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This list of the 17 best Instagram spots in Puebla will take you to all of my favorite photography spots in the city.

After one month of hiking, eating, drinking, and exploring the cobblestone streets of Puebla, I scoured through hundreds of photos to collect only the most photogenic places. This round up of the 17 best Instagram spots in Puebla includes:

  • Historic streets
  • National parks
  • Food and drinks
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • And lots more!

So, bookmark this page, grab your camera, and let’s go photograph Puebla!


Red Palacio Municipal building in the Puebla Zocalo lit up at night


1. Palacio Municipal

The Palacio Municipal in the Zocalo (central square) is one of the moodiest Instagram spots in Puebla, especially at dusk. I know you won’t believe me, but this photo is completely unedited – the building is just that beautiful!


shelves stacked with traditional pottery at a stall in the Parian Market


2. Parian Market

Puebla is famous for the traditional pottery and handicrafts produced in the state. Head to the Parian Market in the Centro Historico neighborhood to pick up some souvenirs and snap some photos of the shelves stacked high with the colorful dishes as well.


arched roof and wooden shelves lined with books in Biblioteca Palafoxiana


3. Biblioteca Palafoxiana

This UNESCO site is the oldest library in the Americas. Biblioteca Palafoxiana has a 20 mxn / 1 usd entrance free (cash only) and is one of the most beautiful and important tourist sites in the entire city.


colorful buildings and sunset on Calle 6 Sur in Puebla


4. Calle 6 Sur

Though not quite as impressive as the library, this colorful street is atmospheric af. Walk down it at sunset to take photos of the colorful buildings and cozy shops that line it, or visit at sunrise to get a shot without the crowds!


ornate gold altar in Templo de Santo Domingo


5. Templo de Santo Domingo

All gold everything, please. This side chapel in the Templo de Santo Domingo is one of the most ornate churches I’ve ever been in. It’s always crowded, but if you have better editing skills than me it’s definitely one of the most ostentatious unique Instagram spots in Puebla.


orange church in Puebla, Mexico


6. Templo de San Francisco

Although the Templo de Santo Domingo is covered in gold, I still like the Templo de San Francisco better. You’ll probably be the only one there if you visit on a weekday and these cheerful oranges and yellows are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


Cholula ruins with Popo Volcano in the background


7. Zona Archeologico de Cholula – Ruins

Did you know the Cholula Pyramid is the largest pyramid in the world? It’s just not as famous as those in Egypt or Chichen Itza because most of it is underground and, to be honest, it kind of just looks like an unassuming hill instead. But, the 2,000+ year old ruins at the base are still a dope Instagram spot, especially with the towering Popo volcano in the background.


small lit tunnel under the Cholula Pyramid


8. Zona Archeologico de Cholula – Tunnels

After visiting the ruins, make sure you don’t miss the Cholula tunnels that are carved through the pyramid. You may not be able to see much of the pyramid from the outside, but walking through it will help you get to know it a little better. (The ancient tunnels are small, damp, and dark, though, so you may want to give this a miss if you’re claustrophobic.)


statue and green gardens in the Cholula botanical garden


9. Francisco Peláez Roldan Ethnobotanical Garden

This botanical garden is small but serene. Also located in the small town of Cholula, it’s a great place to finish your day trip after visiting the Cholula pyramid, tunnels, and ruins. Entrane is free and there are lots of beautiful hidden corners to take photos in (like with this moody stick statue)!


Catedral de Puebla lit up at dusk


10. Catedral de Puebla

Back in Puebla after a day trip to Cholula, I strongly recommend walking around the city at night at least once. As the sun goes down and the lights come on, the atmosphere completely changes. The Catedral de Puebla (in the Zocalo along with the Palacio Municipal) is always beautiful, but it seems to tell a different and more mysterious story at dusk.


stone entryway and ornate lamp post lit up in front of a building at night


11. This Pretty Building

After you take pictures on the Zocalo, keep exploring Puebla on your evening photo walk. I can’t find the name of this particular building on the map but it stopped me in its tracks because it’s just SO COZY. (And don’t worry, the GPS points are marked on the map below so you can find it too.)


s'mores shake with chocolate sauce and roasted marshmallows


12. The tastiest food + drinks in Puebla

Did you know Puebla is the birthplace of the chalupa? It’s also home to this even-tastier-than-it-is-photogenic s’mores milkshake and lots of other delicious eats. Use this Puebla cheap eats guide to chow down on tacos, pozole, chalupas, and more and get some great snaps while you do!


girl on a path in the forest with towering pine trees


13. Hiking in Izta-Popo National Park

While I enjoyed my stay in Puebla, I found the surrounding nature and hiking trails were the city’s true highlight. If you haven’t been to Izta Popo National Park yet, it should be on the top of your bucket list when you visit. I hiked around the active volcanos on a trip from Mexico City, and then visited again to climb Mount Tlalac (pictured above) from Puebla. Both routes are crazy beautiful!


man hiking between a lake and brown canyon wall


14. Tlaxco Slot Canyons

The Tlaxco slot canyons are another great hike and Instagram spot in Puebla. The hike is muddy and fun, and easy to reach by bus from Puebla. The barren landscape of the slot canyons makes for some super unique photos, so hop on a bus from the CAPU station direct to Tlaxco where you can start your hike from the city center!


Orizaba river running through the colorful town center with mountains in the background


15. Orizaba, a Pueblo Magico in the Mountains

Mexico has over 100 Pueblo Magicos, small towns that have ramped up their tourism to attract visitors, and Orizaba is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever been too! It’s nestled snug in the mountains outside and has colorful streets, hiking trails, a cable car, river walk, and more. Use this Orizaba guide to add it to your Puebla to-do list 🙂


Los Sifones lake with a bridge and green trees covered in Spanish moss


16. Los Sifones Lake in Orizaba

If you’re into hiking and nature, Orizaba is a great place for photography. One of the town’s highlights (and best Instagram pics I took) was at Los Sifones lake, a short but unique hike along a dam to a super serene swimming hole. Are you brave enough to take a dip in the chilly water?



17. Malinche Volcano

Last up is my favorite day trip from Puebla. Climbing Malinche Volcano is tough but choc-full of insanely beautiful photography opportunities. The hike will take you up more than 14,500 ft. and reward you with panoramic views of Puebla and Tlaxcala states. It’s an all-day affair, and this Malinche hiking guide will get you there!



Discover the 17 Best Instagram Spots in Puebla

Ready to photograph Puebla like a pro?

This roundup will take you to the best Instagram spots around the city and help you capture the prettiest and most interesting places. Bookmark this list and use the map to easily find and photograph your favorites!


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