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What is the Belgrade Beer Fest and why should you go?

This is one of the biggest festivals in Southeast Europe and the country reports that up to 500,000 people visit it every year. The festival runs for 5 days (from Wednesday to Sunday) and this is everything you need to know to check it out!


Where is the Belgrade Beer Fest?

In Belgrade, of course. But more specifically, it’s held in a large fairground on the river in the New Belgrade area.

The best way to get there is to put the USCE Shopping Center into your GPS or the CarGo taxi app. From here, the road is closed and you can just follow the masses walking about 10 more minutes to get to the gates.


Belgrade Beerfest


What time is the Belgrade Beer Fest?

We went at 8 pm on a Thursday and multiple stages had bands performing by that time.

The festival was lively but not too crowded. When we left at 10 pm the stream of people entering showed no signs of stopping.

The festival officially opens their doors at 6 pm but I can’t find closing time anywhere online… my guess is sometime between midnight and 2 am.


What’s at the Belgrade Beer Fest?

Food, music, carnival rides and beer. That basically sums it up.

There were stands from at least 20 or more craft breweries from Serbia and around Europe and even the US.

They all served their beers in specially made Belgrade Beer Fest cans which I though was pretty cool. Alongside the craft breweries you can also find the larger and more commercial breweries, pubs and bars from all over the city, and even Jack Daniels and Smirnoff had a presence there.

Additionally, there’s regular festival food plus stands from local restaurants with things like Texas BBQ, tacos and more.

The main draw (besides the beer of course) is the music. Belgrade Beer Fest secures some big acts (mostly Serbian) and boasts multiple stages and performances every night. In 2018 alone the festival will put on 62 concerts over the 5 day event.



How much does the Belgrade Beer Fest cost?

This festival is awesome because it’s free!

Coming from the US, I expect everything at a festival to be marked up to super expensive prices but that’s not the case here either.

A pint of craft beer from one of the many breweries will only run you about 250 or 300 dinars (2.50 to 3 usd) and large brats or boxes of popcorn cost the same.


When is the 2019 Belgrade Beer Fest?

The good news is that the 2018 festival is on now and runs from August 15th to the 19th. The bad news is that if you’re reading this you probably missed it.

The 2019 dates haven’t been announced yet but you can bet that it’ll be in mid to late August. Visit their website or follow the Belgrade Beerfest on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with their announcements and 2019 dates!


Belgrade Beerfest


If you’re planning a trip to Belgrade in the summer try to schedule it around the Belgrade Beer Fest. It’s one of the biggest festivals in Southeast Europe and worth checking out for beer lovers and music lovers alike.

Try tons of different breweries from Serbia and the rest of Europe, check out some big acts on the main stages, eat a lot of meat (this is Serbia after all) and enjoy everything that the Belgrade Beer Fest has to offer.

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