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A day trip to Corvin Castle (also known as Hunedoara) is essential for any visitor trying to get a feel for the true Transylvania.

Explore the countryside to see gothic castles, gory dungeons, and idyllic village views… all in this one-day excursion from Sibiu to Corvin Castle and Cisnadioara!


day trip to Corvin Castle and Cisnadiora


How to Get to Corvin Castle

There are two different transport options for a day trip to Corvin Castle from Sibiu

The first is to rent a car. Renting a car is pretty simple and affordable for travelers throughout Eastern Europe and Romania is no different.

If you choose to go this route, there are three car rental places in the main square (Autonom, Smart7, and EuropeCar), so you can easily price shop on an afternoon walk.

Generally, costs start around 30 euros for a one-day rental and most require a deposit as well. If you want an automatic car, try to set it up a few days in advance because they’re usually in limited supply.

From there just follow your GPS to Corvin Castle where you can even find free parking around the site as long as it’s not too busy.


day trip to Corvin Castle from Sibiu


Your second option to start your day trip to Corvin Castle is with public transport, but it won’t be easy.

First you’ll have to take a 3-hour bus from Sibiu to Deva, and from there you can catch a another right outside the train station for a 40-minute ride to the town of Hunedoara. Finally, wave down a taxi to get to the castle itself.

Not ideal, but definitely doable.

Instead, Daniel and I went with our Romanian friend Benjamin by car which takes about 1.5 hours each way… personally, I don’t think the castle is worth the eight hour round trip journey without one.

If you don’t want to rent a car, you can also check out the ride sharing app called BlaBlaCar or find a local to show you around.


Our Day Trip to Corvin Castle

Daniel and I paid the 25 lei / 6 usd entrance fee and explored the castle for about an hour and a half, although I imagine history buffs might want to stay longer.

By far my two favorite parts were the torture chambers with very lifelike mannequin reenactments and the great hall which made me feel like I stepped straight into an episode of Game of Thrones.

Of course, just enjoying the view of the imposing castle from outside was pretty cool too.


day trip to Corvin Castle


After walking around, we went to get lunch at Restaurant Rustic in Hunedoara, just a few minutes drive from the castle.

Benjamin recommended we try the Moldovan stew which was definitely… interesting.

It was really flavorful, but the portion was big and pretty heavy. Still, though, I always like getting a taste of something new and local and there were lots of Romanian dishes to choose from on the menu.

We enjoyed the nice weather in their outdoor courtyard, and a meal here only costs about 20 lei / 5 usd per person.


Romanian food


On to Cisnadioara

Daniel, Benjamin and I originally planned to visit Sighisoara after Corvin Castle, but just one look at a map will tell you that doesn’t really make sense.

If you’re super adventurous or just full of caffeine you can attempt the 3-hour drive from Corvin Castle to Sighisoara, but it just wasn’t in the stars for us that day.

Instead, we decided to check out the small town of Cisnadioara because it’s right outside of Sibiu and didn’t add too much driving to our already busy day.


Transylvanian town of Cisnadiora in Romania


Why visit Cisnadiora?

The main draw is just that this little piece of Transylvania is exactly what you picture when you think of the small towns that dot Romania’s countryside. It even has a fortified church up on the hill if you’re up for a short hike.

The cost to visit the church is 7 lei / 1.75 usd per person, but it’s worth it just for the beautiful views alone.

The snow-capped Carpathian mountains on one side, the quaint town of Cisnadioara on the other, and all of it surrounded by lush green hills as far as the eye can see. Seriously, so beautiful!

I also enjoyed walking into the old fortified church (it was used as a stronghold whenever the city was attacked) because the change in temperature was immediate and pretty unsettling from the heat of the sun to the super cool stone rooms. Spooky.


fortified church in Cisnadiora


Finally, end your day trip to Corvin Castle and Cisnadiora with a stroll through the town itself for a quick snack before heading back to Sibiu.

All in all, our adventure took about eight hours. We started at 9 am and returned to our apartment at 5 pm that evening… perfect timing for a quick nap before a late dinner and drinks in the square!


Take a Day Trip to Corvin Castle and Cisnadioara from Sibiu

If you want to explore the castle, towns, and magic of the idyllic Transylvanian countryside, a day trip to Corvin Castle is a perfect option.

Get some history and good eats in all without stretching your wallet or your energy levels too thin! I definitely enjoyed the excursion and recommend it to any visitors willing to rent a car and hit the open road.

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