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A lot of blogs and articles recommend heading to Miraflores for the best that Lima has to offer, but if you do, you’re missing out.

Barranco is far and away my favorite neighborhood in Lima.

It’s trendy, hip, and artsy. It has amazing food and nightlife, and a super chill and happy vibe. It’s easy to spend a day in Barranco, and when you do don’t miss out on my favorite spots!


Eclectic display in the Dedalo shop

One of the many eccentric rooms at Dedalo Arte y Artesania


4 Things to Do in Barranco, Lima

Check these four things off your bucket list when you spend a day in Barranco! If you’re more of a guided tours type of traveler, there are also plenty of guided experiences in Barranco on Airbnb, like: 

And lots more! But if you’re on a budget or just prefer to do your own thing, this list of my four favorite places to explore in Barranco will ensure you see the best of the neighborhood on your own time 🙂


1. Shop at Dedalo Arte y Artesania

One of my favorite places to visit in Barranco is Dedalo Arte y Artesenia.

This store is almost like a gallery because everything they sell is so beautiful. Trust me, it’s not like the other tourist markets with the same alpaca sweatshirts and knick knacks.

At Dedalo, every room has a different theme, from jewelry to art to (my favorite) gorgeous ceramic teapots that I definitely can’t afford but still dream about at night.

There’s also an outdoor cafe with a subtle secret garden ambiance going on that serves craft beer, coffees, artisanal chocolates, and desserts. Don’t miss a quick peek at Dedalo if you’re in the area!


2. Browse La Feria Market

La Feria market is another can’t miss spot in Barranco.

It’s one street up from Barranco’s main square but only open on the weekends.

If you can, plan your trip around being here because it’s pretty cool. Stalls sell homemade products, clothes, art, and of course amazing food. There’s a sushi stall here I really want to try, as well as crepes, ice cream, coffee, cocktails, pizzas, and much more.

There’s even a stage for live music at night, and the last time I was here there was an adoption stall with puppies and the tiniest kittens we could hold and play with. It seriously does not get any better than that!


3. Enjoy the Beach

Done shopping and feeling outdoorsy?

The beach walk is a great, free, and relaxing activity to add to your to Barranco itinerary.

The neighborhood was built on cliffs overlooking the ocean so there are little parks, paths, and green spaces along them to walk or sit and enjoy the waves. If you’re lucky enough to be there when it’s not gray and smoggy (unlike me), you’ll also get a nice view of the Lima skyline as well.


4. Walk Across the Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Barranco, Lima and it’s cool for a couple of reasons.

Built in the 1800s, the bridge is the historical center of the neighborhood. It’s surrounded by interesting graffiti, an old church, and a score of restaurants and bars.

It offers a picture-perfect vista of a cobblestone street packed with vendors and you should definitely spend some time wandering the area, relaxing in the park, and taking in the ocean view from the nearby vantage point.


burrito from the Burrito Bar in Barranco, Lima

My fat & tasty barbacoa burrito from the Burrito Bar


Where to Eat in Barranco

Whether you want to take a food tour through the neighborhood or just sit down for a bite to eat, Barranco has plenty of delicious options to choose from. While there, we tried plenty and passed by more that we wished we had room for!


La Pennetteria

The first is La Panetteria. This cute little bakery is perfect for a meal or a snack.

We had an iced coffee, a smoothie, and some fresh ciabatta to take home, but they also have sandwiches and tasty looking desserts.

It’s right by Barranco’s main square and a perfect place to chill. They even had some craft beers on the menu that I hadn’t seen anywhere else in Peru, like a cream and cocoa brew.


Burrito Bar

I’ve been craving a good burrito forever, so when I read the reviews for the Burrito Bar, I knew we couldn’t miss it.

It’s for sure the best burrito I’ve had in my 10 months in South America, and also cheap at only about $5 for a burrito that’s big enough to split.

