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I knew that our penthouse stay in Medellin was going to be amazing the second that I set foot in the private elevator. Let me give you a quick tour of the place…

Alejandro’s penthouse has two floors.

The downstairs features four of the five bedrooms (three of which have their own ensuite bathrooms), the kitchen, sitting room, and two balconies.

If this was the entire apartment, I’d give it a great review. However, the second that you step upstairs, you completely forget that the first level exists.

The entire top floor is a master suite fit for royalty. With a king size bed, a modern wraparound fireplace, and a shower with a panoramic view of the city, I had no idea what to do first!

Then, I saw the outdoor terrace. Alejandro has built a true paradise, high above the busy streets of Medellin.


girl on terrace with view of Medellin, luxury penthouse in Medellin


The view extends through the entire valley of Medellin, and I felt like a queen overlooking my kingdom (even if it was just for one night).

The terrace also features a grill and bar, a huge seating area, and a private jacuzzi. Once I set foot on it, I knew that I would never want to leave to explore Medellin.

Now, if you know me, you know there are two things that I love: an amazing view and a private pool. A terrace with a panoramic view of the entire valley that I can enjoy from my own private pool?

That changes the game.

The best part of the pool isn’t that there are tons of comfy lounge chairs for tanning (though those were much appreciated), it’s the temperature control!

Leave the heat off all day and soak in the cool water while sunning and snacking on the terrace. When the sun goes down, all you have to do is grab some champagne and flip a switch to heat up the pool to turn it into a jacuzzi for a wild night!


Woman standing on balcony overlooking stormy Medellin sky.


Everyone knows true luxury is in the details, and the care that Alejandro has so clearly put into this penthouse in Medellin is what really brings it to the next level.

He left a convenient info packet listing takeout, restaurants, bars, clubs, any phone number that you may need, and all the WiFi passwords and channels which made getting settled in a breeze.

Each bed also came with it’s own robe, which is handy for when you’re hanging out in your swimsuit all day.

Daniel and I like stay in luxury homes and resorts to experience something we’d never get in our own homes, and Alejandro certainly provides this.

One of my favorite unique features in the master bedroom was the gorgeous two-story glass walls on three of the four sides, perfect for enjoying the view while eating breakfast in bed.


breakfast in bed, girl, champagne


With all the lights alive and sparkling, the view at night is even more stunning. But who wants to get up and close the curtains when you’re ready for bed?

Not me.

With Alejandro’s remote-controlled curtains, you never have to! Enjoy the stunning vista until you’re ready to nod off, and then just tap a button to close yourself in for a cozy night. Amazing.

To top it off, Alejandro is the most vibrant, cheerful, and friendly person that you will ever meet. He responds to all communication quickly and with a smile.


penthouse in Medellin, girl jumping on bed


If you’re looking for a penthouse in Medellin, you must stay in Poblado. And if you’re staying in Poblado, you absolutely cannot pass up Alejandro’s luxurious penthouse in Medellin.

Click here to see the listing on Airbnb and plan your own boutique stay in Medellin! 

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