It’s possible to hike to Remete Cave in Budapest without a car, and actually quite easy. Daniel and I did the hike this past weekend and the cool autumn breeze and changing light on the colors of the trees made for a picturesque trek.

If you want to get out of the city for a day and experience the beauty of the Hungarian countryside, this hike to Remete Cave in Budapest is for you!

But first, let’s take a look at the stats…

Length: 7.5 miles / 12 km
Time: 3.5 hours
Start Point: Zebegeny
Difficulty Level: Moderate

the hike to Remete Cave in Budapest

How to Get to Zebegeny Without a Car

You can start the hike to Remete Cave in Zebegeny or Nagymoros. We started in Zebegeny.

To get there without a car, start at the Budapest – Nyugati train station. My apartment in Budapest was near the Basilica and I was able to walk only 20 minutes to reach the station. Otherwise, you can also take the M1 metro line to get there.

At the station, buy train tickets from the automated machines that work in many different languages. Daniel and I typed in Zebegeny as our destination and purchased tickets  for 1064 forint / 3.75 each. Unfortunately, I can’t find the train schedule anywhere online but when I was there on a Sunday it seemed like they ran from Budapest to Zebegeny often. We just missed the 12:07 train and got the 1:07 train instead.

From there, it’s an hour ride to Zebegeny. If you want to hike to Remete Cave from Nagymaros instead, simply get off the train two stops earlier.

Finally, when you arrive in Zebegeey, check the schedule for the trains back to Budapest right outside the office on the tracks. That will just give you an idea of what train you want to catch when you return to the city. If the office is closed, don’t worry. You can board the train back to Budapest and simply buy the ticket from the inspector when she comes around.

town of Zabegeny, Hungary

How to Hike to Remete Cave

Once you get off the train, walk toward the center of town and turn right on Arpad Ut, the first main road you see. You’ll see yellow crosses painted on trees and poles – you’ll follow these for the majority of the trek.

Keep walking along the road for awhile and you’ll get a nice view of the pretty (but private) Dory Castle from above. Then, keep going. About 20 minutes after you started the hike, you’ll finally enter the shaded forest.

Dory Castle in Zebegeny

Once in the forest, keep following the yellow crosses but don’t miss the turn off! The path splits and it’s not too obvious if you’re not paying attention. Just know if you come to a clearing with a hunting stand, you’ve gone too far and need to back track until you see the yellow crosses again.

Once the path splits, you’ll start walking uphill (this is where it starts to get a bit difficult) and come to three different lookouts along the way. We finally reached the highest point after about 1.5 hours of hiking.

view on the hike to Remete Cave

Now, pay close attention to the trees because this is when you stop following the yellow crosses and start following the blue horseshoe sign. The path will turn inward at this point and in five or so minutes you should see the first blue horseshoe on a tree. When you do, turn right to keep following them on the path that leads downward.

From there, it’s about 25 minutes on a steep downhill. This is the hardest part of the hike because the path was so dry and dusty I slipped and fell on my butt twice.

view from Remete Cave

Finally, we emerged at the cave. Which, honestly, was kind of disappointing. It’s just a small cave and not very deep. Last time I was in Budapest I went caving underground so maybe my expectations were a little to high. I was hoping that we could walk into this one a bit, but it’s not possible.

Still, though, the view was nice over the water and the hills, and there were quite a few people enjoying a beer. If you time it right, it’s definitely the perfect spot for a picnic.

view from Remete Cave in Budapest

After that, it’s honestly as easy as retracing your steps and getting on a train back to Budapest! The walk back down took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to hike back to Zebegeny.

There’s a shop here to grab a snack for the ride home and some restaurants as well if you want to stay for dinner, but we opted to return home to finish the night with burritos from Papitos (which I highly recommend).

town of Zebegeny in Hungary

Final Thoughts on the Remete Cave Hike

There are a lot of hikes in this area if the hike to Remete Cave specifically doesn’t appeal to you. The town has a map of the different options, and each one has a separate trail marker to follow. Or, you can hike from Zebegeny to Remete Cave and then continue on to Nagymoros, or do it the other way around with a stop at Julianus Lookout… there’s a lot to consider.

However, this was ultimately the trek we chose and while the hike to Remete Cave was difficult at times the views were beautiful, the public transport to get there was simple, and it was a great workout. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, come to Zebegeny and stretch your legs in the fresh mountain air!

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