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To be honest, I actually didn’t get really into music until recently. When I was in college I mostly just listened to the same artists and didn’t venture out into anything new.

However, Dan is listening to it constantly. It’s something that’s definitely rubbed off on me as well and now I almost always have something on in the background – especially when I’m traveling

When it comes to discovering new music, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. Dan and I have a premium account which makes it super easy to download music to our phones for those long travel days. It also makes it easy to find new music and explore a variety of artists without any effort at all.

In the past two years, I’ve made plenty of playlists on Spotify and now I’m ready to share my favorite travel music with you! Even if you don’t have a premium account on Spotify you can still listen to these playlists completely free.


The Best Upbeat Travel Music

This first playlist is called ‘Upbeat Travel’ and is probably my favorite of the two. It has over two hours of music and more than 50 songs that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood while you travel.





The Best Relaxed Travel Music

My second playlist is called ‘Travel and Chill.’ It’s full of relaxing music to fall asleep to or just zone out.

I’ve done some of my best thinking to this playlist and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Travel and Chill has more than three hours of good vibes for your next plane, train, or bus ride.





These two Spotify playlists are definitely my go-to for travel music on long trips.

I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do – and if you have any suggestions for songs or artists to add, let me know below!

Stick around for more of the Interesting Reads series to discover 10 unique travel quotes I absolutely love, my curated list of 20 perfect gifts for travelers, and so much more!


I’ve been traveling full-time for three years, these are the resources that make it happen:

➤ I exclusively use Airbnb for savings and security on long-term stays in furnished apartments.

➤ I use for short-term stays in hostels and hotels on weekend trips.

Skyscanner and the Scott's Cheap Flights newsletter help me find and book cheap flights and mistake fares.

Upwork allowed me to take the leap to travel full-time because they make it so easy to find freelance clients in any field. 

➤ The Superstar Blogging Travel Writing Course launched my travel writing career and helped me become a contributor at sites like Cincinnati Refined and International Living, and even get published in the Boston Globe.

➤ Finally, I love hosting my travel blog on SiteGround because they have helpful and responsive customer service and I love MediaVine and CJ for helping me make a living doing what I love!


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