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The rise of remote working has also lead to a massive rise in coworking spaces in the past few years as well.

I’ve worked from home for the past year and a half, so I know sometimes you can go crazy sitting in your house all day. Daniel and I are living in Playa del Carmen for one month, so we decided to try out the four Playa del Carmen coworking spaces in the area.

Here’s my review of each and how you can get a free day pass to them.


1. Nest Coworking

Location: Avenida 10 Mza 31 Lote 6, Col. Centro Between 12th and 14th streets
Cost: $15 per day, $75 week, or $250 per month. You can also buy a 4 hour pass for $7
Free 1 Day Pass: Click Here!

Wifi:Fast and no problems. They have a bit of a complicated set up that requires getting a personal login and code to access it, but it only took a couple minutes.

Vibe: I really liked the vibe here. It is open with high ceilings and large spaces. There were about 10 people there when we arrived in the morning, and it felt lively without being too crowded.

If you book one day here you receive free coffee and tea as well as some small snacks like cereal and milk. You also get 10 copies from their printer and use of lockers.

If you book one week, you get 50 copies as well as 1 hour of use in the boardroom and 20% off classes they offer.

Finally, if you book one month you receive discounts to local events and tours, a local mailing address to receive packages, 100 copies, 5 hours of boardroom use and 20% off conference room costs. The weekly and monthly plans come with 24/7 access to the space.


The Most Comfortable of the Playa del Carmen Coworking Spaces

This space was cool because it had multiple different areas. The downstairs was the common area that is more relaxed with tables, couches, and even a counter to use as a standing desk as well as plenty of outlets.

Second was the outdoor courtyard. It had a table, comfortable chairs, and even a hammock to chill in. It was quiet and nice to be able to write while also enjoying the fresh air.

Finally there was the upstairs area.

It was for focused work and it’s a quiet space without talking or phone calls. There were even private cubicles for serious seclusion as well as private large offices with monitors that you can rent out for $25/hour. For large meetings they also have conference rooms you can rent for the same price.

I give this place 5 stars!

We used it for a day and loved it. This coworking space in Playa del Carmen in in the heart of the downtown area and it’s easy to walk from here to the beach or restaurants after work. Definitely check it out if you’re in the area.


2. Cowork-In

Location: Avenida Aviación, between av 50 and av 10, Calle 7 south, Mza 29, lot
4, Fracc 26, local 1., Playacar phase II
Cost: $13 for a day, $67 for a week, and $241 per month. You can also pay hourly for $2.50/hr.
Free One Day Pass: Click here!

Wifi: Fast, we had zero problems with it.

Vibe: Definitely more serious than Nest. It was quiet and felt like an office more than a community space.

The Cowork-In space was small but had everything we needed. There are two large tables and counters to work at in the main room, couches, a small patio out front, standing desks and private offices and a conference room.

As long as the offices or conference room aren’t scheduled and taken you can use them for calls without paying extra. With the daily rates listed above though, free/guaranteed use of the offices isn’t included.

The weekly rate includes an hour use of the conference room, and the monthly rate includes five hours of scheduled use. All of them include copies as well.

We also liked the kitchen and free coffee and cookies here. It felt very focused and is definitely designed to bring out the productive part of you (no matter how small that may be).


Perfect for Workers Staying in Playacar

Some benefits of the Cowork-In space in Playa del Carmen is that it is close to the popular Playacar Community and the monthly plan comes with 24/7 access to the space.

Some things I didn’t like were that it is small, so there’s less of a variety of spaces to choose from like we had at Nest, and is also farther away from the downtown area.

To get to the shops, restaurants, and beaches of Playa del Carmen you’ll need to take a taxi. There were also some loud planes overhead at times because it’s near the airport.

The Cowork-in space was good.

Of the four Playa del Carmen coworking spaces, this one is ideal for people staying Playacar or for those who want a quiet, serious, and focused workplace away from the distractions of downtown Playa del Carmen.


3. Work Zone

Location: Av. Colosio # 459, Mz 1 Lte 46, Santa Fe, Playa del Carmen
Cost: $11/day, $54/week, and $135/month. You can also get a 3 days/week plan for $81/month. This is the most budget friendly option by far.
Free Day Pass: Click here!

