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I spent weeks in Budapest eating, drinking, eating, exploring, eating, and photographing all that the city has to offer. I found it’s super walkable, which is great for my wallet and health, but also pretty tiring.

To fuel up for each long day, I visited the best cheap restaurants in Budapest. These are the places where you’re going to get a definite bang for your buck because the food is good and the price is even better!

From Mediterranean to Hungarian cuisine, Mexican fare to Vietnamese and so much more, this list of the eight best cheap restaurants in Budapest has something for every craving.


bagel sandwiches in Budapest


1. Budapest Bagels

Cost: 450 to 1200 huf / 1.50 to 4 usd
Location: District 8
Cuisine: Sandwiches

Budapest Bagels is simple, affordable, and delicious.

If you just want a simple bagel with cream cheese and veggies you can get it for only 450 huf and then prices increase from there.

For the super budget conscious, it’s good to know that plain bagels with nothing on them are only 250 huf each, but after 7 pm you can get them for half off!

This little cafe is tiny but cute and located right near some other interesting sites like the Central Market Hall, the Ervin Szabo Library, and the craft beer district.


2. Papitos

Cost: 500 huf / 1. 75 usd for a taco, 1590 huf / 5.50 usd for burritos
Location: District 5
Cuisine: Mexican

It’s important to note that these burritos are HUGE. They’re also the best Mexican food I had throughout my seven month stay in Eastern Europe.

The owner of this little roadside stop is Hungarian but lived in San Francisco for 10 years where he picked up the flavors that make these burritos so good.

Daniel and I found that the quality can vary based on whether or not he’s there, but stopping by on a Sunday nights is usually a good bet.

You can choose from beef, chicken, or pork and try different spicy salsas to make it your own. Then, enjoy it outside on the tables or take it home for a quiet night in.


Karavan food truck garden in Budapest


3. Karavan

Cost: Varies
Location: Jewish Quarter
Cuisines: Variety of food trucks

This food truck garden is a must visit in Budapest. The wide variety of options will please any palette and the price tags are easy on the wallet as well.

Choose from vegan food, langos burgers, burritos, Italian food and much more, and then visit the popular Szimpla Kert ruin pub that’s right next door!


4. Good Morning Vietnam

Cost: 1490 huf / 5 usd for pho soup
Location: District 5
Cuisine: Vietnamese

Good Morning Vietnam is one of my favorite cheap restaurants in Budapest because you can get a light meal here.

When you’ve had enough heavy Hungarian cuisine, stop in for pho soup and spring rolls to reset.

Daniel and I got two bowls of beef and garlic soup and spring rolls with peanut sauce for 3600 huf / 13 usd total. Prices have gone up just a bit since then, but you can see the full menu here to decide what sounds best.


cheap sandwich in Budapest


5. Bors GasztroBar

Cost: 1150 huf / 4 usd for a sandwich
Cuisine: Soup and Sandwiches

This little place has almost no seating but it’s still worth stopping by for a super cheap meal in Budapest. You’ll have the choice of five or six large baguette sandwiches plus one special that changes weekly.

In addition, I suggest trying their rotating soups. At only 650 huf / 2.30 usd for a cup, they’re well worth the extra money. Daniel and I had two sandwiches and split a soup, but the entire meal still only set us back 10 usd.

Just like Karavan, Bors GasztroBar is right down the street from the famous Szimpla Kert ruin pub and smack in the middle of the party district, so it’s perfect for a quick meal before a night out.


6. Gulyas Tunkolo Bufe

Cost: 800 to 1500 huf / 3 to 5 usd
Location: Jewish Quarter
Cuisine: Hungarian

Our tour guide recommended Tunkolo and she was spot on.

Browse eight to ten different soup options (I had mushroom, Daniel had the beef in red wine) but just know that the real star of the show is the bread.

It’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and super light and airy, so it was perfect for soaking up the last few drops of stew in my bowl… and every other bite as well.

Prices vary from around 800 to 1500 huf per bowl. Mine was 1200 and Daniel’s was a bit more at 1400. Wherever your soup falls in the range though, it’s a great deal and you’ll leave satisfied.


shwarma in Budapest


7. Hummus Bar

Cost: 1700 huf / 6 usd
Locations: Throughout the city
Cuisine: Mediterranean

When Daniel and I ate here after a long day of hiking, I opted for the shwarma plate below for 1700 huf. But, if that’s stretching your budget, you can also get the shwarma and falafel wraps instead for only 900.

I thought the hot laffa bread (similar to nan) was really good, and the portion sizes were so large I had to take almost half of mine home.

Hummus Bar is a chain with restaurants all around Budapest, so click the link above to browse the locations and see the full menu.


8. Mr. Funk

Cost: 1399 huf / 5 usd
Location: District 5
Cuisine: Sandwiches

Mr. Funk makes this list of the best cheap restaurants in Budapest and a second with my fav breakfast spots in the city. 

I love it because you can get bagel sandwiches with bacon, turkey, ham, salami, salmon and more (I chose the bacon both times) then grab one of their donuts for dessert.

It’s a colorful and happy place, so I suggest visiting on a rainy or cold morning when you really need something to cheer you up!


Save Money at the 8 Best Cheap Restaurants in Budapest

I have to say, my two personal favorites on this list of cheap restaurants in Budapest are Papitos burritos and the pho at Good Morning Vietnam.

But, they’re all delicious and were all personally taste tested by me and Daniel for the Slight North seal of approval.

Check ’em out, enjoy your meal, and save some money while you do!


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