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I was given a free premium account on the Sygic Travel app so I could try it out and let you guys know what I think.

To get started, I have to say that I’m really not an app user. Like, ever. I pretty much live my life with the bare basics, like Google Maps, Gmail and some social media apps. Even Whatsapp is a stretch for me.

However, when I saw the offer from Sygic I was intrigued. I know I can find some apps out there that I like if I just stop being lazy and check them out!

So, a couple emails later I had Sygic Premium installed on my phone. Then, I was ready to test it out on the streets of Zagreb and Budapest… this is what I found!


Sygic Premium Travel App Review: The Good

It was super simple to designate the dates of my trip and then add activities to each one. That helped me get organized. Once I navigated to my saved trip, I could then sort through the activities, delete the ones I decided to skip, and even move them around from day to day to complete the itinerary.

In the city guide, each attraction listed also includes the opening hours and cost prominently displayed. I’m all about budgeting when I plan a trip so it was nice that I didn’t have to go off app to find that information.

Additionally, downloading the offline map is super easy. Once I did that I always had a map of Zagreb, even without wifi. I’m currently traveling without international data so this is always a plus.

I also love that I can plan my trip on a desktop computer. I played around with the desktop version to plan an upcoming weekend in Budapest and it was super easy to get my thoughts organized and itinerary built.


Sygic Premium travel app review


My favorite aspect of the app was that once every attraction was loaded in my itinerary, the app told me the distance between each. With that info, it was easy to move them around to create the most efficient schedule of events. Then I could simply click “navigate” for GPS directions (both walking or driving) directly to the site!

Finally, I loved that it’s not subscription based. Personally, I’m so over subscriptions and think the user pretty much never benefits from them. So, I was surprised but happy to see that with Sygic a one time payment of $9.99 will get you access for life.

ALSO! There are trip templates with pre planned itineraries (for the more popular destinations, I had them in Budapest but not Zagreb). If they’re available, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to cut out the planning altogether.


sygic premium trip planning template


Sygic Premium Travel App Review: What Needs Some Work

My biggest complaint about the Sygic Premium app is the amount of attractions I found for Zagreb. Not every restaurant and attraction is loaded into the app. So, while I could explore many of them, I didn’t get to browse all of the options in the city. Later, when I planned a short itinerary for Budapest, I couldn’t add some off-the-beaten-path destinations like the Chocolate Museum or a new Thermal Beer Spa I want to check out. 

Another feature that can be improved is the review section. The restaurant and attraction reviews are done in app so at the moment most things have none, making it hard to decide if they’re worth visiting. As more people come onboard hopefully this will change, or maybe they will consider importing reviews from Google or TripAdvisor instead.

Finally, I found that for the most part usability was good, but a few tweaks here and there, like a back button to return to a search rather than start over, could improve the experience.


Sygic Premium Travel App Review: My Thoughts

If you’re an app lover and traveling somewhere with limited internet access, I think Sygic Premium is worth a try. You can access your itinerary, explore all the options in the city guide, and get driving or walking directions offline any time.

I love how simple it is to plan trips on a desktop computer and I love that you can even download pre planned itineraries! I’m on a push to be more organized in every aspect of my life and trip planning is definitely one of them. Now, Sygic Premium can help.

Try the free version (without offline maps) to see if Sygic is a good fit for your travel style. If you like the way it works, then you can upgrade to the Premium version for a one-time $9.99 fee (and of course, comment below to let me know what you think)!


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