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Traveling from Lake Ohrid to Tirana isn’t very hard.

There are two ways to get from Lake Ohrid to Tirana: you can go direct from Lake Ohrid or you can take the bus from the station in the town of Struga that’s 20 minutes away.

How to Get from Lake Ohrid to Tirana With a Direct Bus

If you want to go direct from Lake Ohrid to Tirana your only choice is the 4:30 am bus. Yes, 4:30 am.

You can buy a ticket the day before at Kompas Tours in the Lake Ohrid town center and then you’ll catch the bus right in the main square. Tickets cost 750 denar / 14 usd. The tour agent who sold them to us stressed that we needed to arrive early and she was right. The bus came by at 4:25 and we were out by 4:28. Unlike every other bus in the history of the planet, this one is actually early so don’t miss it!

The ride took us 3.5 hours with a stop at Struga, the border crossing, and a breakfast stop. It was pretty flexible and we told them we wanted to be dropped at the Tirana bus station so they took us there. The bus was actually a van and was only half full so it was fast and comfortable.

How to Get from Lake Ohrid to Tirana by Public Bus

Your other option to get from Lake Ohrid to Tirana is by the public bus. This leaves from the Struga bus station located 20 minutes from Lake Ohrid. You can take a bus from the Lake Ohrid center or a taxi (which should cost about $10 to $12 usd) and catch the bus from Struga to Tirana at 9:30 am or 4 pm.

Looking online it looks like this ride takes about 5 hours. It’s slower than the other option but the times are better so it really depends on what you prefer. Our hostel owner told us these busses cost 10 euros so they’re a little cheaper than the direct bus route, but with the costs to get to the Struga bus station it comes out about the same.

There is so much to see and do in beautiful Albania! Enjoy your trip and I hope this info helps make it just a bit smoother for you 🙂

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