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If you’re reading a Matt’s Flights review, you probably already know what flight alert services are. 

Email services like Matt’s Flights search for mistake fares and flash ticket sales by airlines around the world, then quickly email you the best ones so you can take advantage of the deal!

These flight alert services are ideal for flexible travelers because they often require quick booking – sometimes in less than 24 hours – and are only available for specific dates. 

So, if you like to save money and book spontaneous adventures, Matt’s Flights may just be the perfect fit for you! But is it really worth the price?

Keep reading to see my honest Matt’s Flights review that’ll (attempt, at least) to answer all of your burning questions about the service, including:

  • How much does Matt’s Flights cost?
  • Free vs. Premium subscription: What’s the difference?
  • Matt’s Flights vs. Scott’s Cheap Flights: Which is Better?
  • Is Matt’s Flights Worth the Price?

Let’s dive in!


stock photo of girl planning a trip

If you don’t use your laptop as a coaster, are you even travel planning?


How much does Matt’s Flights Cost?

There are two subscription options on the Matt’s Flights website: free and premium.

The free service is obviously free, while premium will run you $59.99 per year. There is no option to pay monthly, so this is an all or nothing type of deal.

Luckily, Matt’s Flights also offers a free trial of the premium service so you can try it out for two weeks for free. If you don’t like it, you can cancel and you won’t be charged.

With both subscriptions, you have the option to set your departure region as Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest (that’s me!), West Coast, and Canada.


exmaple email from Matt's Flights with a deal to New Orleans

Example email from Matt’s Flights, where I received a sweet deal from Cincy to the Big Easy for only $71 round trip.


Free vs. Premium Subscription: What’s the Difference?

Why pay for Matt’s Flights when you can get it for free?

You might want to upgrade to premium because the two subscription packages are very different. 

With the free Matt’s Flights service you get around four deals emailed to you per month, and that’s it. 

With the Premium Matt’s Flights service, you get around 12 to 15 deals per month and free one-on-one flight planning from Matt himself.

This one-on-one flight planning service is pretty cool. If you’re a premium member, just send Matt your departure and arrival cities and the dates you’re available to travel, and he’ll send you a link to the cheapest flights for your trip.

If you don’t have the time to search around for the best deals every time you fly, no worries. Now, Matt will do it for you! 


New Orleans at night

New Orleans, USA. In my first month with Matt’s Flights, I received domestic deals to New Orleans, LA, Denver, Seattle, Miami, and more.


Matt’s Flights vs. Scott’s Cheap Flights: Which Is Better?

I’m currently a premium user of Scott’s Flights, the most well-known flight alert service.

Well, kinda.

My brother is, and he set his emails to automatically forward to me (because that’s what siblings are for). 

So, when Matt asked me to write a Matt’s Flights review, I accepted because I was curious to see how the two flight alert services stack up against each other. 

Now that I’ve used Matt’s Flights for a month as well, I’m ready for the Matt’s Flights vs. Scott’s Cheap Flights showdown.

Although the idea and email layout used by both Matt’s Flights and Scott’s Cheap Flights is almost identical, there are a few key differences between the services. I compared my past month of emails from each to see which one comes out on top! 


Emails Received in One Month

Matt’s Flights: 13 emails
Scott’s Cheap Flights: 48 emails


Domestic Flight Deals

Matt’s Flights: 69% of deals were domestic
Scott’s Cheap Flights: 4% of deals were domestic (but they were only to Hawaii)


International Flight Deals

Matt’s Flights: 31% of deals were international
Scott’s Cheap Flights: 96% of deals were international


Premium Price

Matt’s Flights: $59.99 / year
Scott’s Cheap Flights: $49 / year


Free Premium Trial

Matt’s Flights: Yes, you can try it free for 14 days
Scott’s Cheap Flights: Yes, you can try it free for 14 days


Best Deal I Got During the Month

Matt’s Flights: Cincinnati to New Orleans for $71 round trip
Scott’s Cheap Flights: Dayton to Tokyo for $614


Extra Services Included?

Matt’s Flights: free one-on-one trip planning
Scott’s Cheap Flights: N/A


If you’re only interested in international travel, Scott’s Cheap Flights had more and better deals than Matt’s Flights.

However, for domestic travel, Matt’s Flights is better. Scott’s Cheap Flights only does domestic flights to Hawaii, so if you’re interested in getting them to any other states, Matt’s Flights is a must. 

The two services complement each other pretty well in this way, and I recommend buying both if you have the budget. Or, splitting it with a friend in your region so you each purchase one and mooch off the other 😉


Matt's flights on a laptop


So, Is Matt’s Flights Worth the Price?

This Matt’s Flights review is all about helping you choose the right service for YOUR travel style.

If you love to vacation in the US (or have always wanted to, but were deterred by the price), Matt’s Flights just makes sense.

If you just buy just one domestic round trip through the service, you’ll save enough money for the service to pay for itself. If you buy tickets for you and your partner, you already come out ahead. 

For avid US travelers, Matt’s Flights can save you a lot of money – try the premium service for free for 14 days to see for yourself!


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