No matter where I travel, the first thing I look for in a new city is craft beer a good hiking trail. Definitely the hiking.

If I don’t get out in nature at least once every few weeks, I start to go crazy. Even in a city as beautiful as Budapest, an escape into fresh air was necessary. I don’t have a car but these nearby places were easy to reach on public transport or even by foot.

After five weeks in the city, these are my three favorite places to go hiking in Budapest!

1. Janos Hill

Transport: by bus
Time: 25 minutes
Cost: 2100 huf / 7.50 usd for round trip bus and chairlift tickets

Janos Hill Chairlift to Elizabeth Lookout Tower

The Janos Hill chairlift to the Elizabeth Lookout Tower is an easy half day trip. Walk to Budapest-Nyugati train station and then take bus 291 to Zugliget, Libego. This ride takes 25 minutes.

Then, you’ll be dropped by the Zugliget chairlift to take you to the top of Janos Hill and Elizabeth Lookout Tower for 1400 huf / 5 usd round trip. Here there are beautiful panoramic views of the Hungarian countryside and plenty of hiking trails to check out. In the fall, it’s exceptionally peaceful.

Click here for all the details on the Janos Hill chairlift to Elizabeth Lookout Tower!

hiking on janos hill

2. Zebegeny

Transport: by train
Time: 1 hour
 Cost: 1,065 huf / 4 usd each way

hiking in Budapest to Remete Cave

Zebegeny is a cute little town an hour outside of Budapest. Just like Janos Hill, start your day by walking to the Budapest-Nyugati train station.

From here, buy a train ticket to Zebegeny for 1,065 huf / 4 usd. The ride meanders through small towns for an hour and eventually ends up in Zebegeny where you can walk along the Danube river, visit a small church, eat lunch at the restaurants and take on one of the many nearby hikes.

A map in the main square shows plenty of routes, but some of the most popular are the hike from Zebegeny to Nagymoros and the hike to Remete Cave. We did the latter and spent 3.5 hours completing the tough but rewarding the 7.5 mile hike.

Click here for all the details on the hike to Remete Cave!

hiking in Zebegeny

3. Margaret Island

Transport: by foot
Time: 25 minutes
Cost: free

Margaret Island park in Budapest

Margaret Island is a great place to relax in nature. This massive park in the Danube river has plenty of green space, bikes for rent, gardens, fountains, trails and more. The best part, in my opinion, is the small but serene Japanese Garden. Margaret Island is 1.5 miles long so it’s easy to stretch your legs and get plenty of exercise.

To get here, walk 25 minutes fro, St. Stephen’s Basilica to the entrance on Margaret Bridge.   Bring a blanket, a book and a picnic lunch and you can wile away a whole day here without a problem.

Margaret Island park in Budapest

3 Places to Go Hiking in Budapest

Whether you’re staying in the city for a few days or a few months, this list of three places to go hiking in Budapest will definitely keep you covered.

Head to Margaret Island when you want to relax in nature while also staying close to home. Take the Janos Hill chairlift for panoramic views and a wide variety of hiking trails to explore. Or, check out the trails in Zebegeny when you really want to get away from it all (and get beautiful photos of the Danube while you’re at it). Each park is different, but each one is definitely worth visiting for nature lovers in the city.

Explore these three places for hiking in Budapest, then comment below to tell me which is your favorite!

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