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Don’t want to pay out the hiney for your Verizon or AT&T data when you travel?

Me either.

That’s why I ditched the big names for something newer, better, and most importantly: cheaper.

Google Fi is now available for iPhones and Androids, officially making it the best phone plan for international travel. It simply blows away the competition, and here’s why.


How much does It Cost to Use Google Fi for international travel?

The Google Fi phone plan has a base cost of $20 that you’re going to pay no matter where in the world you are. That covers the cost of your line – basically your phone number – and unlimited calls and texting in the US. When you’re abroad texting is still free, but calls cost 20 cents per minute.

Next, add in your data usage. Google Fi does it better than anyone else because you only pay for exactly what you use.

No matter where you are – at home or abroad – each gigabyte of data costs $10 and your usage never gets rounded up.

So, if you use 1.8 GB you’ll pay $18, if you use 2.3 GB it will cost $23. Even better, your data bill is capped at $60, so after 6 GB you may as well go crazy – you can use as much as you want that month with no extra costs.

But Wait, There’s More

If those prices aren’t enough, Google Fi has two more features to make it the best phone plan for international travel.

You can turn your plan on and off whenever you want.

Heading into the mountains for a backpacking trip and don’t want to pay for your phone while it’s basically unusable? Log in to your account and simply turn it off. It’ll be waiting for you when you get back.

You can share data plans and accounts.

If your parent, partner, or friend has a Google Fi plan, they can order an extra SIM card completely free. Pop it into your phone and use their data at the same rate – $10 per GB – no matter where in the world you’re traveling.

Google Fi even makes it easy to pay them back by tracking each phone’s data usage separately in the account.

Why Google Fi is the Best Phone Plan for International Travel

I don’t need a phone number when I travel (in fact, I haven’t had one in 8 months) but I do want data. Now, I can get it for $10 per GB through my husband’s Google Fi plan without dealing with international SIM cards, wireless wifi devices, or super expensive American companies. That’s a serious win both in the convenience and money saving departments.

For once, there’s no shady sh*t with a phone plan. Google Fi is straightforward and easy to use with no extra fees or BS and because of that, I really can’t recommend it enough.

Sign up and start saving money today!


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