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In my humble opinion, Sibiu is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you’re reading this, it likely means you’re one of the lucky travelers who gets to see it!

Transylvania (the northern part of Romania) is full of German architecture, idyllic countrysides, and beautiful castles. In fact, the place is so beautiful that the Transylvanian town of Sibiu was even named the European Culture Capital in 2007.

If you’re visiting, you’re definitely going to want to capture the memories forever. So, what better way than with this list of 14 Instagram spots around Sibiu? Use this guide to snap the perfect picture on your trip!

Sibiu, Romania

View from the bell tower in the Lutheran Cathedral

Sibiu historic town in Transylvania

The Lutheran Cathedral – taken from Pasaj Restaurant

Sibiu historic town in Transylvania

The view from the Liar’s Bridge

volunteer in Sibiu at a Sibiu animal shelter

Volunteering at Sibiu Animal Life – Click here to learn more

Sibiu historic town in Transylvania

Cafes, cobblestone streets, and a park – taken on Strada Cetatii

Sibiu historic center and Lutheran Cathedral

The Lutheran Cathedral – taken from Strada Centumvirilor

Sibiu historic town in Transylvania

The Sibiu Pedestrian Street – taken on Strada Nicolae Balcescu

main square in Sibiu

Piata Mare – the main square in Sibiu

houses with eyes in Sibiu

The famous houses that have eyes – you can find these all around Sibiu, this was taken in Piata Mare

Cisnadiora, a small town near Sibiu

Cisnadiora from the fortified church – 15 minutes from Sibiu – Click here to learn more

Bran Castle in Brasov, Romania

Bran Castle – 2.5 hours from Sibiu – Click here to learn more

Brasov, Romania

The Historic Center of Brasov – 2.5 hours from Sibiu – Click here to learn more

Brasov cable car

The Brasov Cable Car – 2.5 hours from Sibiu – Click here to learn more

Corvin Castle on a day trip from Sibiu

Corvin Castle – 3 hours from Sibiu – Click here to learn more

Train from Sibiu to Bucharest

Views from the Train – taken on a weekend trip from Sibiu to Bucharest

So, these are the 14 Instagram spots around Sibiu that I can recommend. This whole town (and the surrounding area) is beautiful, though, and I’m sure you’ll discover many more when you’re here.

Enjoy your time in Romania, and use these 14 Instagram spots around Sibiu to captures just a little bit of the beauty to take home with you 🙂

Plan the rest of your strip to Sibiu with the Romania Guide to discover 24 things to do in Sibiu, how to spend a weekend in Brasov, and so much more!

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