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When you come to Peru, the Colca Canyon trek should definitely be on your radar.

Although it’s lesser known outside of the country, Peru is actually home to the second deepest canyon in the world! The closest big city is Arequipa, and from here we decided to spend two days hiking in Colca Canyon to the Sangalle Oasis at the bottom.

Just like everywhere else in Peru the Colca Canyon trek boasts beautiful views, although these ones are uniquely reminiscent of the Wild West with towering canyon walls, wild cacti, and rushing rivers everywhere you look.

Are you thinking about adding the Colca Canyon trek to your Peru itinerary? Check out these 13 views, and then come visit Peru to see this beautiful part of the country for yourself!


pre-Incan terraces in Peru

A glimpse into history at the Pre-Incan Terraces


the Colca Canyon trek in Peru

Starting the Colca Canyon Trek


Colca Canyon in Peru

Hiking along the Canyon Side


Greenery and cacti on the Colca Canyon Trek

Trekking Through Greenery and Cacti


Colca Canyon in Peru

Looking Down the Canyon


The Colca River in Peru

The Rushing Colca River


Colca Canyon in Peru

Descending to Sangalle Oasis


hiking in Colca Canyon in Peru

Cacti at the Beginning of the Colca Canyon Trek


Colca Canyon in Peru

Climbing Out of the Colca Canyon at Sunrise


sunrise on the Colca Canyon Trek

Finishing the Colca Canyon Trek at Sunrise


pre-Incan terraces on the Colca Canyon tour

Pre-Incan Terraces on the Drive Back to Arequipa


town of Chivay, Peru

A Quick Stop in the Town of Chivay


llamas at Salinas y Aguadas Blanca National Reserve

A Final Photo Op in Salinas y Aguadas Blanca National Reserve


The two-day Colca Canyon trek is beautiful, and a great way to see a unique part of Peru. The second deepest canyon in the world is certainly worth visiting while you’re here, and I think these 13 photos will show you why.

It’s possible to get to the canyon with public transport and stay in guest houses along the way, but sometimes taking a tour is easier. If you want to explore it on your trip, read what to expect when you go hiking in Colca Canyon for all the details, prices, distances, and more!


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