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This Puebla travel guide covers everything you need to know to plan a trip to the fourth-largest city in Mexico.

After spending more than a month in Puebla and exploring both the most popular spots and off-the-beaten-path destinations, I have a tons of recommendations to share on where to stay and what to do in the city.

This Puebla travel guide is the A to Z trip planning resource you need, covering:

  • Why Puebla is worth visiting
  • How to get to Puebla from Mexico City
  • Where to stay in Puebla
  • What to do in Puebla
  • What to eat and drink in Puebla
  • The best time to visit Puebla

And a lot more. I spent a month eating, drinking, photographing, and hiking my way through the fourth-largest city in Mexico, and this Puebla travel guide has everything you need to know to follow in my footsteps!


Aerial view of Puebla, Mexico with morning mist and a mountain in the background

View of the Puebla sprawl from the top of the Cholula pyramid 


Is Puebla worth visiting?

This is something Dan and I asked ourselves a lot before we booked a month-long stay in the city.

After a year in Mexico, we’ve visited the most popular places like CDMX, Oaxaca, and Puerto Vallarta and were ready to get off the beaten path. We chose Puebla because it’s cheaper than Mexico City and I had heard some good things from other digital nomad friends who enjoyed their visit.

Puebla definitely has some pros (cool weather, great hiking, and cheap cost of living) and some cons (lots of empty buildings, not a ton going on).

After our stay, I have mixed feelings. I wouldn’t recommend spending a whole month in Puebla like we did unless you’ve already seen a lot of Mexico, but it is worth visiting for a short stay to see the Cholula pyramid (the largest pyramid in the world), walk through the pretty Centro, and climb Malinche Volcano.


Red building in the Puebla central square lit up at dusk

Puebla Palacio Municipal


How to get to Puebla

Puebla is located in central Mexico just a stone’s throw from Mexico City, so adding a side-visit to Puebla from the capital is super easy.

Visit Puebla from Mexico City by taking a bus from the TAPO bus station. Buses run multiple times an hour (check the exact schedule here) and tickets cost around 200 to 300 mxn / 11 to 15 usd per person.

The trip takes around 1.5 to 2.5 hours each way (depending on the traffic) so Puebla is doable on a day trip from Mexico City. But, I recommend spending at least one or two nights in Puebla because there’s so much to see.

If you don’t want to deal with buses or go on your own, there are also a couple of guided tours to Puebla on Airbnb, like this one-day Puebla and Cholula tour from Mexico City and this two-day coffee tour through the mountains in the state. 


street with orange, red, and light green colonial buildings

Calle 6 Sur, my favorite colorful street in the Centro Historico


Where to stay in Puebla

Dan and I spent a month in an Airbnb in the Centro Historico neighborhood and I ultimately recommend booking your stay here for easy access to the top tourist attractions.

But, you can also stay in the artsy college town of Cholula (about 20 minutes by Uber from the center of Puebla), in the quiet residential neighborhood of La Paz, or in the modern high rises of Angelopolis. Compare the pros and cons of each in this Puebla neighborhood guide.


market stall stacked with colorful traditional pottery

Traditional Poblano pottery at a market in Puebla


What to do in Puebla

The three most popular things to do in Puebla are:

1. Spend a half day exploring the Cholula pyramid, ruins, and ancient tunnels that run underneath it.

2. Walk through the historical center, where a whole swath of buildings and landmarks have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visit Biblioteca Palafoxiana (the oldest public library in the world), the Santo Domingo church (with a chapel covered in gold) and the lively Zocalo square.

3. Climb Malinche Volcano in Malinche National Park. At more than 14,500 feet, Malinche volcano is the 6th tallest mountain in Mexico and offers sweeping views to those brave enough to take on the challenge and make it to the top.

If you have more time, this Puebla Instagram guide will take you to more beautiful, hidden, and interesting places in the city. Or, plan another hike after Malinche with this Puebla hiking guide covering four completely different but always fun hikes around the city.


bowl of white pozole soup at Pozolería Matamoros

White pozole at one of the most popular cheap restaurants in Puebla


What to eat and drink in Puebla

Puebla is an underrated food destination in Mexico.

The fusion of Spanish and Mexican cultures in the city led to the creation of delicious desserts at the Santa Clara convent and a whole street dedicated to selling regional sweets.

Puebla is also the birthplace of chalupas (which couldn’t be more different than the ones you’re used to eating at Taco Bell) and is home to plenty of local restaurants serving up home cooked food like pozole, mole poblano, and chile en nogada. This guide to the best cheap restaurants in Puebla will keep you eating well and under budget during your stay!


View of Malinche National Park from halfway up Malinche volcano

Climbing Malinche volcano isn’t easy, but the views are worth the effort


When is the best time to visit Puebla?

Puebla is more than 7,000 feet above sea level. Because of the high altitude, the temperature doesn’t fluctuate that much and the average high is in the 70s (F) all year round. The average low hovers in the 30s and 40s.

No matter what time of year you visit, the weather and temperatures will be similar, so it’s better to plan your trip around festivals and special events like the Cinco de Mayo celebration in May and the multi-day Chile en Nogada festival in August.


purple storefront with art and yellow wall accents


Plan your trip with this Puebla travel guide!

Puebla is definitely off the beaten path when it comes to tourism in Mexico. But the city is still worth visiting and this Puebla travel guide has everything you need to know to plan the perfect trip! Enjoy!


Ready to go? 

Explore unique accommodation on Airbnb – like this rooftop glamping spot or this sustainable home with an indoor pool – and the top-rated hotels on to plan your trip to Puebla.

Then, check out more food, nature, and cultural experiences on Airbnb to round out your Puebla itinerary! (Or, book a multi-day Mexico tour to finish your travel planning in once click.)


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