This post contains affiliate links. Daniel and I were invited on a free cruise in order to share our review.

This weekend Daniel and I had the opportunity to go on and review the Catamaya Sailing Cruise.

If you’re looking for a laid-back but fun boat cruise from Playa del Carmen, this is definitely a great company to consider. We had an amazing time, and I’m here to tell you all about it!


boat cruise from Playa del Carmen


The Stats

Price: $120 for adults $80 for kids
Length: 4 hours
Times: Monday – Saturday from 10am to 2pm
Location: Puerto Aventuras Marina
Included: Round trip transportation, lunch, snorkeling, and open bar
Where to book:

Our day started with an early wake up call.

We packed towels and a change of clothes, then hopped in a taxi to Walmart to pick up some eco sunscreen, which is essential for protecting the wildlife on the reefs.

Although we didn’t end up taking it, the tours include round trip transport from your hotel in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Akumal and Tulum.

We arrived at the boat at 9:40 for our 10 am departure. The second we stepped on board we were informed that the bar was open, and promptly ordered two margaritas. We took some quick photos and then settled in.

People began to roll in and at 10 am sharp the boat took off from the pier. The crew introduced themselves and gave a quick safety talk (most importantly, only two drinks allowed before snorkeling) and then we set off.


boat cruise from Playa del Carmen wth Catamaya Sailing


Boat Cruise Breakdown

The trip is divided into four parts for the four hours.

First, we spent an hour sailing to the reef site.

Then, we spent about 45 minutes to an hour snorkeling and swimming.

Third was an hour enjoying the water slide and eating lunch hot off the grill, and finally, we spent an hour drinking, relaxing, and enjoying the boat cruise back to Puerto Aventuras.


The Snorkeling

The snorkeling was absolutely amazing.

I’ve been diving around the world in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Colombia and Oman, and honestly this wildlife is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Almost immediately I ran into a turtle hanging out at the reef, and I swam around with him for about 15 minutes. While I was watching him, two huge stingrays passed underneath us! Little did I know these were the first of many we would see.

The reef was full of fish of all sizes and the coral was beautiful. Just please be extra extra careful not to kick it!

I opted out of the fins they offered because I didn’t want to take the risk, but unfortunately I saw other people getting very close.

The boat provided everything we needed like the masks and life vests, and even two guides to point out marine life. I really enjoyed the experience because they weren’t too pushy and really just let me mind my own business and float where I pleased (usually away from the rest of the group) for the whole trip.

Just watching the many stingrays pass by below me was so amazing, and an experience i recommend to everyone.


snorkeling in Playa del Carmen


The Party

After the snorkeling, we had fun going down the slide of the boat and messing around taking videos in the water.

Then, it was time for lunch. You choose your meal when you arrive and can pick from either steak, chicken kabobs, lobster tail, or a burger. We both chose the steak, and had a side salad and macaroni salad with it as well.

From then on, it was time to chill.

The bar offered margaritas, tequila sunrises, mixed drinks and coronas. We laid out on the roof of the boat to catch some sun and listen to the music as we sailed.

If you’re looking for a crazy, wild experience, then this cruise probably isn’t for you. The crowd was mostly young, but there were a few families with kids as well. I thought the vibe was great and laid back though, and everyone even started dancing at the end.

When we pulled back into the marina at 2 pm, I was pretty sad to see the trip come to a close.


boat cruise from Playa del Carmen with Catamaya Sailing


My Experience with Catamaya Sailing

A boat cruise from Playa del Carmen is a great escape from the town, resorts, and crowded beaches. One of my favorite things about Catamaya Sailing was that it was so relaxed and uncrowded.

The spacious boat had about 35 people on our tour, and I thought it was the perfect fit. No long lines at the bar, no jostling with arms and fins while snorkeling, and no hunting for a perfect seat or view on the boat.

Their best feature, though, is definitely the personalized attention from the crew.

By the end we knew them all by name because they were all so kind and friendly. They made sure our drinks were never warm or empty, and delivered impeccable service from start to finish.

The captain even took the time to personally deliver a cooked lobster tail to us while we ate because I had mentioned in passing hours earlier that I wanted to try one!

At the end, the bar was still open when we docked and they even handed out drinks to go. I’m not the type of person to ever comment on service, whether good or bad, but the crew just impressed me so much. I could tell each person wasn’t just an employee but also friends with eachother, and they truly enjoyed their jobs.


boat cruise from Playa del Carmen with Catamaya Sailing


Boat Cruise from Playa del Carmen: My Take on Catamaya Sailing

So, what’s my take away on Catamaya Sailing for a boat cruise from Playa del Carmen? I loved it!

Sure, there are bigger party boats around, but if you want a super chill, fun, and relaxing day trip the boat cruise from Playa del Carmen with Catamaya Sailing is your best bet.

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