These 14 Photos of Transylvania Will Convince You to Visit Now

by | May 8, 2018

I’m not gonna lie, Daniel and I got a lot of questions and a few raised eyebrows when we told people we were moving to Romania. The truth is, the country is NOTHING like you may expect, and these photos of Transylvania are here to prove it.

Transylvania (the northern part of Romania) is full of German architecture, idyllic countrysides, and beautiful castles. In fact, the place is so beautiful that the Transylvanian town of Sibiu was even named the European Culture Capital in 2007.

If you’ve never considered visiting Romania, these pictures may just change your mind. Check out my 14 favorite photos of Transylvania, and then book a flight to see this lovely part of the country for yourself!


View of Sibiu

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ice cream in Brasov

Ice Cream in Brasov Historic Center

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The Small Town of Cisnadioara

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Cobbled Streets in the Sibiu Historic Center



Traditional Romanian Meat & Cheese Plate



Sunset in the Sibiu Historic Center



Volunteering at Animal Life Sibiu

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Corvin Castle

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Colorful Cafes in Historic Sibiu

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Train from Sibiu to Bucharest

View from the Train: Sibiu to Bucharest



Sibiu Historic Center



View of Brasov from the nearby mountain

Hiking in Brasov

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Sunny Days in Sibiu



Bran Castle

Visiting Bran Castle

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For me, five weeks in Transylvania wasn’t enough. Daniel and I are already planning to come back again in 2019, because there’s so much left to see and discover in this unique part of the world.

So, have these photos of Transylvania convinced you to add it to your bucket list as well?

Comment below and tell me what you think!

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