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Hiking on mountains is all about the views, and Kamen Del truly delivers. This short route is flat, easy, and offers stunning panoramas of the city spread out below your feet.

If you want to explore Vitosha Mountain while in Sofia, the hike to Kamen Del is my favorite and has the best view of Sofia in the city.

How to Hike to Kamen Del

It’s really easy to do this on a half-day trip even without a car.

Daniel and I left our apartment around 11 am and were back in the city by 3 pm, so this excursion is pretty short and sweet. If you want to check it out, simply follow these 3 steps to hike to Kamen Del for the best view of Sofia!

Step 1: Get to Aleko Hut

Take bus 66 or the Simeonovo chair lift to Aleko Hut on top of Vitosha Mountain. In the summer, these only run on weekends so if you don’t have a car you will only be able to hike to Kamen Del on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.

Bus 66 leaves from the Zoo and you can see the full route here. Bus 66 will take you all the way to the top of the mountain and if you go this route you won’t need to take a chair lift.

I enjoyed the chair lift, though, and recommend it over the bus. If you opt for the Simeonovo chair lift, check the website and look for a green check mark next to “Cabin Lift” to make sure it’s running that day. If it is, simply take a taxi to the chairlift (this will be about 12 lev / 7 usd for the trip) and then the chairlift ticket will be another 14 lev / 8 usd round trip per person.

Both options take around 45 minutes to an hour to get from Sofia city center to Aleko Hu on Vitosha Mountain

view of Sofia on the hike to Kamen Del

Step 2: Hike to Kamen Del

Now for the fun part! This out and back trek to Kamen Del will only take one or two hours depending on how fast you walk and how much time you spend at the view point.

If you arrived to Aleko Hut by chair lift you simply walk out of the lift, cross the road, and walk straight onto the path to Kamen Del. If you go by car or bus, then walk up the road until you see the Simeonovo ski lift on your left. Stop here and enter the trail to Kamen Del on the right.

Next you will follow the trail for about 30 minutes until you reach a dead end at another ski lift. Turn left here, and then after a few steps a trail will split from your path. Don’t keep following the main gravel path. Instead, leave it and walk to the right on the grassy trail instead.

From here, it will be about another easy and flat 30 minutes through a field until you reach the Kamen Del view point.

Step 3: Enjoy the View

You will definitely be rewarded with amazing photo ops on your hike to Kamen Del, because it finishes with the best views of Sofia.

Bring a picnic to sit in the grass and enjoy from high up on the mountainside. When the sun is shining the city is nothing short of picturesque spread out below your feet.

view of Sofia on the hike to Kamen Del

What to Pack for the Kamen Del Hike

Clearly, this trek isn’t too strenuous, but you should always be prepared when you go hiking on a mountain as high as Vitosha. Here’s everything I brought for the trip:

  • A small bag (I use the day pack from my Osprey Farpoint)
  • Cash for our taxi and the chairlift
  • A jacket or warm layers (the weather can change quickly on a mountain)
  • Sturdy hiking boots (I love my Timberland boots)
  • A large water bottle
  • A picnic or some snacks
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

I love the hike to Kamen Del because it has beautiful views and because it’s so easy to get to. It’s only a quick half-day trip but I felt like I left the crowds and stresses of the city far behind me.

I love to get out in nature and recharge on the weekends, and the hike to Kamen Del is the best place to do it in Sofia!

PS looking for more excursions from the city? Learn how to take a day trip to the seven Rila Lakes or check out more routes on Vitosha Mountain.



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