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I traveled from Zagreb to Zadar by bus and it was pretty simple.

Still, a few questions popped up here and there that I struggled to find the answers to, so I’m writing this guide to help anyone who makes the trip after me!

Daniel and I went from Zagreb to Zadar for a three day weekend in the high season, at the beginning of September. We read recommendations online that we should buy our bus tickets in advance, because they sell out, so that’s exactly what we did.


Where to by Bus Tickets from Zagreb to Zadar

A few days before we left, we went to the Zagreb Main Bus Station (Autobusni Kolodvor) to buy our tickets.

One important thing to know is that while there are individual stalls for specific bus companies, you will probably find more options and times if you buy from the station itself.

The ticket booth is labeled with a large blue and yellow sign that says “Ticket Office” and it spans almost an entire wall on the second floor of the station.

The agents speak English, so simply ask for tickets from Zagreb to Zadar on the date you want. She’ll tell you the available times (you can also see them on the timetable here) and you’ll purchase the ticket.

EDIT: I now know how easy it is to buy tickets online.

Simply find the ones you want on the timetable above and click buy. Choose your seats and choose “P” in the dropdown if you want round trip tickets. Then, you pick them up at the clearly labeled booth at the ticket office. I just did this for the Plitvice Lakes and it was so easy!


Cost to get from Zagreb to Zadar by Bus

We bought round trip tickets and the cost was 170 kuna / 26 usd per person.

This didn’t secure a seat on a return bus, and we had to pay 5 more kuna / .75 usd each once we arrived in the Zadar bus station to make a reservation for the return route.

Then, you can walk from the Zadar bus station to the beach or all the way into the old town.


Extra Tips for the Zagreb Zadar Bus Ride

One last thing to know is that this trip actually takes 4 hours despite being advertised as 3.5 hours.

The ride was interesting with forests, rolling hills, mountains, and the coast and we had some beautiful views. The ride also has a stop for a bathroom break/coffee/snacks about halfway through.

All in all, I found the trip from Zagreb to Zadar fairly quick and comfortable.

If you’re thinking about making the trip from Zagreb to Zadar by bus, this guide will help you on your way. Enjoy the journey and your time on the beach!

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