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Whether you want to grab a quick coffee or settle in for a long workday, the best cafes in San Miguel de Allende offer a cool respite from the sun and crowds outside. 

I spent five weeks in this charming colonial city and many happy days working in the many cafes around. During my stay, I visited cafes with:

  • Unique lavender coffee
  • Rooftop terraces for working
  • Peaceful courtyards 
  • Delicious breakfast dishes
  • And so much more

Ready to try it all?

After comparing the spots (and shaking off my caffeine jitters) I can confidently say that these are the best cafes in San Miguel de Allende!


Ki'bock Coffee in San Miguel de Allende

Settling in for a productive day at Ki’bock Coffee


1. Ki’bok Coffee 

4.7 rating on Google reviews
Best for: central location, friendly service, rooftop views.

This is definitely my favorite cafe in San Miguel for work. Dan and I came regularly during our stay and the service was so great the waiters soon knew our order by heart. 

The location is only a few blocks from the main square and it has both a casual indoor space and a rooftop terrace with views of the surrounding city.

Ki’bok Coffee also has lots of outlets and you can usually find other expats working along side you. Many seemed to be regulars as well, so if you’re looking to make new friends or connections in the city, this would be the place.

Click here to find Ki’bok Coffee on Google Maps.


Geek and Coffee in San Miguel de Allende

Outdoor workspace and garden at Geek and Coffee


2. Geek and Coffee

4.5 rating on Google reviews
Best for: getting off the beaten path, garden views.

This was my second favorite cafe in San Miguel de Allende for work.

The pros of Geek and Coffee are that there is a huge outdoor garden and its set back off the road far away from the noise and crowds of San Miguel.

The cons are that it’s a pretty long walk outside of town to get here. 

But it also has bagel sandwiches and tasty lunch options (that are pretty friendly on the wallet) and it’s near the best gallery in San Miguel: Fabrica de Aurora.

So, the trek to Geek and Coffee is rewarded with some shopping if you’re in the market for art or some inspiration if you’re not. 

Either way, it’s an awesome and colorful showcase of Mexican talents and I recommend making the walk from San Miguel city center to check out both Fabrica de Aurora and Geek and Coffee along with it.  

Click here to find Geek and Coffee on Google Maps.


La Sacristia cafe in San Miguel de Allende

The serene patio space at La Sacristia


3. La Sacristia

4.5 rating on Google reviews
Best for: outdoor patio, laid back feel.

I think La Sacristia is one of the best cafes in San Miguel de Allende because it has such a pretty and calming outdoor courtyard. 

It was never crowded or loud and I loved working here. The only problem was that there are no outlets outside so when my computer died I either had to go inside to charge it (it’s a bit small in the cafe) or head home for the day. 

For a coffee break or short work sesh, I definitely recommend La Sacristia. For a long, productive day, you might be better off at Geek and Coffee or Ki’bock.

Click here to find La Sacristia on Google Maps.


Lavanda Cafe in San Miguel

Iced lavender coffee, the house specialty at Lavanda Cafe


4. Lavanda Cafe

4.7 rating on Google reviews
Best for: unique Lavender coffee, delicious breakfast

Lavanda Cafe is heavenly. 

In fact, it’s so beloved by locals and visitors alike that unless you go early, you’ll find yourself waiting in line outside. But, the line usually moves pretty fast (we waited about 20 minutes on a Sunday morning) and there’s an outdoor window where you can buy coffee to drink while you wait.

As the name implies, Lavanda Cafe is famous for its unique lavender flavored coffee which you can get hot or cold. They also serve up fantastic breakfast dishes like french toast and eggs Benedict.

It’s more of a restaurant than a cafe and the people waiting patiently outside for a seat mean that you can’t work here. But, no visit to San Miguel is complete without a memorable breakfast meal, or at least a quick lavender coffee from the window, at Lavanda Cafe. 

Click here to find Lavanda Cafe on Google Maps. 


Cafe Rama in San Miguel

The pretty flower cascade at Cafe Rama


Bonus: Cafe Rama

4.4 rating on Google Reviews
Best for: pretty pictures

Last up on my list of the best cafes in San Miguel de Allende is Cafe Rama. It’s a bonus addition because I didn’t actually try it, but I lived nearby and passed by almost every day. 

Cafe Rama caught my eye because it’s so freakin’ picture-perfectly heart-stoppingly beautiful. 

I mean, just look at the photo above! 

The only reason I didn’t stay was that I was looking for a cafe to work in and, like Lavanda, Cafe Rama is more of a restaurant so I didn’t feel comfortable whipping out the ol’ laptop and typing away.

But I did step inside and the interior is full of local art and quirky decor. It has a 4.4 rating on Google reviews so I feel comfortable recommending it for a casual breakfast, lunch, or coffee in San Miguel, or at least a quick Instagram pic of the flower-covered front!

Click here to find Cafe Rama on Google Maps.


Ready to go?

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Then, browse tons of San Miguel food, culture, and nature experiences on Airbnb to round out your itinerary, like a roast-your-own-coffee class or the popular tequila tasting a street taco tour!


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