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At first glance, Belgrade doesn’t look too beautiful. However, there’s a lot of beauty to be found here if you know where to look.

I lived in the Old Town for five weeks and these are the 9 best Instagram spots in Belgrade that I found during my stay! Check them out, snap a few pics, and appreciate the hidden beauty that’s just waiting to be discovered here.


Skadarlija Street, one of the best instagram spots in belgrade


1. Skadarlija Street

The Kafana District in the Old Town is one of the best Instagram spots in Belgrade because it’s so picturesque. This place is full of art and music and good vibes.

Back in the day, a famous Serbian poet didn’t have the money for his meal so he paid with a poem he wrote instead.

That started a tradition that remains to this day and the walls of the bars and restaurants here feature art, songs, and poems they’ve accepted from artists over the years.


sunset on Svetogorska street in Belgrade


2. Sunsets in the Old Town

While you’re here make it a point to take a walk at sunset every night in Belgrade.

The way the light reflects and and plays on the buildings is beyond beautiful and we were treated to a show almost every night.

The photo below was taken at the on the end of Svetogorska Street (near the intersection with Takovska Street) but if you take your camera out at golden hour anywhere in the Old Town you are sure to snap something nice.


Temple of St Sava in Belgrade


3. The Temple of St. Sava

This is built to be the biggest Orthodox Cathedral in the Balkans and you can see it clear across the city from some places because it’s just so dang big.

The interior is still under construction but the outside is finished and has definitely established this church as one of the best Instagram spots in Belgrade.


St. Sava Crypt in Belgrade


4. The Crypt of St. Sava

When you’re at the church don’t forget to head downstairs to the crypt. It’s painted floor to ceiling in gold and colorful murals and honestly feels like stepping into another world.

Snapping a pic here will require some patience because there’s usually a few people wandering around but if you have the time it’s definitely worth waiting for the shot!


view from Avala Tower in Belgrade


5. View from the Avala Tower

Legend has it you can see half of Serbia from the TV tower on a clear day, which surely sets it apart as one of the best Instagram spots in Belgrade.

It’s located on Avala Mountain about 25 minutes outside of Belgrade and you can take a taxi or a bus to get there. Once you arrive it costs 300 dinars / 3 usd to take the elevator to the top.

If you can, try to visit at sunset for the best lighting.


Avala Tower in Belgrade


6. Avala Mountain

The view from Avala Tower isn’t the only thing worth photographing on Avala Mountain.

There’s also the imposing Monument to the Unknown Soldier and lots of greenery and walking trails as well.

I shot this picture of the Avala Tower from the Monument of the Unknown Soldier but if you take your time to wander through the area you’ll discover nice Instagram pictures around every corner.


The Fortress is one of the best Instagram Spots in Belgrade


7. The Belgrade Fortress

This massive fortress in Belgrade sits where the Old Town meets the rivers.

It has parks, winding walls, towers, a church, cafes and even a club inside it. The Belgrade Fortress is free to visit and if you take the Belgrade free walking tour you’ll find yourself here as well.

This photo was taken of the Ruzica Orthodox Church built into one of the outer walls of the fortress. If you visit, take a moment to see the unique chandelier inside that’s made out of bullets.


Sava and Danube Rivers in Belgrade


8. Where the Sava and Danube Rivers Meet

Another reason why the Belgrade Fortress is one of the best Instagram spots in Belgrade is because you can also get a view of where the Danube and Sava Rivers meet.

They form an island between them and you can see parks, bridges and New Belgrade spread out below your feet when you snap a pic of the rivers from above.


Church in Novi Sad, Serbia


9. Take a Day Trip to Novi Sad

This Instagram spot in Belgrade might not actually be in the city itself but no visit here is complete without a day trip to Novi Sad.

Daniel and I spent a weekend there and because it’s only 1.5 hours away by bus I recommend it to any visitors.

It’s the second biggest city in Serbia but while Belgrade clocks in with a population of 1.3 million Novi Sad doesn’t even break 300k. The city square and main church are definitely Insta-worthy, the cost of living is quite low, and the whole town has a laid back vibe that just moves at a much slower pace than Belgrade.

Click here for all the details on where to stay, how to get there, and more.


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Discover the 9 Best Instagram Spots in Belgrade!

This list is sure to take your insta-game in Belgrade to the next level.

With ornate churches, expansive countryside views and interesting city streets this list will help you capture all of the beauty that Belgrade has to offer.

Check it out, pick your favorites, and then comment below to show me your best shots!

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