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The cost of living is pretty low in this city compared to the US and Western Europe so you can find a lot of cheap restaurants in Belgrade.

However, I found most of them just from passing by on the streets rather than online because a lot just don’t have a strong web presence. Because of that, I wrote this to help other backpackers and travelers who on a budget like me.

This list of cheap Belgrade restaurants has meals ranging from about 100 dinars to 500 dinars / 1 to 5 usd. I ate at all of them during my 5 week stay in Serbia and these are definitely the best cheap Belgrade restaurants for visitors on a budget!


bagels in Belgrade


1. Bagel Bejgl

Location: Kneza Danila 39, Beograd
Cost: about 200 dinars / 2 usd per sandwich
More Info Here

I found some awesome bagels in Tirana and it reminded me that I really need to focus on getting more in my life. So, when I found Bagel Bejgl in Belgrade I was pretty psyched.

They have a lot of different sandwiches on the menu (which you can see in the link above) including fried chicken, smoked salmon, vegetarian and more.

Depending on what you want they range from 120 to 420 dinars / 1.20 to 4.20 usd each, with most of them in the 2 usd range.

Besides their good food, Bagel Bejgl is one of the best cheap Belgrade restaurants because it’s run by the Athens NGO.

The shop was opened to help them secure a sustainable income which then supports their efforts to help victims of human trafficking and improve social inclusion in the city.

Eat a bagel, support a good cause. Nothing better than that!


pizza in Belgrade


2. Pica Kod Mašinca – Pizza Place

Cost: 120 dinars / 1.20 usd per piece

I lived near this pizza place in Belgrade and every time I walked by it was crowded so I knew I needed to give it a try. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the best pizza you’re ever going to have but it gets the job done.

The reason it made my list of the best cheap Belgrade restaurants is because sometimes you just need a hot and filling meal for only a dollar. When that’s the case, this is the place.

The slices are huge and they had a bunch of different options to choose from but I recommend getting whatever’s fresh and just out of the oven. If you’re thinking of visiting, though, just keep in mind that it’s standing room only here.


Mexican food in Belgrade


3. Burrito Madre

Location: Terazije 27, Beograd
Cost: 370 dinars / 3.70 usd for a chicken burrito or bowl
More Info Here

Burrito Madre has great reviews online and since Chipotle is one of my favorite restaurants in the US I was excited to try it out.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations but it’s still good for Mexican food in the Balkans. It basically works the same as Chipotle and you build your own burrito or bowl.

The portions are big and Daniel and I sometimes get one chicken bowl with the tortilla on the side and then take it home. Daniel uses half the bowl to make his burrito with the tortilla and I use extra tortillas at home to make two more tacos.

This method feeds both of us for 370 dinars which is not bad at all.

If you’re really hungry, you can also upgrade to the meal with a chicken burrito, lemonade and churros for 550 dinars instead.

My tip: opt for the Mexican rice and pinto beans over white rice and black beans for extra flavor. Also, add the habanero sauce for extra spice.


hotdogs in Belgrade


4. Take a Senfie – Hotdogs

Location: Strahinjića Bana 48 A, Beograd 11000
Cost: 250 dinars / 2.50 usd for a loaded hotdog
More Info Here

Shoot, is my American showing again?

Daniel and I visited Krafter Bar to enjoy some craft beer in Belgrade and Take a Senfie was only a couple doors down. We had been doing touristy stuff all day and I just wanted to eat something quick before sitting down for a drink.

Senfie definitely does the job.

This tiny place is standing room only as well and has about 15 different hotdogs to choose from. It’s run by a couple and I liked it because food has that rare quality of actually being made with care.

I got the coney dog and Daniel had the New Yorker (mine was better) and for only 250 dinars / 2.50 usd each we were definitely satisfied. If you’re really hungry, you can get two classic dogs, french fries and a drink for 500 dinars / 5 usd which is a pretty good deal.

It was hot. It was meaty. It was everything you want in a dog before a night out on the town. I recommend it.

PS on Friday and Saturday they’re open ’til 3 am so this cheap restaurant in Belgrade is ideal for drunk food as well 🙂


Wok Republic in Belgrade


5. Wok Republic

Location: Francuska 5 Belgrade RS, 11000
Cost: 450 to 550 dinars / 4.50 to 5.50 usd
More Info Here

I eat a lot of Asian food and Belgrade had a great selection to choose from.

We had ramen at Marukoshi and sushi at Go Sushi during our stay but neither of those meals can be classified as cheap. Fortunately, Wok Republic definitely can.

First of all the portions are really big.

Daniel eats a lot but even he couldn’t finish his. You can check out the menu here and I have to say I recommend the Chicken Satay Noodles. They were peanut buttery and coconutty and pretty dang good. Plus the portion was so large it fed me for two meals.

Honestly my mouth is watering just writing this I may need to head back for one more box before we go!


Try These 5 Cheap Belgrade Restaurants

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry. I got ya covered with these five cheap Belgrade restaurants.

My favorite on the list is the Wok Republic, but it’s also the most expensive… for something cheaper I also really enjoyed my bagel sandwich as well. Whatever you choose though, these cheap eats in Belgrade will go easy on the wallet.

Enjoy your meal, and comment below if you have any more restaurants to add to the list!

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