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If you’re looking to volunteer in Sofia, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether travelers or locals in the city, we should all spend a little time giving back. I’m a total dog lover, so when I found out how easy it is to volunteer in Sofia at the Animal Rescue Sofia, I knew I had to share.

Next time you have some spare time on your hands, consider spending a few hours helping dogs in need. If you can, here’s everything you need to know to meet adorable dogs, do good, and spend a day volunteering in the city!


Where to Volunteer in Sofia

The Animal Rescue Sofia is a great place to start.

The dog shelter is on the outskirts of the city and so far they’ve re-homed over 5,000 dogs. Seriously awesome. Partnerships with other EU countries mean they find homes for the dogs in Germany, Holland, and the Netherlands along with the families here in Bulgaria.

The main mission at Animal Rescue Sofia, beyond adoption, is to rescue the sick and hurt dogs in Sofia. They are one of the only shelters who take in pregnant dogs and puppies, and they work hard to help the animals that are the most in need.

Animal Rescue Sofia is made up of a clinic, a ranch, and a farm sanctuary (where we volunteered). The Farm Shelter is located here and it’s about a 30 minute drive from Sofia city center.

If you don’t have a car (like us) you can take a bus or taxi, but the easiest option is to post in the Animal Rescue Facebook Page where you can connect with other volunteers and get a ride out with them.



When to Volunteer in Sofia

Animal Rescue Sofia makes it really easy to give back. They have “Volunteer Walks” every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm, and you can join for some or all of the time.

Simply show up, read the rules, and then it’s time to meet the dogs! Each one needs a 30-minute walk and lots of love and attention, because this is all the time they get out of their cages every week.

I stayed from 11 to 2:30 and met quite a few dogs, but my favorite was Dadi. He was blind, derpy, and beyond adorable, and it seriously broke my heart to put him back in his cage and leave him behind.

By the way – if you’re a large group you can also arrange to come walk the dogs during the week. Just contact the Animal Rescue ahead of time to set up an appointment.


volunteering in Sofia at Animal Rescue Sofia


What Else Can You Do To Show Support?

As with any animal shelter, donations can go a long way to help the rescue pay for food, medicine, vaccines, vet bills, upkeep, and more.

Click here to make a donation or you can explore the website to purchase things off their shelter wishlist, foster pups, or find other volunteer opportunities.

Of course, they are also always looking for forever homes for the dogs as well, so if you’ve been considering adding a new member to your family visit Animal Rescue Sofia to find the perfect match!


puppy at Animal Rescue Sofia


Volunteering in Sofia at Animal Rescue Sofia was one of the highlights on my two-month stay in the city.

The animals will break your heart and then mend it again in 100 different ways. It’s tough to see them without the love they deserve, but at least we can go for a day and make a small difference in their lives.

Join their Volunteer Walks every weekend and meet some of the most adorable dogs in the city at Animal Rescue Sofia!


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