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There is some great hiking in Puebla if you know where to look. Central Mexico is full of towering volcanoes and sprawling national parks, and many of them are easily accessible on day trips from Puebla, even if you don’t have a car (like us)!

Dan and I stayed in Puebla for a month and went hiking every weekend. Then, I wrote these step-by-step guides to every destination so you can do them too.

From a twisting slot canyon to a high-altitude volcano, a picturesque lake to a mountain climb and everything in between, this guide to my four favorite trails around the city has everything you need to know to go hiking in Puebla!

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Malinche volcano from a distance with clouds and forest in the foreground

Malinche volcano shrouded in clouds


1. Malinche Volcano

Where: Malinche National Park, about three hours from Puebla by bus and colectivo
Difficulty: Hard
Malinche volcano hiking guide

Malinche volcano is my favorite hike in Puebla. The dormant volcano rises to a staggering 14,566 feet and is the 6th tallest mountain in Mexico.


Di smiling at the peak of Malinche Volcano

View from the top of Malinche volcano


We went on a (super long) day trip from Puebla and basically put in a 9-to-5 on the mountain to hike the nine mile round trip to the top.

The altitude makes it difficult but the views make it worth the work, so if you only have time for one hike in Puebla I strongly recommend that you go to Malinche! This step-by-step Malinche hiking guide has everything you need to know to add it to your Puebla itinerary.


Izta volcano in the distance with dry grass and forest in the foreground

View of Izta Volcano from our hike on Mount Tlaloc


2. Mount Tlaloc 

Where: Rio Frio de Juarez, one hour from Puebla by bus
Difficulty: Moderate
Mount Tlaloc hiking guide

Mount Tlaloc is the 9th tallest mountain in Mexico.

Located in Izta-Popo National Park, Tlaloc may be dwarfed by the two taller and more famous volcanoes next to it, but it’s still a fun and challenging hike near Puebla.


woman hiking in distance on brown trail with tall pine trees

Climbing Mount Tlaloc in the leser-visited northern half of Izta-Popo National Park


Mount Tlaloc peaks at 13,619 feet and multiple trails run up into the forest around it from the small town of Rio Frio de Juarez. We didn’t make it to the top, but we still enjoyed the winding trails, tall pines, and sweeping views of Izta Volcano from above.

If you’ve already hiked around Izta and Popo from Paso de Cortez, explore this lesser visited side of the national park with this Mount Tlaloc hiking guide.

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Dan hiking into the Tlaxco slot canyon with lake on one side and canyon walls on the other

Hiking in the Tlaxco slot canyon


3. Tlaxco Slot Canyon (Laberintos de Tlaxco)

Where: The small town of Tlaxco, about two hours from Puebla by bus
Difficulty: Easy
Tlaxco Slot Canyon hiking guide

The Tlaxco slot canyon, locally called the Laberintos de Tlaxco, is a fun and easy hike fit for pretty much any skill level.


dirt road leading to the town of Tlaxco in the distance

The dirt road leading from the small town of Tlaxco to the slot canyons outside it


These flat and twisting dry canyons were a welcome respite from the high-altitude climbs up Malinche Volcano and Mount Tlaloc and boasted lots of pretty views and unique photo opportunities. Plus, they’re located just outside of the town of Tlaxco, a Pueblo Magico that’s worth exploring in its own right.

If you just want to stretch your legs and go for a quiet walk, the Tlaxco slot canyons are a great place to do it and this step-by-step guide will get you there!


trees with spanish moss at Los Sifones lake with a bridge over it

Los Sifones Lake


4. Los Sifones Lake

Where: The mountain town of Orizaba, about two hours from Puebla by bus
Difficulty: Easy
Orizaba travel guide

Orizaba is another Pueblo Magico near Puebla. This one is nestled in the mountains and offers tons of hikes and natural scenery for those brave enough to venture off the beaten path to get there.


lush green forest and mountain in Orizaba from a distance

Start of the Los Sifones trail at the 500 Escalones


In Orizaba we took a cable car up to the Cerro del Borrego eco park for aerial views of the city, then hiked down 500 stairs and along a dam to reach the peaceful Los Sifones lake.

Like the Tlaxco slot canyon, this is a short and easy hike where the towns it’s in is just as much a part of the experience as the trail itself. Add Los Sifones to your Puebla itinerary with this step-by-step Orizaba travel guide!



Start Hiking in Puebla With These 4 Guides

Whether you’re drawn to the difficult climb up Malinche volcano, the challenging trek up Mount Tlaloc, or the easy and beautiful strolls at the Tlaxco slot canyon and Los Sifones lake, this Puebla hiking guide will get you there. So, bookmark this page, grab those boots, and hit the trails to see all the natural beauty that Puebla has to offer!


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