Wifi: The wifi went out a few times in the morning, but then we had no issues for the rest of the day. I’m not sure if it was a one time thing or not.

Vibe: My favorite so far! The owner was extremely welcoming and I could tell that a lot of the people working there got to know each other and became friends. It was really relaxed.

Work Zone is built into a house.

So, it has a back yard with hammocks and tables, a private office and conference room, a big kitchen, some shared spaces, and even a chill room upstairs with a TV and Wii.

They also have a closet full of games and a ping pong table to take a break with. The location is outside of the main downtown area but easy to take a taxi to.

Here I liked how flexible and friendly the owner was. You can get a 3/day per week pass, you can come in late at night, basically, I get the feeling that whatever kind of schedule you’re looking for, he would be happy to help you make it happen.


The Most Social of the Playa del Carmen Coworking Spaces

My favorite part of Work Zone is the relaxed vibe.

If you want to use a coworking space for business, but also to make connections and friends in the area, this is the one for you. There was also a cute little coffee truck just a few steps away from the space.

My least favorite part of Work Zone was the wifi issues we had in the morning. However, the place was packed and everyone seemed to be regulars so I’m inclined to believe thats not a normal occurrence.

All in all, I really liked Work Zone and out of the four Playa del Carmen coworking spaces it’s one of my favorites because of the social aspect.

The price is good and the community vibe was nice. Recommended!


4. Altus Business and Coworking

Location: Av. C.T.M 20, Luis Donaldo Colosio, 77728 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.
Cost: $15/day, $150 for two weeks, and $235 per month.
Free Tour (no day passes here): Click here!

Wifi: I didn’t use it, but based on the quality of the space my guess is that the wifi is great too.

Vibe: Without a doubt the nicest and most professional of the four spaces. This one looks like a high end office in the US.

Altus is pretty cool and is definitely the nicest of the four Playa del Carmen coworking spaces. This one is good for people who seriously need to get work DONE and who want a nice office space to meet clients in.

I only took the tour and didn’t work here, but when I was there it was very quiet. Some people were working in the private offices but no one was in the shared work space.

I talked to one man who has been renting an office here for nine months and he said he loves it because the location is great (right in downtown Playa del Carmen) but he can also always find a parking spots.

That’s something I hadn’t even considered for the others. Another plus is that this space is next door to a super hip vegan restaurant that looks delicious based on the crowd inside.

The cost for Altus Business and Coworking is $15/day, $150 for two weeks and $235 per month. These prices are for the shared space and come with various amounts of copies, the weekly and monthly come with a few hours in the conference room as well.

For a private office the cost is $600/month and comes with seven hours in the conference room.

This seems to be the most popular choice here at Altus. There are two sizes of offices, with the larger one going for $800/month. Both offices come with a key and 24/7 access to the space.


The Most Professional of the Playa del Carmen Coworking Spaces

I only toured Altus and didn’t spend a day working here, but my impression is that Altus is for the most serious coworker. There’s no camaraderie or community here, it’s for quiet, focused work in private offices.

If I was just getting a day or week pass, I would probably choose a different space with a more relaxed vibe and more people around, but if you’re looking for something long term and have the finances to splurge on a private office, this is definitely the best choice.


5. BUNKER Coworking

Location: Avenida 10 with Calle 38, Plaza San Carlos Zazil Ha, Playa del Carmen, 77720
Cost: $12/day, $53 for a week, and $140 per month.
Free Day Pass: Click here!

I didn’t get the chance to visit Bunker Coworking because it opened after I left the city. However, I’m updating this post to include it to make sure you guys know every option before you make your choice! 


Use This Guide to Discover the Best Coworking in Playa del Carmen

Are you thinking about coworking on Mexico’s beautiful beaches?

If so, these four Playa del Carmen coworking spaces are all great options and the one you choose just really depends on your budget, work style and personality.

I hope my reviews help make your decision a little easier! If you’ve worked at and love one of the four, please comment below cause I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂

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