To be honest, I actually didn’t get into music until recently. When I was in college I mostly just listened to the same artists and didn’t venture out into anything new.

However, Daniel is listening to music constantly. It’s something that’s definitely rubbed off on me as well and now I almost always have something on in the background. I’ve even trained my brain to be able to listen to music while I write which was a major win and has made work much more enjoyable.


Check Out my Travel Playlists on Spotify

When it comes to travel playlists, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. Daniel and I share a premium account which means we can download music to our phones for those super long travel days. It also makes it so easy to find new music and explore a variety of artists without any effort at all.

In the past two years, I’ve made plenty of travel playlists on Spotify. Now, I want to share my favorite travel music with you! Even if you don’t pay for a premium account you can still listen to my travel playlists on Spotify for free.

These two handpicked travel playlists on Spotify cover my two main moods when traveling: upbeat and happy or chill and relaxed (I don’t have one for my third mood, which is stressed out ’cause everything is going totally wrong, but maybe that’ll be next).

If you’re looking for some new travel music for your next trip, look no further because these two handpicked travel playlists on Spotify have everything you need!


Listen for: Upbeat Travel Songs

This first is called Upbeat Travel and is probably my favorite of the two. It has over two hours of music that’ll definitely put you in a good mood while you travel.



Listen for: Chill Travel Songs

My second travel playlist on Spotify is called Travel and Chill. It’s full of relaxed travel music to fall asleep to or just zone out. Honestly I do my best thinking when I actually let my brain exist without reading or watching something and this playlist helps.

Travel and Chill has more than three hours of good vibes for your next plane, train or bus ride.



These two travel playlists on Spotify are my go-to music for traveling, work outs, relaxing and everything in between. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and if you have any suggestions for more artists you think I’d like, let me know below!

Happy travels 🙂


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