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I spent my 27th birthday in Budapest and my husband turned 28 here. So, while it’s a small sample size I officially have experience spending two birthdays in Budapest.

If you’re trying to plan an itinerary that’s just a little different and special, I got ya covered. When it comes to celebrating a birthday in Budapest, keep these tips in mind!


Tip #1: Start With a Birthday Breakfast

My favorite place for breakfast in Budapest is the London Coffee Society. It’s tiny, it’s cozy, and it serves damn good food.

If you believe sourdough bread is a gift from the gods like I do, London Coffee Society is a must on your birthday. The toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, a fried egg and avocado is perfection.


breakfast in Budapest at the London Coffee Society


Tip #2: Celebrate With Cake

I don’t care how old I’m turning, cake will always be involved in my birthday celebrations. So, for my birthday in Budapest I found two great options.

The first is called Sugar! This shop has a huge selection of desserts including a Nutella cake with a macaroon on top, three tiered birthday cakes, candy, ice cream, and much more.

My favorite, though, was definitely the rainbow unicorn cake. Once I saw it, I had to have a slice. And, I’m happy to report it tastes just as good as it looks.

If you’re not a cake person, visit Mr. Funk instead for your birthday in Budapest.

They have a huge selection of donuts and the infamous (in my mind, at least) “Freak Shakes.” These massive conglomerations have ice cream, whipped cream, brownies, cake, or even multiple donuts on top.


rainbow birthday cake in Budapest


Tip #3: Try These Places for Good Eats

Daniel and I just had a run of five, yes five, amazing meals in a row on my birthday weekend.

I attribute this to paying our regular respects to the fat policeman statue on Zrinyi street (rub his belly to guarantee good eats in Budapest) but it doesn’t hurt that this city just has awesome restaurants in general.

If you’re looking for a birthday meal in Budapest and all you care about it flavor, try Bors Gastro Bar.

The sandwiches are cheap and unbelievably good. You’ll know you’re there when you see the line spilling out the door. Just be prepared to wait a bit and know that there’s no seating.

If you want something a little nicer, I have to recommend bpBARbq. We celebrated Daniel’s birthday dinner here and the wings were some of the best I’ve ever had.

I didn’t try the Trofea Grill but they have multiple locations around Budapest with all you can eat and drink (with alcohol) buffet packages. They seem to have pretty good reviews too.

Prices range from 4500 to 7000 huf / 16 to 24 usd depending on what time and day of the week you go.

Of course, if you’re spending a birthday in Budapest you might want to stick to the local cuisine.

For Hungarian fare, make a reservation at Ghetto Gulyas. The beef stew is outstanding and I recommend trying bone marrow appetizer for something traditional.

Finally, consider Borkonyha Winekitchen. It’s one of four Michelin star restaurants in the city but prices are surprisingly affordable and you can get main courses for around $22 to $30 each.

I wanted to try it, but reservations were already booked up for the entire month of October. Make sure you call well in advance to get in!


Ghetto Goulash in Budapest


Tip #4: Stay Somewhere Crazy

There are tons of beautiful places to stay in Budapest on Airbnb, but why not make your birthday weekend a little more memorable?

Book something totally unique – like this converted night club (with space for 16 people), this vintage boat, or this cozy yurt in the countryside to try something new!


castle in City Park in Budapest


Extra Itinerary Suggestions for a Birthday in Budapest

These are some of my favorite things and I fit a lot (but not all) of the list below into my birthday weekend in Budapest. Pick and choose from this itinerary to start your planning!

Go: on a hike to work off your cake. I recommend visiting the Janos Hill Chairlift in the Buda Hills or tackling the more difficult trek from Zebegeny to Remete Cave.

Relax: in the sun at City Park or on Margaret Island.

Treat yourself: at the Thermal Beer Spa, where you can pour a glass from the tap while you bathe.

Drink: coffee at New York Cafe, wine at the famous Szimpla Kert ruin pub, or a local craft beer at Hedon Brewery (with a self-serve beer wall) or the Jonas Craft Beer House.

Finish it off: with shisha at Kelet Csilliga, a fat burrito from Papitos, or a good old fashioned Netflix binge sesh.

The weekend was nothing fancy, but it was perfect for me.

My birthday in Budapest was one for the books and lots of little things like good eats, craft beer, nice weather and a tough hike came together to make it unforgettable.

I know birthdays are subjective. You might hate every second of this itinerary and prefer to get dressed up to splash out at the clubs. But, for anyone that wants to keep it low key and relatively cheap, I got ya covered.

Celebrate your birthday in Budapest with these tips and you’re sure to have an awesome time!


Ready to go?

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Then, check out more food, culture, and nightlife experiences on Airbnb to round out your itinerary! Or, book a multi-day Hungary tour with Intrepid to finish your travel planning in one click 🙂


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