fries is a fast food place but the food was good and the price was right. Dan got the 10-piece wings and I had the corn dog with Texas sauce.

My inability to find the menu online is driving me crazy and I can’t give you exact prices but we spent around 10 usd between us. For a lightish lunch in the center, I thought it was a good find!


calzone at Cafe Snack Mario in Zadar, Croatia

Calzone at Snack Cafe Mario


3. Snack Cafe Mario – Best Cheap Dinner in Zadar

Best for: Dinner
We Spent: 93 kuna / 14.50 usd for two

We spent closer to 20 usd on this meal because we each got a pint of beer as well for 20 kuna / 3 usd per bottle but if you’re trying to cut costs this is easy to avoid.

Dan and I sat down here after a lengthy search for somewhere, anywhere, that we could spend less than 100 kuna per person. Finally, we stumbled across Snack Cafe Mario and it was a done deal.

The restaurant is located right in a nice square in the center of Zadar. The atmosphere was relaxed and while we ate, we watched a bride and groom take their wedding photos and kids run on the cobblestones.

We ordered the margarita pizza (45 kuna / 6.50 usd ) and the spicy sausage calzone (48 kuna / 7 usd) and split them both. We left full and still had half the calzone packed up in a box to go.

I know that good pizza in the Balkans is few and far between and you may be skeptical. However, this one had a crispy crust and didn’t come with too much cheese so it was better than most (but, yeah, it’s not the best pizza you’ll have in your life).

If you want to enjoy an affordable dinner in the center, Snack Cafe Mario is one of the best cheap Zadar restaurants to do so.


Use this map to find my top three cheap restaurants in Zadar


Map of the Best Cheap Eats in Zadar

Use this Zadar cheap eats list to find the restaurants that sound best to you (and your budget) and then use this map to easily find them in the city!

All three spots have fairly central locations in the Zadar Old Town so they’re great for popping into at breakfast, lunch, or dinner while exploring the city.


Save Money at These Cheap Restaurants in Zadar

This list of cheap Zadar restaurants is short but sweet.

I put it together after spending three frustrating days searching for budget-friendly options in the city during our stay.

Too often we opted for a quick pastry from a bakery or skipped a meal and grabbed snacks instead because we just couldn’t find anything affordable.

Luckily, there were a few gems in the rough and we ended up trying and enjoying our meals at these three cheap Zadar restaurants. Hopefully, this article helps you on your hunt and you enjoy your stay and your extra savings in the city!

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