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If you’re wondering how to visit Mary’s house in Ephesus you’ve come to the right place. 

The House of the Virgin Mary is located in a pretty remote location on top of a mountain and there is no public transport to it. There’s only one way to get there, and this guide will walk you through the route both from the Ephesus ruins and from the town of Selcuk.


How to Visit Mary’s House from the Ephesus Ruins

If you’re like me and want to tack on a visit to Mary’s house after you explore the Ephesus ruins, follow these steps.


1. Exit the ruins at the North-West Entrance

Chances are this is where you entered, but the best place to get a taxi is back at the main entrance (the lower entrance) so retrace your steps through the ruins to exit here if you can.


2. Catch a taxi

You might see a taxi or two waiting at the front of the parking lot, and you can negotiate with them if you want. Or, walk through the parking lot to the minibus stop. There’s a man here who will give you a flat price (100 lira / 18 usd) for the round trip to Mary’s house and back to Selcuk and then call the taxi to pick you up.

I tried to negotiate with him and he was totally not having it – so I don’t think the price goes much lower than this.

Keep in mind that this was in the low season which may affect the prices – it’s possible you may pay a bit more in the high season (if you do, please comment below and let me know so I can amend this for future readers).


3. Commit to the round trip

There’s no bus going to and from Mary’s house and it’s pretty remote at the top of a mountain, so you need to pay for the round trip.

For 100 lira your driver will take you to Mary’s house, wait 20ish minutes for you to visit, and then drop you off in the Selcuk city center or the bus station, whichever you prefer.


Mary's house in Ephesus

The small chapel built on the site of Mary’s house in Ephesus


How to visit Mary’s house from the town of Selcuk

If you want to visit Mary’s house from the town of Selcuk, the process will be pretty similar.

I don’t know why there’s no minibus service to it because it’s a pretty popular tourist destination, but right now (2019) taxis are still the only way to visit Mary’s house in Ephesus, even coming from the town of Selcuk.

The only negative about catching the taxi here rather than at the ruins is that you’ll have to negotiate the price on your own, but knowing it should be around 100 lira can help prevent you from getting ripped off.


How Much Does it Cost to Visit Mary’s House in Ephesus?

This outing actually ended up being kind of pricey, mostly due to the lack of public transportation.

The round trip taxi ride costs 100 lira and entrance into the site itself is another 35 lira / 6.50 usd per person. So for a couple, we ended up paying 170 lira / 31 usd total for the trip.

Mary’s house is about 15 minutes driving from both the ruins and Selcuk and we visited for about 15 minutes, so all in all the experience was less than an hour.

In my opinion, it was kind of pricey and there’s not much to see at the site – just a small chapel and a small gift shop.

I went because I grew up Catholic and because of its historical significance (it was named a UNESCO site along with Ephesus in 2015) but I wouldn’t really say it’s a must-see in the area. 


statue of Mary in Ephesus, Turkey

Statue of Mary on the road to her house – ask your driver to stop for a minute if you want a photo


Use this Guide to Visit the House of the Virgin Mary

Whether you want to go from the Ephesus ruins or the town of Selcuk, I hope this helps you plan your trip – especially because there are, unfortunately, no public transport options to the site just yet.

Just remember that you need to book the taxi for the round trip of you may end up stranded on top of the mountain with no way to get home!

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