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Medellin is an interesting city.

It’s not beautiful in the typical sense like Paris or Rome, but there is still plenty to see. I spent six months living and working in this up-and-coming mecca for digital nomads and found a lot of hidden beauty below the surface.

The unique energy around Medellin lends itself well to street art and interesting architecture and of course, the city of eternal spring had beautiful parks blooming all year round.

For anyone looking for the best Instagram spots around Medellin, this list will send you down the right path. Pick out your favorites and then use my guide to learn exactly how to visit them and even group some together into a single visit!

If you want to capture Colombia on camera, begin with this list of 16 stunning Instagram spots around Medellin!


arenales waterfall in Medellin

Arenales WaterfallLearn More


view from the Medellin Cable Car

Medellin Cable CarLearn More


street art in Medellin

Street Art – taken on Carrera 37


parque salado in envigado

Parque SaladoLearn More


paragliding in Medellin

Paragliding at San Felix – Learn More


rafael uribe uribe palace of culture

Rooftop of Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture


hiking in Parque Arvi

Parque ArviLearn More


Parque Botero in Medellin

Parque Botero 


hiking in Parque Piedras Blancas

Parque Piedras BlancasLearn More


colorful streets of Guatape, Colombia

Guatape – Day trip from Medellin – Learn More


view of the lakes from el penon rock

El Penon Rock – Day trip to Guatape – Learn More


Pablo Escobar's Mansion

Ruins of Pablo Escobar’s Mansion – Guatape – Learn More


gardens in Santa Fe, Colombia

Santa Fe de Antioquia – day trip from Medellin – Learn More


Bonus Instagram Spots Around Medellin…

If you’re looking for some harder to access (but even more stunning) Instagram spots around Medellin don’t miss these two picturesque places as well!


sitting on terrace, grey goose, city view

Stay in a penthouse in MedellinLearn More


town of Jardin, Colombia

Jardin, Colombia – An idyllic weekend escape from Medellin –  Learn More


Basilica of the Immaculate Conception – Jardin, Colombia – Learn More


Tips to Visit the Instagram Spots Around Medellin

I know this is a long list and you may feel a little overwhelmed about where to start, so I’ve got some extra tips. Combine these Instagram spots around Medellin to efficiently capture your favorites!

Combo #1

  • Medellin Cable Car
  • Parque Piedras Blancas
  • Parque Arvi

Combo #2

  • Parque Botero
  • Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture
  • Medellin Street Art

Day Trip to Guatape

  • El Penon Rock
  • Town of Guatape
  • Pable Escobar’s Mansion

Weekend Trip to Jardin

  • Town of Jardin
  • Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Stand Alone Instagram Spots

  • Arenales Waterfall (half-day hike)
  • Parque Salado
  • A penthouse stay
  • Paragliding at San Felix (half-day trip)
  • Santa Fe de Antioquia (full-day trip)


Use this Instagram guide to out there and experience all the beauty that Medellin has to offer! Then, plan the rest of your trip with the Colombia Series to learn the top 10 things to do in Medellin, how to visit San Andres Island, what to see in Cartagena, and so much more! 

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