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Romania has a much better craft beer scene than I originally thought.

To be honest, my expectations were pretty low, but so far this country has blown them out of the water.

While at the moment there are only two breweries in the city, craft beer in Sibiu is off to a promising start. There are plenty of bars, shops, festivals, and even a delivery service to help you try all of the new beers coming out of Romania, right here in town.

I drank my way through the city, met with a local brewer and did some serious research, all so you don’t have to.

Make sure you bookmark this for your next night out, because it’s the only guide you need for craft beer in Sibiu!


Best Breweries in Sibiu

Let’s start where it all begins: the breweries. Surprisingly, Sibiu actually has two brand new breweries in town.


Urban Brewery

Location: str. Frigoriferului nr. 6, Sibiu

Urban Brewery was launched by Adrian and his partner in 2017 and their first three beers hit the shelves in January 2018.

Right now they’re producing an IPA, Marzen Lager and a Dubbel Ale, which was my favorite of the three. Unfortunately, they don’t have a tasting room open yet in their brewery or in the city, but you can try them at all of the bars listed later in this article.

If you’re like me and also want to know more about the growing craft beer industry in Sibiu, visit the Urban Brewery website and send them an email. Adrian is super responsive and will even set you up with a tour of the facilities!


Nembeer Brewery

Location: Str. Viile Sibiului, no. 1, Sibiu

Nembeer Brewery is the second one in Sibiu. Right now they’re dishing up three different bottles: an American Pale Ale, a classic Pilsen, and a red beer aptly named “Draculina.”

Daniel and I bought the APA from Eco Zen Boutique, whose first shipment of brand new bottles had just arrived that morning.

I have to admit, I sort of loved the feeling of discovery, and moments like that are why I enjoy exploring the up-and-coming craft beer scenes abroad! Let’s get back to the beer though…

It was actually pretty good. Not the best APA I’ve ever had, but for one of the first beers from one of the first batches, I was pretty impressed.

I’m not sure where else Nembeer is served in Sibiu besides Eco Zen Boutique, but it’s certainly worth stopping by the store to shop local and try a true taste of the city.


Craft Beer Stores in Sibiu

Want some drinks to go for a party or relaxing night at home? This is the best (and right now, only) craft beer store in Sibiu.


Eco Zen Boutique

Location: Strada 9 Mai 3, Sibiu 550201

Eco Zen Boutique is a one-stop-shop for craft beer in Sibiu. Don’t let the small size fool you: this place has just about every Romanian beer on the market today.

We visited Eco Zen Boutique during the week (they’re only open 3 to 8 pm, Monday through Friday) and met the owner, Alex.

This is clearly a man who loves beer. He was super knowledgable and helpful about all things craft beer in Romania and introduced us to a lot of cool options based on our preferences.

Prices range from about $2 to $5 per beer, but it’s definitely worth it to find some interesting brews you just can’t try anywhere else in Sibiu.


3 Best Craft Beer Bars in Sibiu

This is one of my favorite categories, and I promise I won’t leave you disappointed. If you’re ready to explore the city, these are the best craft beer bars in Sibiu!


1. Scottish Pub

Best for: the biggest variety of Romanian beers
Location: Strada Avram Iancu nr.11Sibiu 550183, Romania

Maybe I’m biased because we live right next door, but the Scottish Pub should be your number one choice for late night in the city. It has the best selection of craft beer in Sibiu by far, and it’s the only bar that serves Hop Hooligans.

Hop Hooligans is a brewery from Bucharest and my favorite in the country.

Their branding and is colorful and cool, and the beers are quirky. They make tons of niche flavors like “Sencha,” a Japanese tea pale ale and “Why the Long Face,” an amazing cinnamon raison oatmeal stout.

The Hop Hooligans website boasts over 30 different beer flavors and the Scottish Pub had at least ten to try. If you want to taste some of the best beer in Romania, this is the only bar in Sibiu where you can get your hands on it.


2. Lili’s Cafe

Best for: a great atmosphere
Location: Piața Mică 30, Sibiu 550182

Also included in my list of 6 Sibiu restaurants recommended by the locals, Lili’s cafe is great because it has an extensive craft beer menu and an amazing location with tables sprawling out into the small square.

If you want to try something new while people watching in the best atmosphere in Sibiu, check out Lili’s Cafe any night of the week.


3. ASTRA Museum Beer Garden

Best for: a day drink
Location: Strada Pădurea Dumbrava 16-20, Sibiu 100302

Yep, ASTRA Museum also has their own craft beer stand!

This large park and museum is worth a visit because they recreated traditional Romanian villages with homes, windmills, and more that you can all walk inside of and explore.

Even better, ASTRA also has a small group of food stands where you can find Eco Zen Boutique selling some of their more popular beers during the day. For us, that was a perfect sign that we needed a break from our history lesson and we sat down in the shade to enjoy something new.

If you go to ASTRA, I recommend trying the One Beer Later brand just because I loved the stylized photos of Dali, Einstein, and Steve Jobs on the bottles 🙂

There are other bars that serve craft beer in Sibiu, but I think these three allow for a full Romanian beer experience whether you want to day drink, enjoy a few in the evening, or party all night long.

The Scottish Pub, Lili’s Cafe, and the tiny little beer garden in ASTRA are your best bets for craft beer bars in Sibiu at the moment.

Of course, if you have another favorite hole-in-the-wall that I missed, definitely comment below to let me know!


Craft Beer Festivals in Sibiu

The first craft beer festival in Sibiu was held in early August in 2017  and 2018 at the Astra Museum.

It’s called BEER Craft @ Art, and featured 14 beer “artisans” and two cider-makers from Transylvania, Moldova, and Ilfov.

The 2019 festival dates haven’t been solidified yet, but you can anticipate it occurring sometime in the late summer months.

If you’re lucky enough to be in town at that tome, follow Eco Zen Boutique on Facebook because they co-host the event and will announce the 2019 dates there!


Craft Beer Delivery Services in Sibiu

Last but not least on my guide to craft beer in Sibiu is a delivery service! Berero is helping Romanians broaden their craft beer experiences with bottle delivery throughout the country.

Right now, the online shop has choices from 23 different breweries.

It’s based in Bucharest (and even offers same day delivery there) but also serves the rest of the country, Sibiu included. If you’re a local or planning to stay here for awhile, you can get anything you don’t find in the city delivered straight to your door with Berero.

The service is definitely a bit on the pricier side, but craft beer isn’t cheap and the packages are heavy, so I’m willing to give ’em a pass.

Although I haven’t tried it out yet, I can definitely see the value in what they do and would love to hear about your experiences with the service!


Enjoy Craft Beer in Sibiu With This Handy Guide

I loved exploring the up-and-coming craft beer scene in Sibiu during my stay.

If you’re interested in trying local Romanian beer while you’re in town, this complete guide to craft beer in Sibiu is all you need to get started.


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  1. “1717” are a craft beer brand located in Sibiu but they make the beer in Germany (
    You can find craft beer in other stores in Sibiu, such as The Corner Shop on Hipodromului street.

    • Yeah, unfortunately 1717 aren’t in Sibiu anymore, but still a good brand to try while here.

  2. I was so disappointed to go to Astra today and find no beer garden! Was it in the ‘market’ area with open field in the middle near the main entrance? I saw a shed that looked like it could be something, but definitely closed on a Friday afternoon in high season. So sad – will have to make a beeline to St Andrews now instead!

    • That’s a shame! Yes it was in the group of shed-like buildings lol. Maybe they’re only open on weekends? I know we went on a Saturday. If you stop by the Eco Zen Boutique shop you can ask them about it because I think they run the booth at ASTRA as well


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