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I have a confession to make.

I didn’t even start eating breakfast until a few years ago. Once I started living with my husband, though, he totally opened my eyes to how spectacular this meal truly is.

Now, there’s nothing I like better on the weekends than eating a late breakfast after a lazy morning at home.

So, where can I do that in Budapest?

These are three of the best places for breakfast in Budapest, with prices that can accommodate any budget.


breakfast in Budapest at the London Coffee Societ


1. London Coffee Society

Price: $$
Location: Jewish Quarter

I love the London Coffee Society so much that it’s where I decided to go on my birthday!

And trust me, it didn’t disappoint. This tiny shop is so cute, but seating is sparse. However, if you get in line to order at the counter a table will almost certainly open up before you’re finished.

The menu is small, but that’s the sign of a great breakfast place in my opinion. I ordered the sourdough toast (so freakin’ good) with smoked salmon, cream cheese, egg and avocado for 1990 huf / 7 usd.

If I had to describe my meal, I’d say it kinda tasted like pure bliss. Daniel had the English Breakfast (1790 huf / 6.20 usd) and said it was tasty as well.

They also have coffee (of course) and fresh orange juice to round out the meal. It was a truly quaint and cozy European experience and I’m not afraid to proclaim that London Coffee Society is definitely my favorite place for breakfast in Budapest.


donuts at Mr. Funk in Budapest


2. Mr. Funk Bagels

Price: $
Location: District V (1 block from St. Stephen’s Basilica)

This place is honestly the polar opposite of the London Coffee Society but I love it all the same.

Mr. Funk Bagels kinda looks like a unicorn threw up inside… but in a good way. The bagel sandwiches are fantastic, super filling, and cheap too. My go-to is the bacon sandwich with spicy mayo and added cream cheese for only 1399 huf / 4.90 usd.

Mr. Funk also has donuts that look spectacular. I haven’t tried one (yet) but I’m so tempted every time I pass by. From Ferrero Rocher to crème brûlée to apple pie and everything in between, there is a donut here to satisfy any sweet tooth.


New York Cafe in Budapest


3. New York Cafe

Price: $$$
Location: Jewish Quarter

The New York Cafe has been open and operating since 1894 and is truly beautiful inside.

This place is more for the experience than the food, but they do offer a massive breakfast buffet for 25 euros per person.

That wasn’t quite in my price range, but I still stopped by later for an ice cream sundae. It was opulent and over-the-top, and I loved every minute of it. Plus, the New York Cafe is one of the 15 best Instagram Spots Around Budapest as well!

If you have money to blow and want to spend your morning relaxing in luxury, the New York Cafe is definitely the best place for a fancy breakfast in Budapest.


Get Breakfast in Budapest at These 3 Spots

No matter what you’re budget is, this list of the best breakfast spots in Budapest has ya covered.

My favorite is the London Coffee Society, but the sandwiches from Mr. Funk are delicious too (and the donuts look amazing). If you can afford it, you should also head to the New York Cafe for a luxury brunch experience at least once.

Whichever you choose though, you really can’t go wrong at any of my favorite places for breakfast in Budapest! Enjoy!

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