I’m always down to try some new brews and my hunt for craft beer in Huaraz was no different. Daniel and I spent one month in the small mountain town and we ate and drank our way through the town like champs.

The food was often better than I thought and I was surprised to find multiple breweries selling craft beer in Huaraz. Whether you’re fueling up for a hike to Laguna 69, ice-climbing on Nevado Mateo, or the 4-day Santa Cruz Trek, this list has the best restaurants and craft beer in Huaraz to get ya ready for your next adventure!


Trivio for Craft Beer in Huaraz

Trivio Restaurant is the official restaurant selling Sierra Andina beer, a craft beer brewed in the city. Sierra Andina is the best beer that I’ve had in Peru and Trivio is definitely the best place for craft beer in Huaraz, They have a couple different flavors and types, including an IPA that is 10.5% alcohol that’s deadly but delicious.

At Trivio you can get 1/2 jars and full jars of beer to split. A 1/2 jar (which we usually got) is two beers for 15 to 18 soles / 5 to 6 usd. Otherwise, you can get bottles for 7 to 10 soles each.

When it comes to food, Trivio has huge portions. My favorite dishes there are the 20 sole / 6 usd chicken tender and fries platter thats definitely big enough for two, the 10 sole / 3 usd menus of the day with an appetizer, meal, drink and dessert, or the breakfast for 16 soles / 5 usd with eggs, bacon, pancakes, coffee and fresh juice. All great.


Chili Heaven for Thai and Indian Food

I loooooove Indian food (who doesn’t?) so for my birthday meal we decided to check out Chili Heaven.

They had good reviews for their indian curries on TripAdvisor, but unfortunately on the night we went they didn’t have it! Instead, we tried the Thai red curry, and it was seriously amazing. Easily as good as any other Thai restaurant I’ve been to in the states.

The prices are a little high at 27 soles / 8 usd for the curry & rice, but it was big enough for two people to split. Definitely worth a visit if you enjoy Indian and Thai food!


Mi Comedia Pizza for Italian Food

This place is bomb.

It’s a kind of long walk from the main square to outside of town (about 15 minutes) but it’s so worth it. The pizzas at Mi Comedia are cooked in a wood-fired oven and were just as delicious as the pizzas I used to eat when I studied in Florence, Italy.

We got the margarita pizza, garlic bread, and a water bottle for 36 soles / 11 usd total. Not bad, especially because its nice, well-lit, and romantic to boot. A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Huaraz.


13 Buhos for Craft Beer and Burgers

I know this article is called the best restaurants and craft beer in Huaraz, so of course I can’t leave 13 Buhos off the list.

Surprisingly, this restaurant brews their own beer, Lucho’s, named after their owner. The large beers are big enough for two, so when Daniel and I went we split a large “Coca Roja” for 12 soles / 3.50 usd and each got a massive burger and fries for 20 soles / 6 usd more per plate.

The portion was huge and I took at least half of it home for another meal. The fries were also really delicious and some of the best I’ve had in a long time. If you’re looking for a classic American meal or are just a craft beer lover, definitely don’t miss Lucho’s beer at 13 Buhos.


You Also Shouldn’t Miss…

Some of the street foods we tried in Huaraz! The options were actually very different from everywhere else we’ve been in Peru.

They have large fried potato balls with boiled egg in them and an onion sauce (kinda weird, they were ok) but also this great bean salad called ceviche de tarwi. The beans are just like ceviche, with a vinegar and citrus onion sauce, and a weird texture thats hard and soft at the same time. It’s really good and super cheap to buy a portion for 1 or 2 soles on the street. If you pass someone selling it definitely stop and give it a try!


When it comes to restaurants and craft beer in Huaraz, the city surprisingly has some great offers. Check out these restaurants next time you go out, and treat yourself to a craft beer as a reward for completing a long trek.

Huaraz is a small but quaint mountain town with some great eats if you know where to look 🙂


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