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Daniel and I spent five weeks in Sibiu and it’s safe to say we thoroughly ate our way through the small Romanian city.

On our first weekend there we met up with Adrian, a Sibiu local and the owner of Urban Brewery. Of course, we talked all things craft beer in Sibiu and tried his latest creations, but the conversation also drifted to the best restaurants in Sibiu.

Adrian was born and raised here and told us these six restaurants are his local haunts and the places everyone should hit before they leave town!

Without further ado, here are six tried and true Sibiu restaurants that the locals love!


chicken curry from Syndicat Gourmet


1. Syndicat Gourmet

Location: Tîrgului No. 10, 550195, Sibiu, RO

This adorable little place is run by Adrian’s friend Bebe and is one of his go-to Sibiu restaurants for a date night.

Syndicat Gourmet is located in the lower part of Sibiu’s old town, about five minutes walking from the small square. Tucked into a house on a colorful, winding, cobblestone road, it has all the personality we’ve come to expect from the city.

Even better, the menu boasts a Romanian/Indian fusion which I totally didn’t know I needed in my life… until I tried it. If you’ve been following along on my travels, you know Indian restaurants are forever disappointing me around the world. Here, that’s not the case.

Daniel and I had wine, samosas, and split a chicken curry with rice and bread and the total came out to 100 lei / 25 usd.

Not the cheapest meal we’ve eaten in the city, but definitely one of the most delicious. I also tried a bite of their popular pumpkin curry, which was super flavorful.

If you love Indian food or just unique fusions in general, Syndicat Gourmet is the Sibiu restaurant for you.


view from the Wine Keller patio in Sibiu


2. Weinkeller

Location: Strada Turnului 2, Sibiu 550197

Daniel and I visited Weinkeller with friends on a Saturday evening and enjoyed the cozy outdoor patio and warm spring weather.

Although we’re usually beer drinkers, Adrian recommended that we explore the Romanian wine scene as well. If you’re curious about it at all, this is one of the best Sibiu restaurants to start.

The menu was like a novel and had pages upon pages describing the different wineries around Sibiu and the country, and offering multiple bottles from each one. We tried a red and a white, and though they all kind of taste the same to me, my wino friends who have way more knowledge in the category confirmed that both were great.

We got a cheese platter here also which was only ok, but I think the drink selection and classic church view still earn it a rightful place on this list of local recommendations.


sandwich from Lilli's cafe


3. Lili’s Cafe

Location: Piața Mică 30, Sibiu 550182

Although Lili’s Cafe may look tiny on the outside, it’s anything but.

This restored house in the central small square exudes cozy vibes around every hidden corner. With two floors, multiple rooms, and thoughtful decor, Lili’s is one of the best Sibiu restaurants for a lazy weekend brunch with friends and family.

The restaurant has an extensive coffee menu (I tried an interesting coconut creation) as well as smoothies, juices, craft beer, and cocktails. For brunch, I ordered the prosciutto, pesto, and mozzarella sandwich on focaccia bread.

I’m always on the lookout for a great sammy, and this definitely exceeded expectations.

Simple meals with high-quality ingredients are few and far between, but Lili’s definitely delivered. Oh, and the price was right as well. This huge sandwich was only 20 lei / 5 usd, and big enough to take home half for a second meal.


drinking tea at a Sibiu restaurant


4. Arhiva de Cafea si Ceaii (Archive of Tea and Coffee)

Location: Strada Arhivelor 2, Sibiu 557260

This tiny coffee and tea shop is right through a tunnel off the main square, but it’s easy to miss if you don’t already know it’s there.

The Archive of Tea and Coffee is run by Laura, a woman who’s obviously passionate about good drinks.

The cafe features teas and coffee beans from around the world, including unique flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake tea or Lemon Rosemary. I’m so thankful that Adrian told us about it because otherwise, I don’t think we would ever end up there.

I actually tried what I think is now my new favorite drink simply on the recommendation of the barista. She brought me a cup of the “Red Fruits” tea and I was instantly in love (and of course bought plenty to go).

The small space is nicely decorated, cute and quirky, and most importantly, provides what they promise: an extensive selection of tea and coffee that even the most serious connoisseur will be eager to explore.


Pizza and pasta from Max, on the best Sibiu restaurants


5. Max

Location: Strada Ocnei 22, Sibiu 550188

Max isn’t owned by someone of the same name, but it is run by Giancarlo… can you guess the cuisine?

Who knew that exploring the Sibiu restaurants would end with mouth-watering Italian food?

The truth is, Romania’s proximity to the country has allowed a lot of Italian flavors to seep into the local food scene and we’re definitely not complaining.

The low ceilings and exposed beams give off a cozy vibe and Max is a fancy night out without the price tag.

Daniel ordered the prosciutto and mushroom pizza and I opted for the truffle ravioli. It. Was. Amazing. I know that word is thrown around a lot on this blog, but trust me when I say this truffle sauce will activate taste buds you never even knew were there.

The meal for two with a bottle of wine was super filling and delicious and cost 122 lei / 30 usd plus tip.

Ok… maybe the restaurant isn’t that cheap but you can definitely cut costs by not getting a 63 lei bottle of wine, choosing a different pasta (but don’t. The truffle ravioli will blow your mind), or sharing a pizza instead.

Max is a romantic choice and my second favorite Sibiu restaurant on this list. Are you ready for the first?



6. Pardon Cafe

Location: Strada Cetății 14, Sibiu 550160

Adrian is in the know not just because he’s a Sibiu local, but also because his work in the brewery scene has put him in contact with many of the restaurant and bar owners in the area.

He shared not only the Sibiu restaurants with great food, but also those with great personalities and memorable atmospheres that take the whole dining experience to another level.

Pardon Cafe is one of those places.

Run by Marius, this ornate blue cafe looks like it could also belong on the streets of Paris.

Step out of the main square and you’ll find a bustling back road full of locals enjoying the sun, lively atmosphere, and fresh drinks from Pardon. This is my favorite Sibiu restaurant on the list because of one thing, and one thing only: the mussels.

I’ve only tried mussels once before in my life, but multiple reviewers recommended them so we gave it a go, and, wow. I’m so glad we did.

I double-dog-dare you not to let your jaw drop when the waitress unveils this gigantic portion!

The mussels in red sauce were simmering with garlic, onions, and exotic flavors and the smell alone was worth the order. We also got the pasta (which was only average) but the mussels are more than enough to feed two. Add an order of the focaccia bread the whole experience will set you back 55 lei  / 14 usd without drinks.


Try All 6 Sibiu Restaurants Recommended by the Locals!

I have enjoyed eating my way through Sibiu and will definitely be visiting some of these places again because they were just that good.

I was very surprised by the quality and variety of international restaurants in this small town, and this list has tasty options from India, France, Italy, Romania, and more.

These six Sibiu restaurants were recommended by a local and we tasted all of them too… just in case. I can say with certainty that whichever you choose, you definitely won’t be leaving disappointed!

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