The tortilla was fresh and the barbacoa meat was really flavorful. It’s easy to order and build with the exact toppings you want, so if you’re missing good Mexican food, the burritos, quesadillas, and tacos here are a must.


Isolina Taberna

Some honorable mentions on this list are two restaurants I passed by but didn’t try. Both were packed, though, and one even had a line of people waiting out the door.

The first is Isolina Taberna. This restaurant is Peruvian and must be amazing. The decor inside was cool and the menu was surprisingly cheap for how nice it looked.

Interestingly, the menu states that every meal is big enough for three people. The Peruvian dishes seemed heavy on the meat, but were still only $10 to $20 each – not bad to feed a whole group! They also had $5 fish and pork sandwiches that sounded delicious.


El Muelle

If you’re craving seafood and ceviche (Lima has some of the best in the world) then check out El Muelle.

It was packed all day and the dishes people were eating on the patio looked gigantic. If I head back to spend a day in Barranco again before I leave Lima, this is definitely at the top of my list and I will report back on the experience!


dirnking at the Barranco Beer Co.

Enjoying a few pints at the Barranco Beer Company


The Best Bars in Barranco, Lima

Last but certainly not least on this list of the best way to spend a day in Barranco are my favorite bars in the neighborhood.



By far my favorite bar in Barranco is Wick’s.

This traditional English pub is run by an English-Peruvian couple. All of the staff spoke English and best of all… they had draft cider! If you’re a cider lover like me, you’ll be in heaven.

I haven’t had a good one since I moved to South America so it was a delicious taste of home. They also have their own house beers on tap, as well a daily deal for a meal and a pint for $10.


Barranco Beer Company

The Barranco Beer Company is another great bar for beer lovers to visit in Barranco, Lima. It’s huge, modern, and you can even see their brewery in the back.

The Barranco Beer Co. has a few different house beers like the new Saca Tu Machete on tap with 10% ABV. We tried the oatmeal stout and the lager and both were really good. If you’re sick of drinking Cusquena and Pilsner, this is a great place to try something new.


Ayahuasca Resto Bar

If you’re more into cocktails than beer (I’m not, so I didn’t try this bar but it has rave reviews) check out Ayahuasca Resto Bar and let me know how it is.

The bar features craft cocktails and is built in a renovated colonial mansion, the perfect hip, artsy place to end your day in a hip, artsy neighborhood! (If you’re really into cocktails, consider adding this cocktail class and tasting to your Barranco itinerary as well.)


blue hipster van on the beach walk in Barranco


Bonus: Where to Stay in Barranco

Barranco is the perfect base for a short of long-term stay in Lima, and if I ever return to the city it’s definitely the neighborhood I’d chose to stay in.

There are plenty of artsy and affordable Airbnbs in Barranco – like this modern space decorated by a Peruvian artist or this loft with a rooftop dip pool – and, of course, lots of hotels to choose from as well. 

3B Barranco’s and the La Unsha Hostel are the two top-rated places to stay in Barranco and both come with free breakfast. For budget travelers, the Kaminu Lodge Barranco and Dragonfly Hostels Barranco both offer dorm beds for only $9 per night. 


Cross Barranco Off Your Lima Bucket List With This Guide!

If you’re in Lima and planning to spend a day in Barranco, don’t miss these top spots to shop, take in the sights, and of course eat and drink some of the best Lima has to offer.

Barranco is a trendy and hip neighborhood in Lima and feels like an escape into a totally different world. When in the city, definitely don’t forget to add a day in Barranco to your Lima to-do list.


Ready to go?

Explore unique stays on Airbnb – like this modern space decorated by a Peruvian artist or this loft with a rooftop dip pool – and the top hotels on to plan the perfect night, weekend, or long-term stay in Lima. 

Then, check out more food, cultural, and outdoors experiences in the city to round out your itinerary (or, book a multi-day Peru tour to finish your travel planning with one click!).


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