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My one year wedding anniversary is coming up, and with it I’ve found myself reminiscing on my wedding and my absolutely perfect honeymoon.

Daniel and I had a fall wedding and then we flew out to Denver, Colorado for our six-day honeymoon ’cause all-inclusive resorts just aren’t really our thing. Also, the $26 flights I found may have been another deciding factor… 

A day in Rocky Mountain National Park was the main draw for us, and we also enjoyed Colorado’s Garden of the Gods.

Honestly, though, all of the small towns, hiking, parks, and breweries in Colorado are amazing. There is so much around Denver to see and do and one of my favorite excursions from the city was our day trip to Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder is known for being a college town, and definitely has a major hippy/artsy vibe going on. It is only an hour drive from Denver, so we decided to check it out. Here are my tips to creating a perfect itinerary for your day trip to Boulder, Colorado.

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1. Start Your Day Trip to Boulder With Breakfast

Daniel and I started our day trip to Boulder with a late brunch at Snooze Cafe. The breakfast food was phenomenal and super filling.

I had the eggs Benedict on hash browns (yum) and Daniel had a flight with three different flavored pancakes, like sweet potato and apple pie. Seriously delicious!


Eating at Snooze Cafe on a day trip to Boulder


2. Explore the Town

After we were stuffed to the brim, we decided to check out downtown Boulder.

The main strip has tons of amazing cafes, bakeries, restaurants, breweries, and shops selling handmade art, foods, drinks, and other interesting things. Parts of it are closed off to traffic too, making it super pedestrian friendly.

Boulder had a great atmosphere even on a November weekday, so I can only imagine what the vibe is like on summers and weekends. Wandering down the cobblestone streets and through the little shops was one of the best parts of our day trip to Boulder.


3. Visit the University of Colorado, Boulder

Next, we left downtown and drove just up the street to visit the University of Colorado, Boulder campus.

Maybe this is just a quirk of mine, but I love visiting college campuses in new cities when I can. They’re always manicured to perfection and boasting beautiful buildings and happy students.

It’s hard not to feel as carefree as they are when exploring a new campus! UC Boulder is no exception, and we had a great time walking through the green space and enjoying the views of the city and surrounding mountainsides.


4. See the Flatiron Mountains

Afterwards, we decided to head out to the famous flatiron mountains. There are no other mountains like them and they look like they were sliced in half.

Definitely a must see on your day trip to Boulder!

There are also hiking trails around the mountains, but it was too late in the afternoon for us to start one so unfortunately we had to give it a pass. However, if I come back to Boulder this will be the first thing on my new to-do list.


5. Drive Up Flagstaff Road

The flatirons are right near Flagstaff Road, one of Boulder’s well known scenic drives.

We took it up into the mountains for awesome views of Boulder, the valley, the flatirons, and surrounding peaks. The lookouts along the drive offer some great photo opportunities, especially as the sun started to set.


view of Boulder, Colorado from above


6. Eat Dinner in Boulder

As evening set in, we returned to Boulder and hit up Riff’s Urban Fare for their budget friendly cocktail hour.

It’s on the main strip in the heart of downtown, so we sat by the large windows watching the world go by. I splurged on the salmon but they also had $4, $5, and $6 plates to pair with their selection of happy hour cocktails for a lighter option or shared dinner.


7. End Your Night With a Drink

If you’re spending the night in Boulder, there are tons of craft beer breweries to check out in the small town.

Some of the most popular are  The Post Brewing Co. and Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery. If that’s not your thing, the varied nightlife also offers live music, cocktails, or anything else you may be looking for.

One of the best things about a day trip to Boulder is that even if  you’re not spending the night, Denver is only a one hour drive away and has it’s own beer scene to tempt you 😉


downtown Boulder, Colorado


Bonus: Where to Stay in Boulder

Want to turn your day trip into a weekend escape?

There are tons of cute and cozy places to say in Boulder. The Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast is the top-rated hotel in Boulder while the Hotel Boulderado comes in a close second.

The Millenium Harvest House Boulder and the Rodeway Inn and Suites Boulder Broker are the two most budget-friendly hotels at about $75 per night each and for solo travelers, the Boulder Adventure Lodge offers beds in mixed dorms for only $45 per night as well. 


Check Boulder off your bucket list!

A day trip or overnight in Boulder is a must do when you visit Colorado.

We used this itinerary and it was honestly one of my favorite days of my honeymoon.

The town has a relaxed vibe, great food, unique shops, and beautiful nature surrounding it. Make the time to see it on your next trip to Colorado, and you definitely won’t regret it!


Ready to go?

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