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I haven’t taken a writing course since high school, so dropping $400 on this one was a big deal.

This Superstar Blogging Travel Writing Course review breaks down the good and the bad, the strengths and the weaknesses of the travel writing course. I’ll also give my honest opinion on if this is worth the hefty price tag that comes with it.

First, let’s start with the questions I was asking before I even bought the course.


boat cruise in the riviera maya

Super bummed to discover that travel writing is about 5% this and 95% real work


Q: I’ve been writing about travel for 1.5 years. Will this course teach me anything I don’t know?


In just the first module alone I took two pages of notes. David Farley, an experienced travel writer and professor at NYU and Columbia, gets into the nitty gritty of writing and shares a lot of insight that I didn’t know before. Even the bonus interviews had some awesome, real tips that I can actually put to use today.

Q: Do you really get personalized feedback throughout the course?

Surprisingly, yes.

Each month I write one or two assignments and David sends me feedback. Then, I can make edits and even send it in for a second round (which I definitely take advantage of). This helps me turn good articles into great articles and I already have multiple pieces that I can pitch to start out my travel writing career.

Q: Does it really take 5 months to complete the Superstar Blogging travel writing course?!

Yes, because each new section is only unlocked one month after the previous one was opened.

At first I found this annoying because I went through all the content from the first month in two weeks, but then I realized it’s actually a great way to force us to slow down and take our time with the assignments.

In the first month we had to write two articles and complete two more assignments on top of that. Because I went through the content in two weeks, I decided to spend the next two weeks on the assignments alone. This forced me to put more time, thought, and effort into them and in the end I got much better results.

So, yes, this course can be done faster but the way it’s set up helps me learn a lot more!

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Hard at work & definitely not posing


Month 1 Review

The first month starts out strong.

David Farley is a professor and accomplished travel writer, and that professionalism comes across in his videos. This isn’t some salesy spam-filled webinar, it’s the real thing. After years of working online, that’s such a welcome breath of fresh air.

Month one focuses on practical tips that you need to know before you even start writing a story. It’s important to remember that travel writing is very different from blogging, so even though my own blog is moderately successful, there was still a ton of info I didn’t know in this section.

The two assignments that I wrote also both turned out much stronger than anything I’ve produced before, and now I’m in the process of pitching them.

My only complaint here is that I wish I was given more guidance on the actual pitching process – David suggested two magazines to try first, but that’s it. So far, I haven’t been published but hopefully that will change soon!


Month 2 Review

Month two is all about editing.

I don’t really have much trouble on this front because I make a living as a full-time writer and I’m well aware of basic grammar rules.

However, I still found a few hidden gems in the section about how to be descriptive and they have helped shape everything I’ve written since. So, this month still gets two thumbs up from me.


Month 3 Review

I’m sorry to say it, but Matt’s module 3 on writing online was a bit weak. I was really looking forward to hearing from the biggest name in the travel blogging industry, and this section let me down.

There was some good info about how to “go viral” as he puts it, but Matt is one of the biggest names in the industry. I would have loved to hear more about SEO tips, how he transitioned from blogging to writing a book, his personal journey, or just about anything more than the tiny glimpse we got from him.

However, I do really like that we get personal feedback from him this month instead of David. Building a relationship with one of the most famous travel bloggers in the world is truly invaluable and definitely helps make up for the thinner content this month.

I haven’t gotten my assignment back yet, but I’m very much looking forward to it and will definitely update this section once it’s in!


Months 4 and 5

I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself, but this section is coming soon.

I’ll start month 4 in in December 2018 and tackle month 5 (and round up the course) in January.

As I complete this course the next two reviews will be filled in here, but I’ll still finish this off with my final thoughts below.


but first coffee



What You’ll Get With The Superstar Blogging Travel Writing Course

Three months in, I can definitely say I’m happy with the course.

The fact that there’s a real person on the other side of the screen motivates me more than anything else. Everyone wants positive feedback, so forming a real relationship with David and turning in regular assignments pushes me to write better content than I ever have before. For me, this is definitely the biggest perk of the Superstar Blogging travel writing course.

That’s not all, though. This course also comes with a lot of supporting material that most others just don’t have.

When you buy the Superstar Blogging travel writing course, you also getting access to:

  • Facebook group where you can ask questions and find help
  • Super responsive customer support
  • Personalized feedback and multiple rounds of edits from David and Matt
  • 10+ exclusive interviews with experts in the travel writing industry
  • Editing check lists
  • Contact information to pitch completed articles
  • Lifetime access to the material – if and when it’s updated in the future, you’ll get it too

Most importantly, the Superstar Blogging travel writing course comes with a 100% money back guarantee! I mean, may as well try it out, right?

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So, is it worth the price?

For me, yes.

Honestly, this is one of those things where you’ll get out what you put in.

If you take your time each month to take notes, read the extra interviews, write and edit your assignments with care (and maybe even scrap them completely to start again), you’ll come out with two new connections in the field, a network of travel bloggers from the Facebook group, multiple articles ready to be pitched to real magazines, and a whole bunch of knowledge to help you improve your blog and advance your career.

Plus, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy the Superstar Blogging Travel Writing Course with peace of mind. 

Take the leap, start the course, and embark on your travel writing career today!


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