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There are plenty of cheap restaurants in Puebla, Mexico, but which ones are the best?!

I ate and drank my way across the city for a month and you can rest assured that only the tastiest spots made my list of recommendations.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Poblano food, international eats, or something sweet to chase it all down with, this list of the five best cheap restaurants in Puebla has everything you need for a budget-friendly night out in the city!


bowl of ramen and apple drink at Stop By Ramen in Puebla


1. Stop By Ramen

Best for: ramen and dumplings
Expect to spend: ~150 mxn / 8 usd person

This is the most expensive spot on my list of cheap eats in Puebla, but it was too good not to share. Yes, you really can find good Japanese food in Mexico!

Stop By Ramen is a cozy spot with an extensive menu featuring the classics like miso ramen and gyoza dumplings, but also unique options like the adorable taiyaki – a cute fish-shaped pancake dessert.

An order of gyoza dumplings will run you  65 mxn / 3.50 usd, while the tonkatsu ramen with pork (my fav) is 120 mxn / 6.50 usd for a large bowl. Dan and I split the gyoza and ordered a bowl of ramen each and we were so stuffed and happy when we left.

If you’re looking for something cheap but need a break from the tacos (hey, it happens to the best of us), Stop By Ramen is a tasty and affordable alternative.

Read reviews and find Stop By Ramen on Google Maps.


plate of chalupas and orange naranjada drink at La Abuelita restaurant


2. La Abuelita 

Best for: chalupas and traditional Poblano food
Expect to spend: ~100 mxn / 5.50 usd per person

Puebla is low-key one of the best foodie destinations in Mexico. Oaxaca gets all the praise as the center of traditional culture and food, but Puebla also played a part in shaping Mexican food into what it is today.

The Santa Clara convent of Spanish nuns in Puebla was a meeting place of two cultures and tons of Spanish-Mexican fusion foods, especially desserts, were the result. All this is to say that food is an important part of Poblano culture, and popular local dishes from the region include chalupas, cemitas (sandwiches), and mole poblano.

Luckily, you can sample all of them at La Abuelita. A plate of six chalupas (66 mxn / 3.50 usd) is a must, but you should also order anything else that catches your eye – I recommend the creamy tortilla soup for only 65 mxn more!

Read reviews and find La Abuelita on Google Maps.


two al pastor tacos and two arabe tacos at Las Ranas Taqueria


3. Las Ranas Taqueria

Best for: al pastor tacos
Expect to spend: ~50 mxn / 2.75 usd per person

If there’s one single dish that best represents the food in Mexico, al pastor tacos is it. If you leave the country without trying them, you’re a fool and that’s all there is to it.

This simple dish – a mix between donor kebab and traditional tacos – is Mexico personified, even though it comes from Lebanese immigrants! Made with pork cut off a spit stacked high with meat, you can find al pastor tacos at many different restaurants in Puebla, but these ones are the best.

Las Ranas is one of the best cheap restaurants in Puebla because the signature al pastor tacos only cost 12 mxn / .65 usd each. If you’re super gringa like me and prefer them on flour tortillas instead of corn, the price goes up to a still-pretty-damn-affordable 21 mxn each.

The tacos are topped with cilantro and pineapple and two will be enough to fill you up. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the arabe al pastor wrapped in pita bread or an al pastor torta sandwich, which cost 25 and 28 mxn respectively. 

Read reviews and find Las Ranas on Google Maps.


bowl of white pozole soup at Pozolería Matamoros


4. Pozolería Matamoros

Best for: pozole
Expect to spend: ~50 mxn / 2.75 usd per person

Pozole is a popular dish in Mexico.

It’s a hominy (corn) soup with chicken and other veggies and is usually served as blanco (white) or rojo (red) but both flavors are pretty similar.

One of my friends who’s lived in Mexico for five years says this is the best pozole in the country and since it’s the only place Ive ever tried it, I’ll have to take his word for it!

You can order a small, medium, or large bowl (honestly, the medium was a bit much for me and I’d get the small if I went again) and the soup is thick and filling. It comes with tostadas, hot sauce, chopped onions, lime, and cilantro to mix in as well, and I recommend adding all of it.

Puebla is a chilly, high-altitude city, but this cheap dish will warm you right up!

Read reviews and find Pozoleria Matamoros on Google Maps


s'mores milkshake at Yelao restaurant in Puebla


5. Yelao

Best for: milkshakes
Expect to spend: ~50 mxn / 2.75 usd per person

I was in the midst of ‘dry January’ during my stay in Puebla (which means not drinking for a month), so I consumed even more desserts than usual.

This heavenly s’mores milkshake from Yelao cafe was a stand out. I ate it on one of my last days in the city, otherwise I would have definitely gone back for seconds (the Ferrero Rocher shake was next on my list).

Milkshakes are 40 to 50 mxn each and you can also get cones, coffee, and other cafe staples for even less. If you’re looking for something sweet to follow the rest of these cheap eats in Puebla, I promise the Yelao won’t let you down.

Read reviews and find it on Google Maps.


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