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It’s kind of crazy how many photos of dogs I have on my camera roll.

Just putting together the album for this article yielded more than 40… and I don’t even have a dog of my own! I just can’t help myself from snapping shots of all the strays I find on my travels.

Now I’m here to share them with you. These 16 pictures of dogs around the world are guaranteed to make you smile!


dog sleeping on carpets in istanbul

Getting comfy outside a rug shop.

Istanbul, Turkey


dog on top of a mountain in Peru

This guy climbed all the way to Wilcacocha Lake to enjoy the view with us.

Huaraz, Peru


walking dogs at a shelter in Mexico

Walking dogs at the SOS el Arca Animal Shelter.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico


fat street dog in Skopje

The fattest dog in Skopje the world?

Skopje, Macedonia


dog on top of a mountain in Albania

The strenuous climb to Valbona Peak was just another day in the life for the local village dogs.

Theth, Albania


close up of a husky

Blue the Husky, waiting patiently for his forever home at Animal Life Sibiu.

Sibiu, Romania



Yes I filmed it vertically, but only a monster wouldn’t share a video this cute

Salkantay Trek, Peru


puppy in Mexico

When your hostel is affordable and the owners just got a new puppy… #BestWeekendEver

Tulum, Mexico 


dogs on the streets of guatape

After I snapped this pic, my whole fam watched this dog try to run down the street while pooping. It didn’t work.

Guatape, Colombia


puppy in a wheelchair

Just look at that tiny tail in that tiny wheelchair! We met this unforgettable little guy at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Budapest.

Budapest, Hungary



This video breaks my heart and makes me smile at the same time. The worst part about traveling is not being able to bring home every single dog we meet.

Sofia, Bulgaria 


dog sleeping in front of a mountain in peru

The Santa Cruz dogs have got it all figured out. They spend their lives trotting back and forth with hikers (and getting lots of treats) on the four day trek in Huascaran National Park, Peru.

Santa Cruz Trek, Northern Peru


dog in front of Chicago skyline

Good boy, great city.

Chicago, USA


dog sleeping in front of colorful doors in Colombia

Morning siesta on the colorful streets of Colombia.

Jardin, Colombia

 blind dog at a dog shelter in Bulgaria

Dadi may be blind, but he’s also the cutest dog at Animal Rescue Sofia.

Sofia, Bulgaria


dog on a couch

Last but not least, my pup Chester.

Ohio, USA


It’s Tuesday, it’s raining, and I just want to look at pictures of some pups.

If you feel the same way, these 16 pictures of dogs around the world will definitely bring a smile to your face!


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